In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms

As shown on this site, Trinity, inherited sin and vicarious atonement are not Divine doctrines.
Christ clearly declared that he was sent only to Jews and prayed only for them, and he regarded non-Jews as “dogs” and “swine” and preached in parables so these “dogs” and ‘swine” would not understand and be converted and saved; and he taught that eternal life lies in following the Mosaic Law until the arrival of the Comforter who will guide into “all truth” and will “abide for ever.”
Thus, those who follow Trinity, inherited sin and vicarious atonement are not followers of Christ; and therefore they have nothing –no mansion or “bungalow” not even a tent– to receive from Christ.
The only thing they will have is ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth” in Hell.
Judge for yourself:

In the Bible God calls on man to govern his faith by reason and Jesus exhorts his followers to seek truth which will set them free from falsehood: “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”–(Isaiah 1:18);1 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”–(Gospel of John, 8:32). Thus, it is clear that blind faith, no matter how blissful, is NO passport to heaven: reason and truth are the way to God.

As already shown, contrary to the Christian preacher’s claim, Jesus does NOT give “eternal life;” Jesus only TAUGHT how one can attain “eternal life” –by following the Ten Commandments (until the coming of the Comforter who will guide into “all truth” and will “abide for ever”– see JESUS-GIVES ETERNAL LIFE).

Also, contrary to the Christian preacher, Christ was not killed so man can be forgiven and have eternal life (John 3:16 is not about crucifixion, see JESUS-FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD).

And contrary to the Bible/Christian, Jesus did NOT tell his disciples to baptize people “In then name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” –these verses of the Bible are “forgeries” (see JESUS-BAPTIZE IN NAME OF FATHER, SON, HOLY GHOST).  

The Christian preacher notes that Jesus said there are many mansions in the House of God and that Jesus promised “I go to prepare a place for you. And IF I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself”–(John 14:2-3).

Here, Jesus is not certain “IF” he is going to prepare a place for his followers; and, as Jesus has not yet returned to receive those people to whom he spoke, all those who died and will die before his alleged return will not get taken.

However, the only recipient of these mansions, “IF” Jesus did manage to get to heaven and “IF” he did prepare a place, would be those “Christians” (correctly, Jews) who followed Jesus’ instruction and adhered to the Ten Commandments. Jesus explicitly declared that God sent him wholly and solely to preach only to the Jews1 so much so that he regarded non-Jews as “dogs” and “swine” and preached in parables2 so the “dogs” and “swine” would not understand and be saved; and that eternal life lies in following the Mosaic Law until the coming of the Comforter who will guide into “all truth” and will “abide for ever”:

    -“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”–(Matt. 15:24).

    -“I pray for them (Jews): I pray NOTfor the world”–(John 17:9).

     -“For the Son of man is come to seek and save that (Jews)    which was lost”–(Luke 19:10).

    –“Give NOT that which is holy unto the dogs, NEITHER cast ye your pearls before swine”–(Matt. 7:6; 15:26);

  –“Ye (Samaritans) worship ye know not what: we (JEWS) know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews”–(John 4:21);

   -“I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do–(John 17:4 If Jesus had come to die for the sins of the world, he could not have said that his work was finished).

   -“I have manifested thy name unto the men (the Jews) which thou gavest me out of the world”–(John 17:6). (Since Jesus was sent only to preach and only to the Jews and since he “finished” his work of preaching to the Jews why must he return?).

-“If thou wilt enter into life keep the commandments”–(Matt. 19:16-19. This is how Jesus gave his followers “eternal; life”–John 10:28, by teaching them what to follow and avoid; in this respect all prophets give “eternal life”);

-“The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: ALL therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do”–(Matt. 23:2. The Scribes and Pharisees do not teach inherited sin, vicarious atonement, and crucifixion).

-“And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you forever;” “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth”–(John 14:16; 6:13. Prof. Abdul Ahad Dawud –“the former Reverend David Benjamin Keldani, B.D., a Roman Catholic priest of the Uniate-Chaldean sect”– has explained in his book Muhammad In The Bible that this Comforter is the Prophet Mohammad. See JESUS-COMFORTER).

Evidently, from Jesus’ own clear pronouncements, God did NOT send Jesus to the Black and White and Brown and Yellow and Red: God sent Jesus only to Jews/Israelites; and that eternal life lies in following the Mosaic Law until the coming of the Comforter at which time the Mosaic Law will be replaced with Law from the Comforter. It is NOT Jesus but the Comforter who gives “all truth” and who will “abide for ever.”

