Allah & Satan


In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.                 


One quarter on the Internet quotes hadith about Satan the devil sleeping in a person etc; to cast aspersions on the Prophet Mohamamad and Islam.
   Who or what is Satan? Satan is that which incites unGodliness. Satan can be in the physical, the unseen, or in ourselves:

   (1) physical –those who lead others astray: “Woe to those who write the Book with their hands then say, This is from Allah; so that they may take for it a small price”–(Qur’an 2:79)
   (2) unseen –evil suggestions from unseen beings: “Say I seek refuge in the Lord of men….from the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (devil), who whispers into the hearts of men, from among the jinn and the men”–(Qur’an 114:1,4-6) (It is not uncommon for us to sometimes hear or feel evil promptings)
   (3) our minds –evil suggestions from our soul: “And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him”–(Qur’an 50:16).

    Thus Satan is more than a physical entity.

   Allah sends the devil against us–(Qur’an 19:83) in the sense that He has given Iblis respite till the Resurrection to lure us away from Godliness. We are tried through good and evil–(Qur’an 21:35. Isaiah 45:7; Amos 3:6). 

    The Bible tells us that even Jesus, who is said to be God, was tempted by the devil: “Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil”–(Matt. 4:1).  And, Jesus taught his followers to pray to God to “lead us not into temptation”–(Matt: 6:13).     

  It is common knowledge that spirits are exorcised from humans. In fact, the Gospel of Matthew records Jesus as pulling two thosand devils (2,000) from one man alone (count them again and sing hallelujah they were not living in you)–(Matthew 8:28-33; Mark 5:9-13).

   Since Christ can pull two thousand devils from one man then for certain devils can and do sleep in your nostrils. And those two thousand devils whom Jesus exorcised must surely have used the man as a washroom. For both outlets.


   The critic: “The Satan Voodoos. Every time a Muslim stands for prayer he must recite ‘Nauju Billah Minhas Shaytan ar‑Rajim’, which means, ‘I seek refuge from Satan, the devil’.”
   Answer: The correct invocation is A-oozo billahay minash-shaitaa-nir rajeem.
   In disobeying Allāh to pay homage to Adam, Satan became an outcast from Divine grace. Satan requested Allāh to grant him respite till the Resurrection to draw people away from the worship of Allāh. This is why Muslims seek refuge in Allāh, to be guarded against Satan’s temptation.  And undoubtedly there is none better than Allah to seek refuge in from the evils of Satan.

   The critic: “Islamic Satan is Illusive: It Has Several Identities. In Islam, Satan is a mysterious, contradictory, convoluted entity. Verse 18:50 of the Qur'an mentions Allah’s command to the angels to prostrate before Adam.
In verse 18:50 Allah instructs the Muslims not to follow the progeny of Satan. This means Satan (Iblis) has many children.”
   Answer: Those who lead others into unGodliness are called “children” (or helpers etc;) of Satan, much like peacemakers, as Jesus says, are called “children of God”–(Matthew 5:9).

   The critic: “In verse 81:25 Allah says that Muhammad's words are not the words of an evil spirit.”
   Answer:  As the context shows Allah was responding to the disbelievers charge that Mohammad was receiving information from unGodly source(s). This verse reads: Nor is it (Qur’an) the word of an accursed Devil.” Muhammad Ali explains:

“It is not the word of the devil, i.e., these are not the conjectures of a soothsayer — the prophecies of the Qur’an will be duly fulfilled. Sale’s comment is worthy of note: “The verse is an answer to a calumny of the infidels, who said the Qur’ån was only a piece of divination or magic; for the Arabs suppose the soothsayer or magician receives his intelligence from those evil spirits who are continually listening to learn what they can from the inhabitants of heaven”.  It should be borne in mind that where the Qur’an speaks of the listening by stealth of the devils, it is in reference to this old Arab belief. It nowhere refers to this belief in words which would show that it upholds this old Arab belief; on the other hand, there are ample indications that it rejects this belief.”

   The critic: “Allah says in verse 19:83 that He has unleashed many devils to stir up (confuse) the disbelievers.
In an interesting hadis, Sahih Muslim (39.6759) tells us that every person has a devil attached with him. Even Aisha, Muhammad’s most favourite child‑wife, had a devil attached with her. But, Muhammad claimed that Allah had contained the devil (Satan) the devil attached with him (Muhammad).
’Abdullah ibn Mas’ud said that the Messenger of Allah said, “Everyone of you is given a companion from the jinn and a companion from the angels.” They asked, “You as well, Messenger of Allah?” he said, “Me as well, but Allah has helped me against him and he has given up.”

   Answer: Every person has a devil in that man is given the choice to follow evil (jinn) or good (angel).
   The Prophet having contained his “devil” means that he has l control over the evil. 
    Qur’an 19:83 says: Seest thou not that We send the devils against the disbelievers, inciting them incitingly?” Allāh sending devils only means that He gave Satan respite to lead man astray for a time. Man is free to follow or reject Satan.

   The critic: “Satan Befriends the Wealthy People. Islamic Satan is a friend of the wealthy, influential people. In verse 4:38 of the Qur'an we read that those who spend lavishly to show off, but have no faith in Allah, takes Satan as their friend.
Further, Allah says in verse 17:64 that Satan's promises are nothing but deceit. Allah allowed Satan to befool mankind through his voice in the form of music, songs, and idle‑talks. Allah also permitted Satan to tempt the weak believers to earn wealth and money through illicit means. Many Islamist scholars say that this verse bans music and song for Muslims, as Music and songs are the forte of Satan.”

   Answer: Qur’an 4:38 states: And those who spend their wealth to be seen of men and believe not in Allåh nor in the Last Day. And as for him whose companion is the devil, an evil companion is he!”
   Reading from verse 36 shows that Allāh was referring to those whom He does not love: “Surely Allåh loves not such as are proud, boastful, Who are niggardly and bid people to be niggard-ly and hide that which Allåh has given them out of His grace …And those who spend their wealth to be seen of men and believe not in Allåh nor in the Last Day. And as for him whose companion is the devil, an evil companion is he!”
   And it is said that money is the root of all evil. And evil is from Satan. Thus, those who utilize money in the way of evil are the companions of Satan.

   Qur’an 17:64 states: And incite whom thou canst of them with thy voice,a and collect against them thy horse and thy foot,b and share with them in wealth and children,c and promise them. And the devil promises them only to deceive.” Muham-mad Ali comments:

   64a. The devil is here compared with a coward who comes with great show but little real force, and who, if shown the least resistance, retreats at every step. Ac-cording to I‘Ab, every inviter who invites (others) to the disobedience of Allah is a satan uttering the cry (JB).
64b. The forces of the devil are no other than the evil-doers, those going quickly into evil being likened to horsemen and those who walk slowly in their evil course being likened to infantry. According to JB, by the devil’s horse and foot are meant fast riders and slow walkers in disobedience.
   64c. The sharing of the devil in wealth signifies everything spent unlawfully or acquired unlawfully; and sharing in children is in reference to committing fornication, which results in illegitimate births (JB).

   The critic: “In Sunan Abu Dawud (2.14.2550) we read that the bell is a musical instrument of Satan. Since Christians use bells in their churches, this means the Christians are the followers of Satan’s music. By the way, the Christian world is much weal-thier than the Islamic world. This also proves that the Satan helps the rich.”
   Answer: This hadith states: “The bell is a wooden wind musi-cal instrument of Satan”–(Abu Dawud #2550).
  The Christian’s bell is NOT a “WOODEN WIND” instrument; the Christian’s bell is a METAL CONTACT device. 
   Satan does not help anyone; much less help anyone get rich. Satan lures into Hell-fire. Whether devotees of God or not, people become rich by employing themselves in ventures that produce wealth; though Allah has the power to increase the wealth of those whom He chooses.
   Significantly, whereas Satan is devoted to leading people as-tray Satan believes in and fears God: “Like the devil when he says to man: Disbelieve. But when he disbelieves, he (the devil) says: I am free of thee: surely I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds”–(Qur'an 59:16. This is not incredible considering that the Devil knows the power of Allāh and that it was Allāh that gave Him respite to the Resurrection. In fact, it may even be advanced that whereas the Devil tries to lead man astray the Devil engages in worship of Allāh).

   The critic: “Satan Supplies Wine in Islamic Paradise. Allah says in verse 5:90 that intoxicants (wine and spirits), stones (i.e., stone/idol worshipping), and gambling are Satan's handiwork.
In verse 47:15 and 83:25 Allah promises Muslims that they will be in gardens with rivers of incorruptible water, rivers of milk, rivers of wine, rivers of honey.
But non‑Muslims will dwell in fire, they will drink boiling water which will tear their intestines.
This means Allah will appoint Satan to supply wine to the Muslims residing in Islamic Paradise.
While Satan takes care of wine for Muslims, Allah will punish the non‑Muslims.
Non‑Muslims are Friends of Satan.”

   Answer: What makes you think the “wine” in Paradise will be “intoxicants”/alcoholic? Even on present-day earth we have “al-cohol-free” wine; “alcohol-free” champagne and “alcohol- free” beer (from what I was told by one who used to drink, “alcohol-free” beer tastes better than regular beer).
   What needs to be borne in mind is that the Qur’anic descriptions of Paradise are figurative: And no soul knows what de-lights of the eyes is kept hidden for them, as a reward for their (good) deeds.” And the Prophet Mohammad is reported to have said: Allah says, I have prepared for My righteous servants that which  no eye has seen and no ear has heard, and which the heart of man cannot conceive–(Bokhari Vol.’s 4, #467; 6, #302-303; 9, #589).
   Man can relate to things only in the physical life. To us the ultimate in possessions are gold and precious stones, wealth,  carnal pleasure and pleasant tastes. So Allah relates to us in terms of what we understand. These descriptions of paradise are to let us know that we will receive in paradise the ultimate in bliss. Thus the things in Paradise and on earth are the same only in name.   (Notably, Hell is not a torture chamber of a vengeful God, Hell is a reformatory. See Hell).

