In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.


In 2020 America launched what it called “Abrahamic Accords” which declares itself to:
“recognize the importance of maintaining and strengthening peace in the Middle East and around the world based on mutual understanding and coexistence, as well as respect for human dignity and freedom, including religious freedom.
We encourage efforts to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue to advance a culture of peace among the three Abrahamic religions and all humanity.
…..In this spirit, we warmly welcome and are encouraged by the progress already made in establishing diplomatic relations between Israel and its neighbors in the region under the principles of the Abraham Accords”–(https://www.state.gov/the-abraham-accords/).

Given its ongoing brutalities against Palestinians. That Zionist Jews are preaching “peace” and “respect for human dignity” is hilarious!
   –It is not “peace” and “respect for human dignity” to storm into Mosques beating worshippers, destroying homes as collective punishment, and to evict Palestinians and occupy their homes and lands.

   –It is not “peace” and “respect for human dignity” to tear families apart and deport them, moreover deport them from their own land –Palestinians who marry “Israeli” citizens were forcibly taken from their homes/families by soldiers who burst into their homes in the “dead of night” and “dragging out thirty-six women and eventually deporting eight of them” back to their homes in the West bank; cutting them off “from their husbands and children; some of the women “had been married for years to Palestinian men from Jaljulya, some were pregnant, many had children”(Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, p. 248)
While nations seize and deport illegal individuals; to send soldiers? in the “dead of night”? and “dragging” women out? (So much for the much ballyhooed “only democracy” in the Middle-East. Pht!)

   –It is not “peace” and “respect for human dignity” to do whatever you like against others. A while back some so-called “Israeli” soldiers were honest and courageous enough to expose the treatment meted out to Palestinians –that they can do anything; anything they want to the Palestinians (Imagine yourself and children living in such a hopeless and defenseless situation).

   The Toronto Star, Friday, March 20, 2009, Israeli soldiers ran wild in Gaza, by Oakland Ross, p. A19, notes: “One mother and her two children mistakenly turned to the left (after they were instructed to turn tight) and were promptly shot dead by the rooftop sniper. “He shot them right away,” the squad leader said during the college discussion. “I don’t think he felt too bad about it, because, after all, as far as he was concerned, he did his job according to the orders he was given.””
(Hitler’s officers also were doing their “job according to the orders” they were “given”. Doing his “job” netted Rudolf Hess till-death-us-do-part residency in Spandau prison).  

   The article also notes: “In another incident, a company commander is said to have ordered his troops to shoot and kill an elderly woman walking past them at a distance of about 100 metres.” (Where is the Nuremberg Court?)
“Other soldiers described widespread abuse of property. “We throw everything out the windows to make room and order,” said one soldier.  “Everything in the house was tossed out the windows – refrigerators, plates, furniture. The order was to throw all of the house’s contents outside.”” (And people wonder, and condemn, why Palestinians strap bombs to their bodies).

    –It is not “peace” and “respect for human dignity” to have an “official Israeli military policy” “to attack Arab civilians en masse””–(General Gur. Prof. Edward Said, The Question of Palestine, p.224).

   –It is not “peace” and “respect for human dignity” that America engaged in diplomatic “thuggery” to give half of Palestine to Zionist Jews, and for more than seven decades to support Zionist Jews to “crucify” Palestinians to hang on to Palestinians’ homes and lands; and even to steal more lands. 

It is the ultimate in shame and disgust that people who claim to have been victims of Nazi horrors to mete out horrors to others. Even more so by people who claim to be God’s “chosen”  people. (Such actions are expected from the Devil’s brigade).
   And America and the Zionist government of Occupied Palestine want Muslims to sanction such horrors and play kissy-face with them.

There will never be “peace” without justice.  There will never be justice so long as there are those who want to live off the blood of others.
   Justice demands that every grain of sand of Palestine “stolen” in 1947-48 is returned to Palestinians.
For seventy-five grueling years Palestinians are crying to a world deaf to their tears, while the world looks on in self-inflicted impotence as the Frankenstein it created runs amok over the hapless Palestinians  victims, and sanctioning the horror of it all. 