In support of his claim that the deceased Christian is with Jesus in heaven, the Christian preacher quotes Jesus saying to the thief on the cross beside him: “Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in Paradise”–(Luke 23:43).

But Jesus contradicts himself when he said that that he will be in the earth for three days and three nights: “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”–(Matthew 12:39-40). And the “heart of the earth” is not Paradise.

In fact Jesus not only contradicts himself by first going in the heart of the earth, he did NOT go to heaven “To day” –on the day of his alleged crucifixion– as he told the thief. At least eight days after his alleged resurrection Jesus was with his disciples: “And after EIGHT DAYS again his disciples were within…then CAME JESUS”–(John 20:26); and The Acts said Jesus ascended forty days after the “resurrection”: “he (Jesus) shewed himself alive…being seen of them FORTY DAYS, and speaking of the things….And when had spoken…he was taken up”–(Acts 1:3, 9). (Either Jesus did not know when and “IF” he would be going to heaven or he must have been busy shuttling back and forth between heaven and earth).

Apart from Jesus not knowing “IF” he will go and prepare a place for his people, Jesus had no knowledge “IF” he was going to heaven. Jesus says IF I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”–(John 12:32).

For the man who is confident he is going to heaven it is queer Jesus should say “IF”I be lifted up instead of ‘after’ I be lifted up or ‘when’ I be lifted up. Thus, Jesus (the Christians’ God and son of God) not only did not know “IF” he was going to heaven he did not even know when he will be going. (Poor thief!)

As to Jesus’ saying “IF” he be lifted up that he “will draw all men unto” him. It is clear that in the two thousand years since Jesus is alleged to have gone to heaven he has not drawn “all men” unto him; there are tens of millions of atheists and non-Christians the world over who have died or are still living who do not believe in him, or accept him as God or son of God or vicarious atoner. This would seem to suggest that, either Jesus did not utter those words or his words are not true or that he was not “lifted up from the earth.”

In fact, not only did Jesus not know “IF” and “when” he will be going to heaven, but by his own pronouncement seems he was “in danger of hell fire;” he says: “whoever shall say Thou fool shall be in danger of hell fire”–(Matt. 5:22); yet he calls the Jews “fools”: “Ye FOOLS and…”–(Matt. 23:17, 19); “O FOOLS, and slow of heart to believe”–( Luke 24:25).

Again, Jesus said to the people “Verily I say unto you, There be some STANDING HERE, which shall NOT TASTE DEATH, TILL THEY SEE the Son of man coming in his kingdom’–(Matthew 16:28). Jesus not only contradicts himself when he said, “I go to my Father, and ye SEE ME NO MORE”–(John 16:10); but it must be the “miracle of the ages” that for two thousand years since Jesus’ departure these “some standing” people are yet living, waiting “here” (there) for Jesus. (Though Jehovah’s Witnesses inferred that Jesus already came, but that he was “invisible”3).

Even if Jesus did go to heaven and did prepare mansions it would be only for MEN. The Book of Revelation speaks of 144,000 JEWISH4 male “virgins” who will be with Christ in the next life. About this 144,000 “virgins” it is said: “These are they which were NOT DEFILED WITH WOMEN; for they are VIRGINS. These are they which follow the Lamb (Jesus) whither soever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first-fruits unto God and to the Lamb”–Revelation 14: 3-4 God created man and woman to “fill the earth” and instilled in them passions for companionship to effect this; but Christians view this Divine scheme as sacrilege. This may be viewed as a classic woman-hater).

That these are literal “virgins” “not defiled” by literal “women” is substantiated by the Bible. Jesus says in Matthew 5:32 that whoever marries a woman that is divorced for other than fornication “commits adultery.” Thus, woman here, even though she be married to the man “defiles” the man into an adulterer.

Paul makes the matter clearer, he states that, but for avoiding “fornication,” “It is GOOD for a man NOT to touch a woman.” Why not? Because, as Paul says, “He that is UNMARRIED careth for the things that belong to the LORD, how he may please the LORD: But he that is MARRIED careth for the things that are of the WORLD, how he may please his WIFE.”5 In other words, when a man takes a wife his caring for God is compromised by his caring for his wife –or she “defiles” him or causes him to be “defiled.”

Further, Paul declares that as the wife has no power over her own body but the husband has power over her: “likewise also the husband hath NOT POWER of his own body, but the WIFE (has power of him).”6 These Biblical teachings show that sexual contact with a woman “defiles” the man spiritually.

These 144,000 “virgins” are physical “virgins” who were “not defiled” by physical “women,” and as they were not married, and therefore had no “wifely” constraints, they devoted their entire life to the pursuit of the spiritual and were the true followers of Jesus who, as the Gospels show, lived a life of celibacy. The Good News Bible understands this and states: “The 144,000 people stood before the throne….They are the men who have kept themselves pure by NOT HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH WOMEN; they are VIRGINS.” The Gideons Bible concur: “These are the ones who have not been DEFILED WITH WOMEN, for they are CELIBATES. Clearly, if (Christian) women are not good for such righteous Christian men on earth, they cannot be good for these men in heaven which is a spiritual plane.

To round off his sermon that Jesus gives “eternal life” through his “death” and that Christians will be with Jesus forever, the Christian preacher has his assistant notes from the Book of Revelation about the future new earth, and Jesus saying: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”–Revelation 22:13).

Apart from the fact that Buddha7 and Hinduism’s Lord Krishna,8 both of whom preceded Jesus by hundreds and thousands of years respectively, claimed to be “Alpha and Omega,” while there will be a future new world, the Book of Revelation is not prophecies about a future coming and rule of Jesus. These Christian apocalyptic writings are not Divine revelations. They are Christian inventions that are based on the “mythology” of other people(s). The imageries in the Book of Revelation are either echoes from Old Testament writings or Christian imaginations. Encyclopaedia Britannica notes:

“Revelation to John appears to be a collection of separate units composed by unknown authors who lived during the last quarter of the first century, though it purports to have been written by John…

Although Christ is clearly the central figure of Revelation, an understanding of the text presupposes familiarity with the Old Testament language and concepts, especially those taken from the books of Daniel and Ezekiel …References to a “thousand years” (ch. 20) have led some to expect that the final victory over evil will come after the completion of some millennium.”9

“One of the most pervading and dominant mythological themes to be noted in the New Testament and the writings of the subapostolic church (late 1st–early 2nd centuries) was that of the ages of the world. Derived from Indo-Iranian (or Indo-European) sources and trans-formed through Jewish concepts of history, the theme of the ages of the world that most influenced Christianity came from the apocalyptic speculation that flourished during the period of the rise of Christianity.

…It was Iranian mythological concepts of the ages of the world, translated though Jewish apocalyptic views, that most influenced Christian views of time, history, and man’s ultimate destiny.

…The theme of the ages of the world and its attendant subthemes that came primarily from Iranian mythology were transformed by apocalyptic literature––which flourished in Judaism and then Christianity from about the 2nd century BC to about 2nd century AD––into a historical context, though Zoroastrian had done this in reference to the last age. Indo-Iranian myth was thus historicized through the Judeo-Christian view of historical time as the arena of struggle between good and evil. The four ages of the world in Christianity are: (1) from creation of the world and man to the Fall of man; (2) from the Fall of man to the first advent of Christ; (3) from the first to the second advent of Christ, which includes the 1,000-year reign of Christ and his saints and the Last Judgment; and (4) the creation of a new heaven and a new earth in which those who have chosen the good (i.e., Christ) will live in eternity.”10

   Christians have made Jesus Divine, vicarious atoner for non-existent inherited sin; as judge, redeemer, and renewer of the world; and as “mediator between God and man.” Encyclopaedia Britannica notes:

“David was Israel’s first successful king…David became the prototype of an awaited Messiah. As symbol of the Messiah, the return of David, or the coming of David’s “son” stood for the reassertion of the divine rule and presence in history: to judge it, to redeem it, to renew it. David thus became the symbol of a fulfilment in the future, final peace.

In the apocalyptic developments in Judaism that mark the last two pre-Christian centuries, the symbolic rule of David stressed his status as divine mediator. The son of David became more emphatically a heavenly figure, the son of God enthroned to rule over the nations of the world. This was the matrix for the rise of Christianity. The new faith interpreted the career of Jesus by means of the titles and functions assigned to David in the mysticism of the Zion cult, in which he served as priest-king and in which he was the mediator between God and man.”11

   And as Reza Aslan has shown in his revealing book, Zealot, The Life And Times of Jesus of Nazareth, that “the gospels are not about a man known as Jesus of Nazareth who lived two thousand years ago; they are about a messiah whom the gospel writers viewed as an eternal being sitting at the right hand of God;” that “Despite two millennia of Christian apologetics, the fact is that belief in a dying and rising messiah simply did not exist in Judaism” “In the entire history of Jewish thought there is not a single line of scripture that says the messiah is to suffer, die, and rise again on the third day….To the Jews, a crucified messiah was nothing less than a contradiction in terms. The very fact of Jesus’s crucifixion annulled his messianic claims.”(pp. 133-134; 165; 177-178).

   Christians tailored Jesus to suit the Bible. Whereas God made David a material king, Christians try to make Jesus a spiritual king. And to effect this, Christians consigned Jesus to the bed of celibacy, crowned him with Divinity, made him scapegoat for non-existent inherited sin, and consecrated him ruler of the future-world. (See JESUS-LIKE DAVID; JESUS-1,000 YEAR REIGN).

Clearly, the Divine truth is, Jesus was a prophet of God sent only to the Jews/Israelites and to foretell the coming of the Comforter, and


Whosoever knows about Islam/Mohammad and desires to go to heaven has to bend his/her knees to Allah.


In contrast to Jesus’ uncertainty as to whether he is going to heaven and prepare a place for his followers and coming back.   The Prophet Mohammad tells us clearly that Allāh has already prepared Gardens and mansions for us. All we need do is believe in Allāh and do good deeds and Paradise is ours –as easy and simple as that; no uncertain trip to heaven and back and no vague promises. And Allāh invites us in loving, compassionate terms to forgive us our sins, as He revealed to the Prophet Mohammad to convey to us:

   -“Say: O My servants who have sinned against their souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah, surely, Allah forgives all sins. Verily, He is Most Forgiving, Ever Merciful”–(Qur’an 39:54. Imagine Allāh, the Creator and Who needs nothing from us, imagine the expanse of His love, mercy, and compassion to address us in such noble terms. And He forgives sins without having anyone killed).

   -“He will forgive you your sins and cause you to enter Gardens wherein rivers flow, and goodly dwellings in Gardens of perpetuity—that is the mighty achievement”–(Qur’an 61:12).

And the promise of Allāh is ever true:

   -“those who repent and believe and do good — such will enter the Garden, and they will not be wronged in aught: Gardens of perpetuity which the Beneficent has promised to His servants in the Unseen. Surely His promise ever comes to pass”–(Qur’an 19:60-61;

   -Those who believe and do good, for them are Gardens of bliss, To abide therein. A promise of Allåh in truth! And He is the Mighty, the Wise”–(Qur’an 31:8-9;

   -But those who keep their duty to their Lord, for them are high places, above them higher places, built (for them), wherein rivers flow. (It is) the promise of Allåh. Allåh fails not in (His) promise”–(Qur’an 39:20).

   Muslims have assurance of heaven: And the Muslim Paradise is for male AND FEMALE:

   -“Surely the owners of the Garden are on that day in a happy occupation. They and their wives are in shades, reclining on raised couches”–(Qur’an 36:56).

-“Enter the Garden, you and your wives, being made happy”–(Qur’an 43:70).

-“And those who believe and whose off-spring follow them in faith –We unite them with their offspring and We shall deprive them of naught of their work. Every man is pledged for his work”–(Qur’an 52:21).

-“And whoever does good deeds, whether male or female, and he (or she) is a believer –these will enter the Garden, and they will NOT be dealt with a whit unjustly”–Qur’an 4:124).

-“Surely the men who submit and the women who submit, and the believing men and the believing women, and the obeying men and the obeying women, and the truthful men and the truthful women, and the patient men and the patient women, and the humble men and the humble women, and the almsgiving men and the almsgiving women, and the fasting men and the fasting women, and the men who guard their private parts and the women who guard, and the men who remember Allāh much and the women who remember­ –Allāh has prepared for THEM FORGIVENESS AND A MIGHTY REWARD–(Qur’an 33:35).

Any wonder then that even in the face of our adversity and suffering Muslims still laugh and smile: “And you hope from Allāh what they hope not”(Qur’an 4:104).

Allāh loves us.
Allāh wants to guide us.
Allāh wants us to be pure.
Allāh wants us to have a life in Heaven.
Māshā-Allāh! Alhamdo-lillāh! Allāho Akbar!


1. That God sent Jesus only to Jews see JESUS-ONLY FOR JEWS.

2. After relating the parable of the sower to the people Jesus said to them: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear;” and, afterwards, when he (Jesus) was alone with the Israelites they asked him about the meaning of the parable: “And he said unto them, Unto you (who have God) it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them (non-Jews) that are without (God), all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them”–(Mark 4:9-12)

   The Good News Bible put it even more clearly: “You have been given the secret of the Kingdom of God,” Jesus answered. “But the others, who are on the outside, hear all things by means of parables, so that, ‘They may look and look, yet not see; they may listen and listen, yet not understand. For if they did, they would turn to God, and he would forgive them.’”  In other words though the non-Jews (who may be sincere seekers of God) have the faculties of sight and hearing and can see and hear, he (Jesus) spoke in parables so thatthey would not understand his words because he did not want them to accept God and have their sins forgiven. What a ghastly horribly sickening thing to do. (As prophet, Jesus could not turn away anyone; this is why he indulged non-Jews; but he could   avoid them, which he did, as is evident from his admonition to his disciples not to preach to non-Jews, and from his speaking in parables so that they would not understand). This statement by Jesus also proves that Jesus did NOT come to save sinners.

Contrast this Christians’ “God” and son of God, Jesus, to Mohammad who gave the Word of Allāh clearly and to all inviting them to forgiveness, and agonizing over the rejecters, and even praying for the forgiveness of the rejecters of Allāh.

   Also, this saying of Jesus crowns the list of refutation that Jesus is God and that he came to die for the world is a monumental myth and a lie: it is a myth in that there are no such Divine expressions; it is a lie in that it is known that the verses of Mark 16:9-20 and Matthew 28:19, speaking of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and to baptize all nations are “forgeries.” It also proves that Jesus’ speaking of “nations” refers to the Jewish nations: confirming that Jesus’ mission was wholly and solely to the Jews.  As noted the verses of Matthew 28:19 (and Mark 16:9-20) speaking of “the Son and the Father and the Holy Ghost,” and to baptize the world are “forgeries”in the Bible. (See BIBLE-CORRUPT & OBSOLETE).

3. Regarding Jesus’ dubious return to earth Jehovah’s Witnesses infer in their book Mankind’s Search For God, (p. 353-354) that Jesus came in 1914 though his coming was an “invisible presence;” they wrote:           

“In the investigation of God’s Word, those Bible students were keenly interested in the prophecies of the Christian Greek Scriptures related to “the end of the world” and to Christ’s “coming.” (Matthew 24:3, KJ). By turning to the Greek text, they discovered that Christ’s “coming” was, in fact, a ‘’a,’ or invisible presence. Therefore, Christ had given his disciples information about the evidence of his invisible presence in the time of the end, not a future visible coming. Along with this study, those students had a keen desire to understand the Bible’s chronology in relation to Christ’s presence. Without understanding all the details, Russell founder of the JW) and his associates realized that 1914 would be a crucial date in human history….There was a sense of urgency to the activity of those Bible students prior to 1914. They believed that their preaching activity would culminate in that year, and therefore they felt they should expend every effort to help others to know “this good news of the kingdom.”” (If Christ came in 1914 he really brought “sword” and “fire” rather than “peace”: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword;” “I am come to send fire on the earth;” “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division”–(Matt. 10:34; Luke 12:49, 51. World War I produced a holocaust of carnage; not to mention World War II, and other wars on to this day).

   Contrary to the Jehovah’s Witnesses “invisible” presence of Christ, Christ said the people will “SEE” him, the people cannot see Jesus if he is “invisible”: “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom’–(Matthew 16:28. Jesus here contradicts himself when he said, “I go to my Father, and ye see me no more”–John 16:10. Why then are Christians scanning the Jerusalem sky for Jesus?).

   Unless “Son of man” in the above verse is some other than Jesus, these people would not be able to “see” Jesus if his “coming” would be “invisible.” Also, Jesus is here speaking to people in his own lifetime –standing “here.” It must be the “miracle of the ages” that for two thousand years since Jesus’ departure these “some standing” people are yet living, waiting for Jesus; and would “see” him though he would be “invisible.” (For comments on claims made by the JW see JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES).

4. These 144,000 JEWISH men who will be with Jesus will consist of twelve thousand from each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel –12,000 from the Tribe of Judah, Reuben, Gad, Aser, Nepthalim, Manasses, Simeon, Levi, Isachar, Zabulon, Joseph, and Benjamin–(Revelation 7: 4-8).

5. 1 Cor. 7:32-33.

6. 1 Cor. 7:4.

7. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din notes from T. W. Doane, Bible Myths, pp. 287-297,   forty-eight (48) similarities between the lives of Buddha and Jesus; such as their “virgin birth,” their mothers visited by the “Holy Ghost,” “Messianic Star” at their birth, Spirit of God at their baptism, their transfiguration, performed miracles, their coffin/tombs opened by “supernatural powers,” their return to earth again to “restore the world to order and happiness,” “Buddha is Alpha and Omega, without beginning or end, “the Supreme Being, the Eternal One,”” and “Buddha is represented as saying: “Let all the sins that were committed in this world fall on me, that the world may be delivered.”” –The Sources of Christianity, pp. 62-70. This book may be obtained or viewed at:

8. Krishna says: “I am the beginning, the middle, and end of all beings”–(Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, 10:20)

9. Ency. Brit. 15th Edn; Vol. VIII, art. Revelation to John, p. 537.

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