   The critic: “We already saw Satan helps the wealthy people, the non‑Muslims. This means there are only two worlds—the world of Allah or the world of Islam, and the world of Satan or the world of non‑Muslims.
This is exactly what Allah says in verse 4:76. Believers fight for Allah, unbelievers fight for evil, so fight against the friends of Satan. This verse literally divides the world into two camps—the world of Islam and the world of Satan or Kufr; i.e., Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb or Satan.

   Answer: And according to Christians isn’t the world divided into House of Christ and the House of Satan (or House of Heathens)?; and according to atheism the House of Evolution and the House of Creation?; and according to…..
   Fighting for Allah means to fight in the cause of truth and justice. (See

   The critic: “In verse 6:121 Allah clarifies further that Muhammad receives Allah’s revelations; Satan’s friends receive Satan’s revelations.”
   Answer:  Satan’s friends receive “inspiration” not revelation.
   Qur’an 6:121 states: And eat not of that on which Allåh’s name has not been mentioned, and that is surely a transgression.a And certainly the devils inspire their friends to contend with you; and if you obey them, you will surely be polytheists.”
   As stated Satan comes in three forms. The devils inspiring their friends refer to the physical (human) devils instigating others to contend with the Muslims. 

   The critic: “In verse 6:125 Allah says He gives authority to whom He wills. Jalalyn’s explanation of this verse is that Allah gives authority to Satan over those who do not believe. This means Allah has a compact with Satan to handover non‑Muslims to him (Satan).
Satan is more Powerful than Allah. This might sound ridiculous. But if we were to trust Allah’s words, this is precisely what Allah says.
In verse 16:98 Allah says that while reciting the Qur’an seek protection from Satan.

   Answer: Allah did not give “authority” to Satan; Allah gave Satan “respite” (delay) till the Resurrection to lead astray whoever he can. 
   Satan could not be more powerful that Allah seeing that Allah created Satan, gave him respite, and that Satan worships Allah.
   Qur’an 16:98 which: “So when thou recitest the Qur’an, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil.” What Satan is and why we seek refuge in Allah has already been dealt with. 

   The critic: In verse 16:99 Allah says that Satan has no power over the believers, whereas in verse 16:100 Allah maintains that Satan has power over those who are his (Satan’s) friends. Funny, but it appears that all Powerful Allah is powerless to stop Satan from recruiting his followers. So Satan conducts Satanic Jihad, and Allah conducts Islamic Jihad.
Since non‑Muslims (the followers of Satan) are in majority and more powerful, it means Satan (or Satanic Jihad) is indeed more powerful than Allah (or Islamic Jihad).

   Answer:  It is readily obvious you have no idea what “jihad” is (see Islam-Jihad).
    What makes you think non-Muslims are “followers of Satan”? Allah, God, reveals that He raised prophets among all nations. Thus all nations that worship God (though their concept of God-head may be erroneous and their cardinal doctrines have no Divine foundation) are believers in God, not “followers of Satan.”

   The critic: Allah revealed verse 3:155 in connection with the Muslim’s defeat in the battle of Uhud in the hands of the followers of Satan. Allah candidly admits that Satan caused the defeat of the Muslims in this battle. Therefore, at times, Satan is militarily more powerful than Allah.
   Answer: As stated, to understand verses of the Qur’an a knowledge of the background to which they were revealed are needed.
   Qur’an 3:155 states: Those of you who turned back on the day when the two armies met, only the devil sought to cause them to make a slip on account of some deeds they had done, and certainly Allåh has pardoned them. Surely Allåh is Forgiving, Forbearing.”
   Muhammad Ali explains:  “The persons spoken of here are those who were unable to join the main Muslim army and fled to Madinah, or in some other direction. However pressed they may have been, it was not right on their part to leave the field of battle. Here it is spoken of as a slip on their part; it did not amount to intentional disobedience and God granted them a free pardon.”
   While Satan can lead astray and have him commit evil, it is poor cerebration to entertain that Satan can be “militarily more powerful than Allah.” Satan, as already noted, fears Allah: “Like the devil when he says to man: Disbelieve. But when he disbelieves, he (the devil) says: I am free of thee: surely I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds”–(Qur'an 59:16).
   If Satan was more powerful, militarily or otherwise, than Allah, Mohammad would have been crushed in the very beginning of his mission when he was a majority of only ONE.