While the pursuit of world “peace” and cooperation among nations is meritorious. On the spiritual plain, these so-called Jews of Occupied Palestine have no connection to Abraham and no connection to Muslims:

(1) Abraham was Semite –descendants of Noah’s son, Shem. Arabs/Muslims are Semites. So-called Jews of Occupied Palestine are NOT Semites; they are Japhetites/Gentiles –descendants of European converts to Judaism who are descendants of Noah’s son, Japheth.  Thus, there is no Muslim-Jew “Abrahamic” accord.

(2) Abraham was Muslim. Adherents of Islam are Muslims. So-called Jews of Occupied Palestine are not Muslims. Thus, there is no Muslim-Jew “Abrahamic” accord.

(3) Arabs (and all Muslims) honor the covenant made between God, Abraham and Ishmael. So-called Jews of Occupied Palestine do not honor this covenant. Thus, there is no Muslim-Jew “Abrahamic” accord. (That this covenant was made between God, Abraham and ISHMAEL, see Palestine–gift to Jews or Muslims?)

(4) Muslims commemorate Abraham’s intended sacrifice of his then ONLY son, Ishmael. So-called Jews of Occupied Palestine do not commemorate this momentous event in the life of Abraham though they claim this intended sacrifice was of Isaac, and also use this covenant to claim that God consecrated Palestine in their hands. Thus, there is no Muslim-Jew “Abrahamic” accord.

Where Abraham is concerned, aside from “Jews” professing belief in Abraham, Muslims have nothing in common with Jews.
“The nearest of people to Abraham are surely those who FOLLOW him and this Prophet (Mohammad) and those who believe (Muslims)–Qur’an 3:68).

This so-called “Abrahamic Accords” is a devious device designed to negative Palestinians return to their homes and land –while allowing Zionist Jews unabated decimating of Palestinians and usurping their lands– and to render Muslim States impotent to militate for our Heritage.

Whereas Allah does not forbid Muslims from having beneficial relations with non-Muslims, He forbids Muslims from dealing with those who are in occupation of our lands:
“Allāh forbids you not respecting those who fight you not for religion, nor drive you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly. Surely Allāh loves the doers of justice. Allāh forbids you only respecting those who fight you for religion, and drive you forth from your homes and help (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends of them; and whoever makes friends of them, these are the wrongdoers”–(Qur’an 60:8-9). “And drive them out from where they drove you out–(Qur’an 2:191).

Muslim States that are in alliance with the Zionist government of Occupied Palestine are in defiance of Allah –seems the kings and presidents and generals have forgotten, or not care, they have to stand before Allāh and account for discarding His Law and betraying the trust of Muslims.  Defying Allah is the Sure-way to Hell-fire!

Jews have a right to be in Palestine; not the state! As shown, Palestine is the moral, social, historical and Spiritual Heritage of Palestinians and all Muslims.  

Muslims who acquiesce to this foreign domination of Palestine is a traitor to Allāh, a traitor to the Messenger of Allāh; a traitor to the Muslim community and a traitor to himself/ herself.  Such Muslims are to begin formulating their excuse for when they face Allāh on Judgment Day to answer for his/her betrayal:

“Those who swear allegiance to thee (Mohammad) do but swear allegiance to Allāh. The hand of Allāh is above their hands. So whoever breaks (his faith), he breaks it only to his soul’s injury. And whoever fulfils his covenant with Allāh, He will grant him a mighty Reward”–(Qur’an 48:10).

Muslim states that have signed on to this US-Zionist “Abrahamic Accords” ploy are to forthwith leave this Fire-trap and return to Allah. If it is Allah you serve.               

MUSLIM DESTINY: Whereas, as noted above in Qur’an 60:8-9, Allah does not prohibit Muslims from having beneficial relations with peaceful non-Muslims, Allah gave Muslims the master-print for material and spiritual success fourteen hundred (1400) years ago.

“Allah has made subservient to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth”–(Qur’an 31:20; 45:13).   One could not make subservient “whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth” without knowledge.

Prophet Mohammad charged Muslims to:
‘seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave,’ to go to China if need be–(Baihaqi) Mishkat Misabih, Vol. 1, p. 361, #111 W);–(Baihaqi) Mishkat Misabih, Vol. 1, p. 361, #111 W);
and ‘the superiority of the learned scholar over the pious worshipper is like the superiority of the (full) moon over the stars’–(Abu Dawud Vol. 3, p. 1034, #3634).
Muslims are enjoined to seek Allāh’s help in obtaining knowledge: “My Lord, increase me in knowledge”–(Qur’an 20:114).

Notably, In Islam, there is no such distinction as “secular knowledge”. All knowledge is from Allah:
   “Read in the name of thy Lord who creates…Who taught by the pen, Taught man what he knew not;”
“I, Allāh, am the Seer. A Book which We have revealed to thee that thou mayest bring forth men, by their Lord’s permission, from darkness into light, to the way of the Mighty, the Praised One”–(Qur’an 96:1-5; 14:1).

Knowledge is designated into two groups (1) material knowledge which provides nutrients for the body (2) religious/spiritual knowledge which provides nutrients for the soul. The Prophet advised the educating even of slave-girls–(Bokhari Vol.; 3 #720. Vol 4 # 655).
    ‘Umar, “When as a Caliph he made education compulsory in Arabia, it was made so for both boys and girls”–(Muhammad Ali, The Early Caliphate,  p. 120).

When Muslims obey Allah, Muslims are destined to be successful, victorious and triumphant. The Qur’an gives success: “O man, We have not revealed the Qur’an to thee that thou mayest be unsuccessful”-(Qur’an 20:1-2).
The history of Islam/Muslims is testimony to this truth of Allāh. Within about a hundred years after the passing of Prophet Mohammad, Muslims were masters of science/knowledge while the rest of the world was yet running around with flint tools and torches. 

Fourteen hundred years ago Prophet Mohammad brought us from darkness into light; he took us from ignorance into knowledge; he brought us from tribalism into unity. But Muslims have taken this gilded scepter of Islam and forged it around our necks into a yoke of defeat, division and dependency.
Allah the Glorious and High admonishes us: 
“(Be not) Of those who split up their religion and become parties; every sect rejoicing in that which is with it”-(Qur’an 30:32).

And the Messenger of Allah admonishes us:
‘After my death, do not become Disbelievers by cutting the necks of one another’
“Your blood (lives), your properties are as sacred to one another like the sanctity of this Day (Eid-al-Adha) of yours in this town (Makkah) of yours, in this month (Dhul Hijjah) of yours. You shall meet your Lord and He will ask about your deeds. Beware! Don’t go astray after me by striking the necks of one another.”  (Bokhari Vol. 9, #7; 539).

But Muslims have polarized/sectified ourselves and are lopping off the heads of Muslims.
  Fourteen hundred years after the passing of Prophet Mohammad, Sunnis and Shi’ahs are yet bickering over who should have succeeded the Prophet : Abu Bakr Siddiqui or ‘Ali. Though the Caliphs did not militate or contend with each other, but rather helped and cooperated together. (These Sunnis and Shi’ahs must know better than the rightly-guided Caliphs).
   Sunnis and Ahmadis also are poles apart. Though, whether Jesus had a father or not, and/or whether he went bodily to heaven or not, and/or whether he will return to earth or not, our practice of Islam is NOT dependent on these beliefs.
Muslims must be the biggest “maroons” in creation if we believe we can defy Allah and sectify/polarize ourselves, and even kill one another, and yet expect Allah to give us Jannah!

Whatever difference(s) we have in understanding verses of the Qur’an is no license for division –the judgment thereof is with Allah, He will make clear to us wherein we differed (Qur’an 42:10-13; 39:46; 16:92).What part of Do not divide your religion; Allah will show us the truth of the matter wherein we differ’ do you not understand?

Regardless of how shallow a Muslim may be in intelligence, or how wrong in his interpretation of the Qur’an, a believer in Allah who advances his argument from the Qur’an cannot be called a kafir/disbeliever.
   The finality of prophethood with Prophet Mohammad does not close the door to Allah communicating with His righteous servants –(Bokhari. Vol. 9, #’s 119, 116, 112, 123).

Our common factors as Muslims are Faith in Allah and Messengership of Mohammad; Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Hajj.

“The believers are brethren, so make peace between your brethren”
“Never should a Believer kill a Believer”
“If a man kills a Believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever):and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him”
“…and say not to anyone who offers you salutation, thou art not a believer…”-(Qur’an 49:10; 4:92, 93, 94).
Every person who accepts the kalima There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah– is a Muslim. Only his/her renouncing this formula of belief can remove him/her from Islam.

There are varying degrees of being a Muslim –depending on how many of the injunctions one observes, like one doing more work would receive higher wage: “And for all are degrees according to their doings”–(Qur’an 6:133).
   Similarly, there are varying degrees of kufr/ disbelief. A person who believes in the ‘Kalimah‘ cannot be properly called a kafir; he remains a Believer/Muslim even though he may be guilty of an act of unbelief.

The venerable Caliph, ‘Umar, reminds us: “God gave us honor and greatness through Islam, and if we seek it now in other ways than those enjoined by Islam, God will again bring us into disgrace.”1
Since Allah revealed the Qur’an for Muslims to be successful, Muslims cannot be failures or be defeated (we only have setbacks).

“Has not the time yet come for the believers that their hearts should be humble for the remembrance of Allah and the Truth that is revealed”-(Qur’an 57:16).
Has not the time yet come for Muslims to end our internecine warfare?
Has not the time yet come for East and West Pakistan to reunite?
Has not the time yet come for Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Turkey, Sudan, Iran (and for Iran and Taliban/Afghanistan to end their water-war), Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and other Muslim nations to uproot and incinerate the cancer of sectism ravaging the Ummah of Mohammad and to unite under our Faith and in all matters from economic to military and protect each other as Allāh enjoins?

We are to cease being hyphenated Muslims: Saudi-Muslim, Iraqi-Muslim, Iranian, Pakistani, Turk, Syrian, Palestinian, Indian, West Indian, black, white, yellow; Sunni-Muslim, Shi’ah-Muslim …….etc.
                     We are Muslims! First last and foremost!

Islam is the Uniting force!
Islam is the Liberating force!
Islam is the Triumphant force!
Islam is the Transcendental force!

“certainly the remembrance of Allāh
is the greatest (force)”
“And trust in Allāh. And Allāh is enough
as having charge (of affairs)”
“Surely Allāh will not fail in (His) promise”
“Allāh is the Friend of the dutiful”
“Allāh has promised to those of you who
believe and do good that

He will surely make them rulers”
(Qur’an 29:45; 33:3; 13:31; 45:19; 24:55).

Hijrah 1447 (year 2025) can be our reunification date. It is not a stupendous task for Muslims to be united –we already are, under the Holy Kalimah.
The tribes of 7th century Arabia had tribalism, lascivity, poetry and idolatry: they united. We have Allāh, the Prophet and Qur’an –the invincible trio: Power, Morality, Spirituality.
With Allāh, the Prophet and Qur’an we have the world at our feet and eternity in our arms.
Muslims are destined to be successful, victorious, and triumphant.
Let us embark on our destiny!
                                      ALLAHO AKBAR!!!

Noted in Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, Open Letters To The Bishops of Salisbury & London, p. 100. In this book K.K has obliterated Christians’ “mis-statements” against Islam.
Read also KK’s book The Sources of Christianity, in which he has shown without doubt that Christianity, as practiced is patent paganism–(Ref. Qur’an 9:30).  These books or info on them may be obtained from www.muslim.org.