Jesus-only perfect man


In the name of Allāh,

the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.


Allāh–the Glorious and the High,

Lord of the worlds


Mohammad–who brought the world

to our feet and eternity to our arms.



Christians claim that whereas Adam was a “perfect” man until his fall by eating from the forbidden tree, that Jesus was the only other “perfect” man.

   However, not only was Jesus not “perfect,” that Jesus was the only “perfect man” is belied by the Bible itself. The Bible says:

   ●“Noah was a JUST man and PERFECT in his generations, and Noah WALKED WITH GOD”–(Genesis 6:9). One who has “sin:” could be “perfect” and to have “walked with God.”

   ●“Zacharias…and his wife…were both RIGHTEOUS, walking in ALL the commandments and ordinances of the Lord BLAME-LESS”–(Luke 1:5-6). One who has “sin” could not be ‘righteous” and blameless.

   ●“By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained WITNESS (from God) that he was RIGHTEOUS, GOD testifying of his gifts”–(Hebrews 11:4). It is doubtful that God would “testify” to one who has “sin” as being “righteous.”

   ●Mary, mother of Jesus (and even “mother of God” as some Christians say) was “highly favoured” by God, and “blessed” among women–(Luke 1:28). One who has “sin” could not be a “highly favored” of God and “blessed” among women.

   ●John the Baptist was “great in the sight of the Lord”–(Luke 1:15). One who has “sin” could not be crowned (by God) as being “great in the sight of the Lord.”

   The above statements not only obliterate the Christian’s claim that Jesus was the only “perfect” man; it also debunks Christian’s claim that man “inherited” sin, for:

   -one who inherited sin could not be “perfect” and to have “walked with God” as Noah was

-one who inherited sin could not be ‘righteous” and “blameless” as Zacharias and his wife, Elizabeth were

   -one who inherited sin could not be “righteous” and receive God’s “witness” and “testimony” as Abel were and received

   -one who inherited sin could not be “highly favored” of God and “blessed” among women as Mary was.

   -one who inherited sin could not be “great in the sight of the Lord.”

   In fact, Jesus himself belies the claim that he was “perfect,” he says to the man who addressed him as “good” master (Mark 10:18), rebuking the man: “Why callest thou me good? there is NONE good but one, that is, GOD.”

   One who is not “good” could not be “perfect” or “sinless” or God or son of God or vicarious atoner.

Notably, Jesus not only reject the notion that he was “good” but only shows that he is NOT God.

(Regarding this verse of Mark 10:18 Muhammad Ali notes: “Commenting on the well-known confession of Christ, “Why callest thou me good, (Mk. 10:18) Dummelow says that in the Revised Version of Matthew, Christ’s reply is, “Why askest thou me concerning that which is good”; and adds: “The author of Matthew….altered the text slightly, to prevent the reader from supposing that Christ denied that He was good.”(The Religion of Islam, p. 212, f/n). (See BIBLE).

   (Even the Christian’s forgery is clumsy: who better is there to tell or to ask “what is good” than God or the son of God).

   That Jesus was not “perfect” is also evident from Jesus’ actions and sayings:

   -Jesus tells others to let the dead bury dead, but he resurrected Lazarus (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 22:39; John 11:43-44);   one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to love their neighbor, but labels non-Jews “dogs” and “swine” and preached in parables so they would not understand and be saved (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 22:39; 7:6; Mark 4:9-12); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

-Jesus enjoins honor to parents, but dishonors his mother (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 19:19; 12:46-50. Mary could not have been guilty of neglecting God so that Jesus should dishonor her; Mary was chosen over all women because she was “highly favoured” by God, and “blessed”–Luke 1:28. Mohammad taught us paradise lies at the feet of mothers); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to bless them that curse you, but he cursed a helpless fig tree and ridiculed the Jews as “vipers” and an “evil and adulterous generation” (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 5:44; Mark 11:12-21; Matt. 12:34, 39); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

  -Jesus tells others to love their enemies, bless cursers, reward haters, pray for persecutors, and forgive seventy times seven, but he charged that those who are not with him are against him, and commanded that his enemies who do not want him to rule be brought to him and slain (instead of loving, blessing, rewarding, praying, and forgiving them) (which is hypocrisy)–(Matthew 5:42; 18:21-22; 12:30; Luke 19:27); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to turn the other cheek but he instructs his associates to sell their garments and buy swords (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 5:39; Luke 22:36); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to love their enemies and to forgive seventy-times seven, but ordered that his enemies be brought and slain, and that he came not to send peace but a sword (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 5:44; Luke 19:27; Matt. 10:34); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   –Jesus tells others to pray for them that despise you and persecute you, but he upbraided the peoples of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum for not accepting his miracles and reforming–(Matt, 5:44; 11:20-24); and instead of praying for the Jews, he ridiculed them as “generation of vipers;” “evil and adulterous generation;” as “fools” and “blind guides” (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 12:34, 39; 23:16-17, 24); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to go another mile with their compeller, but he booted his compellers (the bird-sellers and money-changers) out of the temple (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 5:41; 21:12); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” but he “judged” the Jews, pouring the blood from Abel all the way down to the son of Barachias, into their hands and consigned them to the “greater damnation,” of hell; and he also “judged” the people of Chorazin, Capernaum, and Bethsaida and cursed them to a fate worse than that of the Sodomites (which is hypocrisy)–(Matthew 7:1; 23:14, 33-38; 11:20-24); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others to be “harmless as doves,” but he harmed/killed some two thousand pigs, loading evil spirits into a herd of dumb and innocent swine causing them to race down the steep and into the sea and drown (having total disregard for the animals and for the property of others) (which is hypocrisy)–(Matt. 10:16; 8:28-33; Mark 5:13); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   -Jesus tells others that whoever calls another person “Thou fool, shall be in danger of HELL FIRE,” but he lambasted the Jews as “fools” (which is not only hypocrisy but also that Jesus is “in danger of HELL FIRE”)–(Matt. 5:22; 23:17, 19); one who is hypocritical is not “perfect.”

   In fact, in contradiction to Christians claim that Jesus was “perfect” and son of God and even God, the Gospels show that Jesus was a “fraud.”

   Whereas the Bible says that Elijah and Enoch ascended to heaven, Jesus says that no man had ascended to heaven: “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he (Jesus) that came down from heaven, even the son of man which is in heaven”–(2 Kings 2:11; Hebrews 11:5 (Genesis 5:24); John 3:13).

   And if Jesus is the “Son of God” who came down from heaven and the son of man was till then yet in heaven [to come] who is this son of man?

   Prof. Abdul Ahad Dawud B.D. –“the former Reverend David Benjamin Keldani, B.D., a Roman Catholic priest of the Uniate-Chaldean sect”– has shown in his revealing book Muhammad in the Bible that this SON OF MAN is the Prophet Mohammad).

   Jesus, as all prophets of God, was “perfect” in that he submitted to the will of God.


Whereas Jesus was only a messenger of God sent to the Israelites to call them to “repentance” and “forgiveness”, Christians con-signed Jesus to the bed of celibacy, crowned him with Divinity and made him scapegoat for non-existent inherited sin. (See JESUS-LIKE DAVID).

Jesus says you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free (from lies, falsehood, and blasphemy). And the Divine truth is, Jesus was a prophet of God sent ONLY FOR JEWSand to foretell the coming of the COMFORTER(MOHAMMAD)who will guide into “all truth” and will “abide forever” and whom all are to follow; and



While Allāh, God, would not call us to account for that which we do not know, when knowledge comes to us what reason or excuse can we have for not accepting and follow it? “But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath NEVER forgiveness but is in danger of ETERNAL DAMNATION”–(Mark 3:29).

   While we are alive we have the grand opportunity to repent and have eternal life in Paradise. When we die there is no second chance.

What is holding you back from BAPTIZING

with Allāh, the Best of Baptizers?

(Qur’an 2:138).