In the name of Allāh,

the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.


Allāh–the Glorious and the High,

Lord of the worlds


Mohammad–who brought the world

to our feet and eternity to our arms.



Whereas the Qur’an substantiates the Divine Messengership of Mohammad (see QUR’AN-SCIENCE; QUR’AN PROPHECIES). The Bible cannot substantiate the messengership or existence of Jesus.

   The Self-pronouncing Edition of The Holy Bible, pub. by The World Publishing Company, 2231 West 110TH Street, Cleveland 2, Ohio. Section, Bible Study Helps, states:

“The term “Bible” was not used to designate the Holy Scriptures until the time of the early Church Fathers about A.D. 400.” “During the 1,200 or more years when its materials were being written, the Bible did not circulate as a single book.” (Notably, the Bible was written over a period of “1,200 or more years). “Centuries of hand copying subjected the text of the Old Testament to all the problems attendant upon the preservation of a correct text by such means. By the time of the Council of Jamnia there were so many variations among the manuscripts that to determine certainly the exact words of Scripture became a major problem.” “For the New Testament, more than 4,000 Greek manuscripts (not Hebrew or Aramaic), preserving all or part of the text, are known, the earliest sizeable texts dating from about A.D. 200 (200 years after Christ). There are some   8,000 manuscripts of the Latin Vulgate and at least 1,000 other versions into which the original books were translated. Since the original autograph of no book in the New Testament is known, it becomes the task of the textual expert to deal with the thousands of variant readings to be found in this multitude of ancient manuscripts. These manuscripts are compared and  studied in order to establish a critical text that gives reasonable assurance of being as near the original as can be determined.” “1500-500? B.C.– The Old Testament is put into writing.” “A.D. 52?-100?–The New Testament is written, coming to us in koiné Greek, the common language of the time, although some portion may have been first set down in Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ.”(pp. 3, 9)

According to the Gospels all Jesus did was perform a few miracles –of which there are no evidence today to substantiate; and the pool at Bethesda also performed miracle; and even false Christs and false prophets can perform miracles as Jesus declared–; Jesus made prophecies about wars and famine –and there have been wars and famine before Jesus was born and the Bible is soaked with blood in the name of God; and even Nostradamus made prophecies that are said to have manifested–; Jesus gave a sermon (riddled with absurdities such as to give a suer your coat as well as your cloak and to not work but depend on God for sustenance as He gave to the birds and flowers)2 which perhaps any wise person with oratory skills can give (listen to some politicians speak though they are not wise). These can hardly be proofs of prophethood; much less are they proofs of Godhood.

   As to the existence of Jesus. Christians say there are prophecies (which they force onto Jesus) about the coming of Jesus.3 But considering that The Old Testament was not only tampered with, it was “written in several languages over a period of MORE THAN NINE HUNDRED YEARS, based on ORAL TRADITIONS,”4 and “the foremost authority was the ORAL TRADITION as a vehicle for Jesus’s words and the teachings of the apostles;” “the authors of the Gospels were NOT EYE-WITNESSES of the data they recorded;”5 and “the ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH OF NO BOOK in the New Testament is known.”  Judge Julie would not blink twice to throw such “hearsay” materials out her Court. Thus, from a Biblical, logical, and Judicial perspective JESUS CHRIST DID NOT EXIST. (See JESUS HAD A WIFE).

   Moreover, given the conjectures and doubt surrounding Jesus whereas some Christians say Jesus is God some say he is only Son of God (Jesus is only "CALLED" son of God and the Biblical God has a legion of sons); whereas some say there is Trinity some reject Trinity; whereas some say Christ died for inherited sin some say he died for committed sin; whereas some believe Jesus was killed, buried, and raised, “some of the early Christian sects did not believe that Christ was killed on the cross. The Basilidans believed that some one else was substituted for him. The Docetae held that Christ never had a real physical or natural body, but only an apparent or phantom body, and that his Crucifixion was only apparent, not real. The Marcionite Gospel (about A.D. 138) denied that Jesus was born, and merely said that he appeared in human form;”6 whereas some Christians say Jesus was of virgin birth Paul taught Jesus had human father– but for Mohammad Jesus Christ may have long since been relegated to the bin of myths and legends.

 It was Mohammad who, through Divine Grace, removed the shroud of calumny wrapped around Jesus and his mother, Mary –that Mary was an “adulteress” and Jesus was of illegitimate birth– and appareled them in rubious robes of righteousness; and cleared away the clouds of conjectures shrouding Jesus and sat him elegantly in the celestial spotlight of Divine Truth –of him being human and a prophet of God– and has secured for them the unflagging allegiance of more than one billion Muslims. And counting. As Islam spirits on. Inexorably. Invincibly. Impregnably. As Divinely decreed. To prevail over all: “He (Allāh) it is Who sent His Messenger (Mohammad) with guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, though the polytheists are averse”–(Qur’an 9:32-33; 48:28; 61:8-9).

 Allaho Akbar!



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