Islam-terrified of Judaism & Christianity


In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.


Nonie Darwish opines in her book Cruel and Usual Punishment that “Islam is terrified of Christianity and Judaism.” (p.196).

Response: This lady’s ignorance of Islam is astounding! No wonder she apostatized. She knows nothing about Islam and even less about Christianity and Judaism.

Islam does not view Jesus and Moses as adversaries of Mohammad; Islam honors them as being of the same brotherhood of prophets.

(i)If by Judaism and Christianity you mean the teachings of Jesus and Moses (which were to submit to the will of God–Islam), Islam supplements, completes, and perfects Christianity and Judaism.
If you mean the teachings of the Church and Jews; the teachings of the Church –Divinity of Jesus, inherited sin and vicarious atonement– are Christian concoctions; they are not God’s or Jesus’ teachings (see Christianity is PaganismIslam-antiChrist).

And the Jewish belief that they are God’s “chosen people” to the exclusion of others –that God would choose people based on their race, a factor in which we had no choice attributes injustice to God– and that Jewish sinners will spend at most a year in hell are not Mosaic teachings; they are Jewish fantasies; much like their fantasy about the coming of an eschatological messiah to deliver them. Jews were “delivered” three thousand years ago by Moses; Jews salvation lies in them following Islam/Mohammad. (See APPENDIX).

Two thousand years after Moses and six hundred years after Christ mankind was yet waltzing around with flint tools and torches; whereas a mere hundred years after Muhammad backward camel drivers were sitting in the thrones of Caesars –lording the world. How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?

There is nothing in Christianity and Judaism of which Islam is to be afraid: not materially, not morally, not socially, not intellectually, and not spiritually.

not materially: there is nothing in the Bible to foster material progress. Moreover, the doctrine that exhorts man to preach only and to depend on God to send him victuals not only impels its followers to be loafers and mendicants but is a recipe for stagnation and backwardness (And which Christianity is as her history attests. Shown later). (Matt. 6:25-34).

not morally: the Bible which advocates enslaving “heathen” neighbors and allows daughters to be bondaged, and regards non-Jews as “dogs” and “swine” and preaches in parables so these gentile “dogs” and “swine” would not understand and be saved is on no moral throne and certainly not above, or even equal with, Islam which abolishedSLAVERYand gave its doctrines openly to all. (Lev. 25:44; Ex. 21:7. Matt. 7:6; 15:26; Mark 4:9-12).

not socially: Judaism which views heathen neighbors as potential slaves (and Jews who plume themselves as God’s chosen people to the exclusion of others) and Christianity which views non-Jews as animals not fit to receive the word of God and which regards those not with her as being against her (and a person can be neutral), and requires those against her rule as enemies to be slain (even though they might not militate against her), and whose goal is to send fire on earth and to cause division in the family cannot exist socially with others. (Matt. 12:30; Luke 19:27; 12:49, 51-53; Matt. 10:34; Luke 14:26).

not intellectually: there is nothing in the Bible to stimulate scientific research and material progress; in fact the Bible contains “monumental” errors. In contrast, a mere hundred years after the revelation of the Qur’an backward camel-drivers were masters of science and progress. In fact, as Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din points out, Western nations began to make progress only when they tossed the Bible and began thinking along Islamic lines. (Shown later).

not spiritually: not only was the Bible for an ethnic people and for a limited time –Moses and Jesus spoke of another teacher to come who will guide into “all truth” and whom all are to follow: in which event the Bible would become OBSOLETE and so it has become (replaced by the Qur’an which contains “all truth” and as all are to follow the Qur’an/Mohammad/Islam, spiritually the Jewish and Christian religions have no future)– the Bible has been tampered with and doctrines are being taught that has no Divine foundation no prophetic foundation no logical foundation and repugnant to reason.

Jewish belief that they are God’s chosen people to the exclusion of others attribute injustice to God –that God chooses people on the basis of their race, a factor in which we had no choice, a factor He gave us.

Christians belief that God has a son –even though God has no consort and fatherhood/begetting requires the union of sperm and ovum– attribute the animal function of sexual intercourse to God;
the doctrine of inherited sin attributes injustice to God –that He pins someone else’s crime onto another;
the doctrine of vicarious atonement –that God sent a person to be killed for others– makes God complicit in murder;
the doctrine of God incarnate –culling the Omnipotent and Omniscient God into a sperm, folding Him into the womb of a woman He created, drawing Him out her vagina and circumcising Him and calling her “Mother of God”– is not only the grossest of attribution to His Holy Majesty but it must be the gravest of all blasphemies.
And as Jesus says: “he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is danger of eternal damnation”–(Mark 3:29).

Islam teaches belief in Allāh –belief in Allāh means that -Allāh/God is One and Only;
-the Eternal, Absolute, on Whom ALL depend;
-having no consort He begets not;
-being the First and Creator of all and thus could not
-have a mother
He is not begotten;
-being the Creator, Nourisher and Sustainer and One in Attributes there is none like Him;
-being Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent He has no need to and does not Incarnate.
Belief in all His Angels, all His Books (though he also tells us what not to believe that are passing under His name, such as Trinity, inherited sin and vicarious atonement; karma and reincarnation), all His Messengers, and in the Resurrection and Judgment.        

   (ii) For nearly a thousand years (until we became lazy and fell away from the practice of Islam) Islam brought not only spiritual benefit to mankind but also material benefit. In the observations of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din: “The whole world was a world of fetish worshippers at the appearance of Islam. From an eggshell to the man-worship of Christianity and Hinduism, the adoration that should go to God went to His creatures”1 And

“Soon after the time of Jesus, an age of utter decline and  decay settled down on the world….The Divine Flame which he had kindled in the human breast in the valley of the Jordan began to smoulder….While the Church in the West taught that man was a vile creature on God’s earth and that everything in the earth had been created to pamper the flesh and kill the spirit, Brahmanism, in the East, preached that man had no intrinsic worth at all, nor was there anything of good in him. His only salvation lay in separating himself from all worldly affairs and in leading the life of a recluse in the jungle. Such theologies and philosophies were fatal to progress.  Absolute death –spiritual, moral and material– overtook  the world, and dense clouds of wickedness and ignorance darkened its horizon. In this gloomiest epoch that had ever been known, a silver line appeared on the  Arabian coast….It was a Message from on High, a message that was unique in its character even in the world of Revelation. All former Messages either spoke of tribal well-being –like that which came from Sinai or through the Vedas– or they alluded to personal favour, like that heard on the banks of the river Jordan. The Revelation in the cave of Mount Hira brought a Universal Gospel to humanity and revealed that the lowest of the low (for such had men become at that time) was destined to be greatest of the great.”2

Abdul Haque Vidyarthi:

“The condition in which the sacred scriptures of the world are found today, is really a harried one. These are, no doubt, the relics of those great Books that were given to the prophets of yore. No scripture of any religion was to be found in its original form and pristine purity at the time of the Holy Prophet’s (Mohammad) advent, nor is one found today. Such books, therefore, cannot prove the truth of religion, nay, their own prophets stand in need of vindication. A number of suspicions and misgivings have sprung up about the prophets, Zoroaster, Abraham, Krishna and Christ so much so that they are being looked upon as mere fictitious persons.”     

   “No scripture, writing or book has got so many people to its credit who learn it by heart, as the Holy Qur’an has. Religious scriptures underwent vicissitudes and had dark ages upon them, that their very contents and their existence became suspected. It was in this obscurity that the Vedas grew from one into four, and then from four to as many as 1131, there is a verse in Maha Bhashya which explains that there are one hundred and one shoots of Yajur-veda, one thousand of Sama-veda, twenty-one kinds of Rigveda and nine of Atharva-veda.

In these days we can see a dozen vedas published, in fact, which throws light on their vicissitudes.

The Masorah and Septuagint versions of the old Testament, the different authorized editions of the Sadducees and Pharisees, the apocryphal literature believed as part of inspired scriptures by some sects and rejected by others, the different versions of apocryphal Gospels, prove the credibility of the fact that no religious scripture was kept intact or properly maintained or committed to memory in the life-time of the prophet to whom it was revealed.” 3

And Muhammad Ali:

““From time beyond memory, Mecca and the whole Peninsula had been steeped in spiritual torpor. The slight and transient influences of Judaism, Christianity, or philosophical inquiry upon the Arab mind had been but as the ruffling here and there of the surface of a quiet lake; all remained still and motionless below. The people were sunk in superstition, cruelty, and vice… Their religion was a gross idolatry; and their faith the dark superstitious dread of unseen things… Thirteen years before the Hejira, Mecca lay lifeless in this debased state. What a change had these thirteen years now produced!…Jewish truth had long sounded in the ears of the men of Medina; but it was not until they heard the spirit-stirring strains of the Arabian Prophet that they too awoke from their slumber, and sprang suddenly into a new and earnest life”” 4    

   “Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Zoroastrianism had long ceased to have any healthy effect on the lives of their votaries, and the followers of these religions had not only ceased to practise virtue, but, worst of all, they had begun to look upon vice as virtue, and many of them attributed indecent and immoral practices to their sages and their gods. Christianity, which was then the youngest of the religions of the world, had also lost its purity. “The Christianity of the seventh century was itself decrepit and corrupt,” is Muir’s verdict. Such widespread corruption had never previously existed in the world’s history. A recent writer, J.H. Denison, writes in “Emotion as the Basis of Civilization”: “In the fifth and sixth centuries, the civilized world stood on the verge of chaos. The old emotional cultures that had made civilization possible, since they had given to men a sense of unity and of reverence for their rulers, had broken down, and nothing had been found adequate to take their place…. It seemed then that the great civilization which it had taken four thousand years to construct was on the verge of disintegration, and that mankind was likely to return to that condition of barbarism where every tribe and sect was against the next and law and order were unknown…. Civilization like a gigantic tree whose foliage had over-reached the world….stood tottering….rotting to the core” (pp. 265-268). And then adds, speaking of Arabia: “It was among these people that the man was born who was to unite the whole known world of the east and south” (p. 269).

   With the light of Islam, and through the torch of knowledge and civilization lit in Arabia, a new era dawned not only over Arabia, but also over other countries. Europe remained the longest in darkness, and it was only after the torch of knowledge had been lighted in Spain by the Muslims that both the Renaissance and the Reformation came.”5      

How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

   (iii) Not only is the Qur’an the Criterion between religious falsehood and truth. The Qur’an also gave man guidance for his material progress. Again the panoramic pen of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din. The “Qur’an announced as follows:

(a) The whole world was full of potentialities, (52:4; 2:22.)

(b) Everything in the universe was for a purpose, (3:190; 14:33)

(c) They all were for our service, use and benefit, (15:19-20)

(d) Not a single thing in the whole universe, however insignificant it might be, had been created without its proper use; they have been created to minister to us;nd that everything we need is already provided, (3:190; 14:33)

(e) No labour is wasted, (29:58)

(f) Right actions would receive ample reward, 6:161; 7:170; 12:56; 18:30)

           (g) Idleness should gain nothing, (94:7)

(h) Nothing in the universe is changeable in its nature, (30:30)

(i) The whole world is chained by the law. Everything in it follows certain laws, and we can turn everything in it to our advantage if we discover and use the said     law. The laws of Nature are none other than the Will of the Most High, (3:82)

(j) The laws of Nature are unalterable, (17:77; 35:43)

(k) Knowledge and the discovery of new sciences will enable us to turn these things in Nature to our use, (2:31; 2:34; 96:5)

(l) Things in Nature stand in a complimentary relation to each other, (86:11-12)

(m) They combine with each other in a fixed proportion to create new things, (87:2-3)

(n) God’s blessings are open to all, (1:1)

(o) His ways are shown to him who seeks after them, (29:69)

(p) There are material treasures in the world for us to work upon. The word Rahman literally conveys this idea that they are open to all and ready to respond to     our needs if properly approached, (1:1; 17:20; 67:3)

(q) Everything is already designed and comes to perfection under the principle of Evolution, (20:50)

(r) Man had not to create anything. Everything was already in existence. He had only to strive and use his limbs and he would have an ample reward, (53:39-40)

(s) Everything is for our good but its mishandling makes it evil, (4:79)

(t) Good or evil even in the least measure brings recompense, (7:8-9)

(u) No one will bear our burden, (17:15)

(v) The whole universe is in a measured order, and we have to observe it if we wish to invent other devices or things for our comfort, (15:21)

(w) There are limits and bounds for everything, their trespass entails loss.

           (x) Human nature possesses the best of capabilities, but we need divine guidance for progress, (95:4)

(y) There are pitfalls in our ways, (95:5)

(z) True success only comes to him who exerts to excel others in his occupation of life, (79:1 to 5). (Introduction to the Study of the Holy Qur’an, pp. 15-19).

   With such a guide before them, it was not surprising that early Muslims should have become keenly interested in scientific research. ….They were the founders of a new civilization. Nay, further, they began to rule Nature, and through it, conquered the world. For centuries they continued supreme, but the riches they thus accumulated, subsequently made them slothful and wrought their ruin. Abuse, excess and self–indulgence shook the structure of their power to its foundations, leaving them an easy prey to others.

   The early Muslims, however, bequeathed a vast heritage to their Western successors in the form of that learning which the latter have since pursued under the name of modern science.” “Algebra, Statics, Conic Sections and other branches of applied mathematics are amongst Muslim discoveries.” (pp. 20-21).

   “Muslims were admittedly the founders of modern culture. …It is also an admitted historical fact that there was nothing in pre-Islamic culture to inspire them for scientific research. The Qur’an came to advocate the acquisition of knowledge for the first time. The Holy Prophet bade his followers to go to far off countries in search of it.….In short, while St. Paul deprecated the law and called it a curse to humanity, the Qur’an respected it and made the observance of it our religion, as Islam literally means “Obedience to the Law.”….The formal Church had also to assert that sin was innate in human nature, since sin is a breach of the Law. The dictum that man is sinful by nature involves an assumption that he is incapable of observing the Law. It is a most despicable libel on our character to assert that we are criminal by nature. If sin is innate in our nature, it is an anomaly if legislation exists in Christian land. Parliament and all other legislative bodies are a mere infringement on our liberty….It was this principle, no doubt, that for centuries retarded all material progress in Christendom, which began to move forward only when the Church dogmas had lost their hold on the human mind.”

   ….All pre-Islamic religions dealt chiefly with a few doctrines of morality, ignoring other aspects of human nature….The Holy Book treats of all subjects –morality, spirituality, sociology, economics, politics and aesthetic matters. But the beauty of the Book lies in the fact that it does not separate one thing from the other. It creates a kind of agreement among them all, and works them out into one harmonious whole.

The Book promulgates certain principles that are broad enough to apply equally to every aspect of the question. For instance, it refers to the doctrine of Evolution and its aspects, while elucidating most of its salient truths. The principle of evolution, it should not be forgotten, was taught to the world for the first time in Islam. The Qur’an began with a chief Divine Attribute –Rabb-ul-‘Alamin. Though this Attribute, in the first place, means the Creator, the Maintainer and the Nourisher of the various worlds, the word Rabb itself is very rich in significance. Its English translation “Lord,” which we find in almost all English translations of the Qur’an, is not an adequate one….It also means the Originator of things and their Combiner to create new forms–(Qur’an 87:1-3)….Rabb also signifies One Who reposes all the faculties in things at their inception, and then brings them to perfection, to attain which they pass through various stages. (Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon). In short, the Arabic word conveys all that is connoted by Evolution, as well as every other thing necessary for its functioning.…There is no word in any other language to convey all the meanings of Rabb adequately.” (pp. 15-21, 23-27).

   And in his Open Letters To The Bishops of Salisbury & London, Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din quotes Lord Headley: “Islam annulled fortune-telling, magic and many other obsessions which were predominant at the time of Muhammad. Reason and natural laws replaced them in ruling life. Islam eradicated the idea of a person being entitled to recognition, respect or superiority merely because he was high-born…..the present civilization owes its growth to the influence of Islam.”(p. 147).

   “Muslims gave to the world Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, Botany, the art of Navigation, History and Geography, Medicine and Pharmacy, Mathematics etc. “Muslim Universities opened their doors in Baghdad in the days of Nizam-ul-Mulk, and in Granada in the days of Abdul Rahman to students without distinction, caste, colour or creed, where they were looked after, boarded and lodged at the public expense.”(Ibid. pp.142-143). (Islam not only gave light/knowledge to the world but in opening their universities “to students without distinction, caste, colour or creed, where they were looked after, boarded and lodged at the public expense,” Islam gave to the world honor and dignity).

   How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

      (iv) Whereas Islam brought both spiritual and material benefits to man (and compensated the brilliant non-Muslim minds for their services), in contrast Christianity not only “nipped in the bud” whatever material progress the pagan world had made but also tortured and murdered great minds. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, responding to the Bishops Of Salisbury & London in the early 1900’s:

“It is all very well for your missionaries to point to the great charitable institutions, hospitals, schools, etc., for suffering humanity run on Christian lines. “But one fails to see why these charitable institutions should be ascribed to a religion which could not give birth to them for more than seventeen hundred years. They are the growth of modern culture and owe their origin to quite different external causes, the greatest among them being Islam in Spain. Islam speaks highly of these charities in its teachings, and brought them into existence in all Muslim countries within two centuries after its birth. Islam can claim superiority to modern culture in one respect–Muslim Universities opened their doors at Baghdad in the days of Nizam-ul-Mulk, and in Granada in the days of Abdul Rahman to students without distinction of caste, colour or creed, where they were looked after, boarded and lodged at the public expense.”a

   ….the greatest opposition that the rise of culture received in the West, at each stage, came from the Church camp. Perhaps you will say that it was an outcome of the mediaeval savagery and ignorance. But such is not the case. The teaching of the Bible, I am afraid fanned the fires of opposition. The Church saw the justification of their hostility to science in the sacred writ.

The Christians, who were the inheritors of the civilization of the ancients, pace the teachings of Holy Writ, not only did not continue the researches of their predecessors, but destroyed them, so that, as Draper points out in his book, A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe,b nearly two thousand years had to intervene between Archimedes and Newton, nearly seventeen hundred years between Hipparchus and Kepler, nearly twenty centuries between Hero, whose steam-engine revolved in the Serapion, and James Watt who revolutionized the industry of the world. What a fearful blank!

Dogmatized Christianity placed an embargo on freedom of thought. The Church destroyed all that it believed it could not turn to its own advantage. History can multiply in support of this characteristic of the Church, but I would content myself with quoting one–the destruction of the invaluable library of Serapis, at Alexandria in 389, by the Archbishop Theophilus of Alexandria. Gibbon says, in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empirec: “The valuable library of Alexandria was pillaged and destroyed, and nearly twenty years afterwards the appearance of empty shelves excited the indignation of every spectator whose mind was not totally darkened by religious prejudice.”

Exaggerated miracles and superstitions–those mental cankers–together with persecution and suppression, represented the sum total of what was offered as a substitute for the learning and scholarship of the ancients –and full one thousand years had to pass before Europe once more attempted to scale the same heights from which mankind had been pushed back down into the deepest abyss of mental depravity.

Instead of turning the mind of the people towards intellectual development and thought, the Church –the pious intolerance of the Church– on the contrary, penned it in, within very close, narrow boundaries, to transgress which was nothing less than a sacrilegious crime against the sanctity and holiness of the words of Holy Writ, which was regarded as infallible, and everything spoken against it as tantamount to heresy.

Now let us search the pages of Holy Writ and we would see that it is in them that lie embedded the baneful seeds of pious persecution, of the branding of learning as magic to be punished like treason, of a justification for sending Galileo to prison, Bruno to the stake, and of the murder of Hypatia, the renowned commentator on Plato.

Neither the theory of evolution, nor geography, nor geometry, nor mathematics, nor astronomy, nor the science of education–in fact, nothing that could be classed as knowledge and which we in the twentieth century are proud of–escaped the ravaging hands of the Fathers of the Church, who found a fertile field for persecution in the words of Holy Writ.

There are two conflicting descriptions of the Creation as contained in the first and second chapters of Genesis, and they have led some to believe in the six-day theory, and others in the instantaneous idea. Luther declared, “the world, with all creatures, was created in six days,” but he also believed that it was done in an instantaneous way. Calvin preached the six-day idea. The Church presented the Bible as infallible, and all ideas regarded as against the cosmogony of the Bible were punished severely. A certain Vanini had the misfortune to believe in the theory of evolution. He was at once branded as atheist; and on the evidence of De Francon, the Judge de Catel in the tribunal of Toulouse, found Vanini guilty and sentenced him to have his tongue torn out from his mouth and to be burnt alive. …..

The spheroidicity of the earth is denied by the Bible. There are many passages which uphold the geocentric theory, i.e. that the earth is the centre of the solar system and that the sun and the stars revolve around it.

“The world also shall be stable, that it be not moved” (1 Chron. 16:30).

“Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever” (Psalm 104).

“And after these things, I saw four angels, standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev. 7:1).

“The Devil taketh him (Christ) up into an exceeding high mountain, and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world” (Matt. 4:8).  

The Christian Fathers taught that Jerusalem was the centre of the world, and quoted Ezekiel 5:5, which reads: “Thus saith the Lord God: This is Jerusalem, I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her.”

“St. Paul taught that the Gospel had been preached to all nations, and that, therefore, there were no more nations to be discovered. This teaching discouraged any attempt at geographical investigation and the finding of new continents. It was to the Muslim universities in Spain that Columbus learned that the earth was spheroid, for one of the Muslim educational appliances was the globe. Columbus was convinced of the spheroidicity of the earth, but the Bishop of Ceuta showed him his error by quoting from the Bible, and a Bull was issued by Pope Alexander VI, in 1493, to the same effect, but he was not deterred from his aim. The idea that there were people on the opposite side of the earth had long before been taught by Cicero and Pliny, and believed by many in Greece and Rome, but when it was taught in Christendom, it was met with the severest criticism. Lactantius, speaking with reference to the heretical doctrine of the globular form of the earth, said: “Is there anyone so senseless as to believe that the crops and the trees on the other side of the earth hand downward and that men have their feet lighter than their heads? If you ask them how they defend these monstrosities, how things do not fall away from the earth on that side, they reply, The nature of things is such that heavy bodies tend towards the centre, like the spokes of a wheel, while light bodies, such as clouds, smoke and fire, tend from the centre, to the heavens, on all sides. Now, I am at a loss what to say of those, who, when they have once gone wrong, steadily persevere in their folly and defend one absurd opinion by another.”  

St. Augustine quoted the Scriptures to prove that there could be no Antipodes. He said that the Almighty would not allow men to live on the opposite side of the earth because they would not be able to see Christ at his second coming. He said, “Scripture speaks of no such descendants of Adam.” He quotes the 19th Psalm and St. Paul’s saying that Gospel has been carried “to the ends of the world,” and contended that as the teachers had not gone to the opposite sides of the earth, there was no such place. He quotes Job 26:11 about “the pillars of heaven” in support of his argument.

The new ideas were denounced as “empty and false.” “The miserable fiction of Eusebius had subverted the chronology of Manetho and Eratosthenes, the geometry of Euclid and Appolonius was held to be of no use, the geography of Ptolemy a blunder.…”(Draper). In 1316 an Italian physician, named Peter of Abano, was called to account for the new heresy of the spheroidicity of the earth by the Inquisition; he fortunately escaped the torture by the intervention of a natural death. Cecco d’Ascoli, a noted astronomer, was compelled to vacate his professional chair at Bologna, and was burned alive at Florence, 1327.

Cosmas said: “The earth is a parallelogram, flat and surrounded by four great seas. At the edges of these seas rise immense walls, closing in the whole structure. These walls support the vault of the heavens, whose edges are cemented to the walls; walls and vault shut in the earth and all the heavenly bodies.” He supports his description by many passages from Holy Writ, e.g. “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,…that stretcheth out the heavens like a curtain, and spreadeth them out like a tent to dwell in” (Isaiah 40:22).

Passages in the Bible, as, “The earth standeth fast for ever,” “Sun, stand thou still upon Gideon, and thou moon, in the valley of Ajalen,” made the Fathers of the Church uphold that the earth was in the centre of the solar system. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher (580-500 B.C.), taught what is known as the heliocentric system of astronomy. His system placed the sun in the centre and around it in circular orbits the planets revolved in the following order: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Philolaus and Aristarchus followed with the same theory, but it was not heard of again till the fifth century A.D. when Martianus Capella resuscitated it. Then it disappeared for another thousand years, till it was rediscovered and established by Nicholas Copernicus. Its sporadic appearance and disappearance as due to no other cause but Holy Writ. Copernicus’s book, The Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies (The Qur’an 21:33; 36:40 inform us about this truth in the 7th century), was first published in 1543, when the author was on his deathbed. The great astronomer had not dared to publish it for thirty solid years, for the bloodthirsty vengeance of the Church loomed large before his eyes. He sent it to a friend, Osiander, who wrote a soporific preface to the book, whereby he sought to camouflage the views of the author by saying that they were to be taken rather as fiction than as fact. The book, when published, was placed in the feeble hands of the astronomer, who smiled and died in peace. But in spite of the lulling precautions taken by Osiander, it was seized and condemned and excited furious comments. Fromundus, from the Cathedral of Antwerp, said: The Copernican theory cannot be true, because the wind would constantly blow from the east; we should with great difficulty hear sounds against such a wind; buildings and the earth itself would fly off with such a motion.” Martin Luther wrote: “People gave ear to an upstart astrologer, who tried to show that the earth revolves, not the heavens, or the firmament, the sun and the sun….this fool wishes to reverse the entire science of astronomy, but Sacred Scripture tells us that Joshua commanded the sun to stand and not the earth.” Calvin was equally loud in his denunciation of the Copernican theory.

Among the many poor victims of the Church, who took up the Copernican theory and advanced it, was Giordano Bruno. He was hunted from country to country. From Italy, his native land, to Switzerland, France, England, Germany, his persecutors ever on his trail. Upon his return to Venice, he was apprehended, and imprisoned in the Piombo for six years. During his travels, he had delivered lectures in England and written many books, and had criticized the teachings of the Bible. He said: “The Bible teaches that the earth is a flat surface supported by pillars; that the sky is a firmament –the floor of heaven. But the truth is that the universe is infinite, and that it is filled with self-luminous and opaque worlds, many of them inhabited; (Allāh says there are beings in the earth as well as in the heavens–Qur’an 19:93-95; 42:29);that there is nothing above and around us but space and stars.” Bruno was transferred from Venice to Rome on the demand of the spiritual authorities and handed over to Cardinal San Severino. He was arraigned before sixteen cardinals, who put him several questions and demanded a recantation. Bruno replied, “I neither ought nor wish to recant.” They tried to exact a recantation through torture, but they failed, for mental strength cannot be broken by material weapons. They declared this magnificent character to be an “impenitent and obstinate heretic” and sentenced him to death in 1600 by a fire made slow, to increase the torture. How time has mocked at the Church is shown by a splendid statue of Bruno, unveiled by the Rationalists in 1899, on the very spot where he was burned alive.        

Galileo Galilei, who adorns the list of the Church victims, was another well-known martyr to the cause of science. His crime was that he had demonstrated the truth of the Copernican theory. The Church was set, also, against mathematics, and had denounced the geometry of Euclid. Caccini was promoted by the Church for his brilliant denunciation of geometry and Mathematics, such as “geometry is of the devil” and “mathematicians should be banished as the authors of heresies.” Pope Paul V, fortified by his archbishops and cardinals, condemned Galileo and his teachings. They said: “If there are other planets, since God makes nothing in vain, they must be inhabited; but how can their inhabitants be descended from Adam? How can they trace back their origin to Noah’s ark, and how can they have been redeemed by the Saviour?” (As noted above, Allāh says there are beings in the earth as well as in the heavens–Qur’an 19:93-95; 42:29).

Galileo was summoned to Rome by Pope Paul V in 1616, where he tried to convince them by requesting the Fathers of the Church to look through the little telescope which he had invented. Many declined, and those who did “denounced the satellites as illusions of the devil.” Father Clavius declared that “to see the satellites of Jupiter, men had to make an instrument which would create them.” Another bold statement made by Galileo was that the moon shines by reflected light. (Allāh tells us this in Qur’an 91:1-2; 25:61; 71:15-16).The wrath of the Church knew no bounds, for this statement of his contradicted the “truth” of Genesis that the moon ‘is a great light.” He was tried by the Holy Inquisition and his opinions condemned. In defence Galileo said that the Bible was not intended to serve as a book science. But it seems this is what they wanted the Bible to pass for. And should we blame them for this, in view of the fact that they did nothing else but give their due to the infallible words of Holy Writ? Pope Paul V issued a decree in the following words: “The doctrine of the double motion of the earth about its axis and about the sun is false and entirely contrary to Holy Scripture.” But again, in 1652, Galileo published his book, the Dialogo, thinking that the new Pope Urban VIII would be more tolerant than his predecessor, but he was just as bigoted. He placed Galileo and his book, the first edition of which had been exhausted and had found great favour with thinking minds, in the hands of the Holy Inquisition. Galileo had a friend, named Castelli, who had to forfeit his benefice for trying to save his friend Galileo. The aged Galileo as thrown into a dungeon, and forced to recant in the following words: “I, Galileo, being in my seventieth year, being a prisoner and on my knees before your Eminences, having before my eyes the Holy Gospel, which I touch with my hands, and abjure, curse and detest the error and the heresy of the movements of the earth.”

What else could the broken-hearted, aged Galileo do under the circumstances? He recalled to memory how the Church had burned Bruno alive, and that if he would not recant the same fate awaited him. What the Inquisition was he knew well!

Nevertheless the Holy Inquisition was not content with a mere recantation. It sent him into exile for the rest of his life, persecuted his friends, suppressed his writings, and went so far as to torture those, like Campanella, who had the temerity to write in defence of Galileo.  

Now let us see what it was which the Church wanted the people to believe instead. Cardinal Barberi says: “Animals which move have limbs and muscles; the earth has no limbs or muscles, therefore it does not move. It is angels who make Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, etc; turn round. If the earth revolves, it must also have a centre to set it in motion, but only devils live there; it would therefore be a devil who would impart motion to the earth.”

The Bible dabbles in anthropology as well! The Bible contains a so-called chronology, childish as it is, by which it is claimed we can trace the antiquity of man and his pedigree. The Christian Fathers were generally agreed that man had his beginning about six thousand years ago, and would not tolerate any other view but that Adam was the first man. The advancing of any other view was looked upon as a contradiction of the apparent chronology of the Bible, and its criticism a crime. When La Peyrère, about the middle of the seventeenth century, published his work, Pre-Adamites, in which he claimed that men existed before Adam, the Parliament of Paris burned his book. La Peyrère was imprisoned by the Grand Vicar of the Archdiocese of Mechlin until he retracted the statement.

(Pre-Adamites: Allāh tells us that there was a long time over man when nothing was known of him–Qur’an 76:1. And Muslim scholars are of the view that there were many Adams before our Adam. That this Adam was not the first man seems to be borne out by the fact that after Cain killed Abel, Cain is said to have gone to the land of Nod where he knew his wife who conceived–(Genesis 4:16-17). Since Cain and Abel were the only two children, and there is no mention of any other children so that Cain could be said to have taken a sister as wife, where then did Cain find this woman for wife if there were no other human beings on the earth? As noted, the verses of the Qur’an are either of basic or allegorical in meanings–Qur’an 3:6).

The pagan world of the Greeks and Romans had made a beginning in geological knowledge, but when Christianity appeared on the world’s stage all such beginnings were nipped in the bud. In the middle of the eighteenth century Buffon published the results of his studies in geology. The faculty of Sorbonne compelled him to make and publish a recantation, which ended with these words: “I abandon everything in my book respecting the formation of the earth, and generally all which may be contrary to the narration of Moses.” But a century later the tables were turned, and the power of the Church had waned in 1830, for by this time science had made so much progress, and people had begun so far to recover from the Christian blight, that Charles Lyell, the author of Antiquity of Man (1863) and Principles of Geology (1830), was not made to suffer from the Holy Inquisition.  

Gregory I–who has won the attribute of the Great– distinguished himself by his rage for destruction, for his enmity towards all higher education. This “Slave of the Slaves of God” had one principle in view: “Ignorance is the mother of devotion”; and with this standpoint not only did he commit to the flames all the mathematical studies of Rome, but also burned the precious Palatine Library, which was founded by the Emperor Augustus. He destroyed the greater part of the writings of Livy; he forbade the study of the classics; he maimed and mutilated the architectural remains of the ancient days–(Draper, vol. 1, p. 357).

The schools of philosophy were closed, the last of them in 529. The renowned commentator on Plato, