In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.

                                                       DISEASES & ISLAM
Columnist Raheel Raza quotes Amina Wadud, a professor of Islamic studies at Commonwealth University in Virginia, as saying, at the “2nd International Muslim Leaders Consultation on HIV/AIDS in Kuala Lumpur” in May, 2003:
“Islam and Muslims exacerbate the spread of AIDS and….traditional Islamic theological response can never cure AIDS.” She explained that Muslim women are bound to comply with their husbands’ desire for sex, and can be punished if they do not. This includes women who know their husbands are HIV positive.” (Toronto Star, Saturday, June 21, 2003. p. L 14).

   That Islam “exacerbate(s) the spread of AIDS” or any other disease is gross libel and wild talk.
   Unless husbands contracted AIDS from non-sexual causes –such as tainted blood transfusion–they would not have AIDS if they were abiding by the Islamic precepts of carnal chasteness.

   Allāh has put love and compassion between man and woman, and that he may find peace and tranquillity in his wife–(Qur’an 30:21; 7:189). Husbands who force themselves upon their wives or infect them with disease(s) cannot find love and compassion and peace of mind in her. Women have rights similar to those against them–(Qur’an 2:228).
   Men and women are protectors of, and garments –embellishments– to the other–(Qur’an 9:71; 2:187). Protectors and enhancers do not make demand(s) that is injurious or fatal to the other.
   The Prophet Mohammad is reported as saying that the best among Muslims are those who are best to their wives. One who knowingly gives disease(s) to his wife is not being best to her. (The Muslim wife is not only loved, and loved not only because she is mated with, she is to be respected, honored and cherished).

The Prophet Mohammad taught us that a person should not go to a place where there is an outbreak of plague, nor should one who is in a land with plague leave it–(Bokhari, Vol. 7, # 625, 626). He also says that cattle suffering from a disease should not be mixed with healthy cattle (or do not put a patient with a healthy person)–(Bokhari, Vol. 7, # 665 B).
   Since one is not to go to a place with an epidemic so as to become infected, and not to leave a place with an epidemic so as to infect others, and since diseased animals are to be kept away from healthy ones, then the diseased husband has no right to mingle with his healthy wife.

It is poor reasoning to conclude that Islam,
the Religion from Allāh, God,
would allow a man to imperil
the health or life of his wife.

Ibn Warraq wrote:“According to Muslim jurists, the husband is not obliged under Islamic law to pay for her medical expenses in case of illness.”1
Muslim jurists may say that “the husband is not obliged under Islamic law to pay for her medical expenses in case of illness,” but Allah, the Superior, says that men are the maintainers of women; and taking care of her in times of her illness is part of her maintenance.

   Without doubt, men (unless they buy a new one) would pay for the repairs of their autos; and Allah did not put love and compassion between man and his automobile; but He did between man and woman–one cannot get love and compassion from an auto or a neglected wife. Allah did not make man and auto garment unto the other, but He made man and woman garment unto the other–and one of the functions of a garment is to give comfort; and refusing to take care or your wife medically is not comfort to her.
Allah did not make man and auto the mate of each other, but He made woman and man the mate of each other. Allah did not designate man and auto friends and protectors of one another, but He made man and woman friends and protectors (in every way possible) of one another; and if the Muslim man and woman are protectors of one another how much more is one to protect his wife, who is more than a “friend.”

   And the noble Messenger of Allah instructs us that he is best among us who is best to his wife, (not who is best to his camel and/or automobile), and not paying for her recovery is not being “best” to her. The Prophet also says service to the creatures of Allah is service to Allah, not service to his auto. Not paying the bill for your wife’s “illness” is a dis-service to her. Again, the magnificent Messenger says woman is the sovereign of your house, not that your auto is the sovereign.

   Also, it is related in the Tradition of the Prophet: “Narrated ‘Aisha (Allāh be pleased with her): Hind bint ‘Utba said, “O Allāh’s Apostle! Abu Sufyan is a miser and he does not give me what is sufficient for me and my children. Can I take of his property without his knowledge?” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said, “Take what is sufficient for you and your children, and the amount should be just and reasonable”–(Bokhari, Vol. 7, # 277).
   And as not paying for a wife’s “medical expenses” is to deprive her of “sufficiency” then the above ruling would seem to give her the right to take from him what is sufficient for her.
   Moreover. As woman has rights similar to those against her, if the “husband is not obliged under Islamic law to pay for her medical expenses in case of illness,” if the husband should become a “case of illness” the wife would have the right to withhold care from him.
   So, who are you going to follow, the “Muslim jurists” or Allāh and His Bountiful Messenger?


1. Why I AM Not A Muslim, p. 311. (For a comment on Ibn Warraq’s book see WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM).