Jesus-the three wise men


In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.


(See also Jesus Dead, Buried, No Return)

In his book Muhammad in World Scriptures, Vol.1, Abdul Haque has shown that the Zoroastrian Scriptures, Dasatir and Zend Avesta, contain several prophecies about the Prophet Mohammad. The one most notable in Dasatir is that in the epistle of Sasan I. Its translation has been summarized thus:

“when the Zoroastrian people will forsake their religion and will become dissolute a man will rise in Arabia whose followers will conquer Persia and subjugate the arrogant Persians. Instead of worship­ping fire in their own temples, they will turn their faces in prayer towards Ka’bah of Abraham which will be cleared of all idols. They (the followers of the Arabian prophet), will be a mercy unto the world –(Mohammad is a mercy to the world–Qur’an 7:158; 21:107). They will become masters of Persia, Madain, Tus, Balkh, the sacred places of the Zoroastrians and the neighbour­ing territories. Their prophet will be an eloquent man telling miraculous things.”

   The scripture clearly declares that a man will be raised in Arabia, and that he will conquer Persia and the people will pray facing the Ka’ba in Makkah, Arabia. Abdul Haque explains:

      “Before the advent of the Holy Prophet (Mohammad), the Zoroastrians had lost most of their scriptures. They had deteriorated both in morality and religion, and all these facts are clearly recorded in the epistle of Sasan. This was the first sign of the appearance of the reformer. The prophecy of his advent was so well-known to the Parsis and Magians and they were so anxious about the appearance of their redeemer, that they flocked with their presents to any place where they heard a reformer had appeared. The author of St. Matthew’s Gospel also heard of this news and in order to apply this famous prophecy on Jesus Christ he coined an imaginary tale and recorded it in the Gospel. The author of this Gospel is well-known for this peculiar trait. Whatever good news he heard of, he at once applied it on Jesus, and he never cared what interpretation he was given to the text of an ancient scripture, but he did his best to prove somehow or other that the text referred to Jesus Christ. A prophecy of the appearance of ‘the praised one’ was current in Persia, and the Gospel writer having come to know of it at once coined a story, without contemplating that he was recording many unbelievable things and events contrary to actual facts. And the very fact that no other Gospel­-writer has confirmed this story is enough to reject it. The author of St. Matthew’s Gospel writes that when Jesus was born, some Magians and wise men of the East were directed to him by a star; the star went before them till it came and stood over where Christ was, and thus they came to worship him and offer him their presents (Matt. 2:1-11). St. Luke, on the other hand, claims to ‘have perfect understanding of all things from the very first’ (Luke 1:3), but he makes no mention at all of the Magians having come to Christ or of the star that directed them to him, although he makes mention of a petty fact of the shepherds having come to see Christ. No star directed the shepherds, the only sign given to them by the angel was:

       “Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger”–(Luke 2:12).

   Nowhere else save in the Gospel of St. Matthew is there a mention of the Magians having come all the way from Persia to present their gifts to Christ or of the star going before them. 
    Dr. Ferrar, in his ‘Life of Jesus Christ’, writes of these contradictions in the following terms:
“There is nothing but a mass of confused and contradictory traditions to throw any light either on their rank, their country, their number or their names.” (Dr. Ferrar’s ‘Life of Jesus Christ,’ page 30).

   This tradition in the Christian scriptures, however, proves that a prophecy of the advent of the Holy Prophet was current among the Magians and they were so anxiously waiting for the Promised Prophet that even their anxiety was known far and near. The author of St. Matthew’s Gospel exploited the widespread publicity of this prophecy and at once applied it to Jesus Christ.” (pp. 139-145).

   As noted, the prophecy states that the Promised Prophet will be from Arabia, will conquer Persia, destroy idols and the people will pray facing the Ka’ba in Makkah, Arabia.
   Jesus was NOT raised in Arabia, nor destroyed idols, nor did his followers conquer Persia, nor does his people pray facing the Ka’ba. The only prophet born in Arabia who destroyed idols and whose followers conquered Persia and prayed facing the Ka’ba was the Prophet Mohammad.
     (Intriguingly. Whereas Luke wrote of angels in the sky and sent shepherds to Jesus, we have Matthew, the only writer, bringing three wise men from Iran –Persians back then– following a star and bringing the babe Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The purpose of these “wise men” coming is not revealed; only to bring Jesus “gifts” and “worship him;”  (intriguing how these Magians knew about Jesus’ birth; there was no “star” or “virgin-birth” mentioned in the Parsi Scripture).

Perhaps Mark and John could not fathom this star moving some 1400 miles –from Persia to Bethlehem– “and came and stood over where the young child was.”
Or perhaps (unless Mary and Joseph were holed up in the stable for days) it seemed incredible that these wise men would be able to travel on camels fourteen hundred “desert” miles in one night to “worship” Jesus. (They would need V8-camels. And if they were in the stable for days, the star would have to keep appearing on a nightly basis until these wise men reached the house).
 Or perhaps they found it equally incredible that shepherds would be “keeping watch over their flock by night” (or Magians traveling) on December 25th –in winter, and even with snow on the ground.
Or perhaps they saw the narration of this episode as comical and would have no part in it.

Even if the prophecy applied to Jesus and he was visited by the three wise men yet this would not make Jesus Divine or vicarious atoner.
Whereas Jesus was only a messenger of God sent to the Israelites to call them to “repentance” and “forgiveness”, Christians consigned Jesus to the bed of celibacy, crowned him with Divinity and made him scapegoat for non-existent inherited sin; and whereas David was earthly king Christians make Jesus heavenly king and ruler of future-world. (For inherited sin, Trinity etc;  See Christianity dupes people).

                               JESUS IN DREAMS
Intriguingly, in life Jesus declared he came only for Jews and prayed only for them, he regarded non-Jews as dogs and swine –which is the worst of denigrations as dogs and swine are scavengers and regarded as the lowest of creatures– and preached in parables to keep them out of heaven. Now he is coming as phantom in dreams/visions to these dogs and swine telling them to worship a God Who went into the body of a woman, grew Himself an anus, came out her genital, had man cut His foreskin, ate butter and honey to gain knowledge, grew in wisdom and stature and needed to find favor with man; and blamed and killed the innocent for the guilty. Astounding!
Is it Jesus these people are dreaming/seeing or is it Satan? N
o one knows what Jesus looked like: “During the first three centuries of the Christian Church, however, there was no Christian art, and the Church generally resisted it with all its might….Only when the Christian Church became the Roman imperial church under Emperor Constantine in the early 4th century were pictures used in the churches”–(Ency. Brit. 15th. Edn; Vol. 4; Art and iconography, p.(501) 502. (Emphasis added)
No doubt, these “dreamers” are seeing Satan in his vow to stray man from God; as  he duped Paul into forging his own gospel and duped the Christian Fathers, Athanasius and others, in 324 to invent the Trinity (see Christianity dupes people).
Without doubt, people of honest reflection will agree that to put God in the belly of a woman He created and give Him an anus, to pull God out her menstrual passage and circumcise His foreskin is repugnant to Twenty-first Century intelligence. &keywords=shari%27ah+supreme+system&qid=1640458250&sprefix =shari%27ah+supreme+system%2Caps%2C67&sr=8-1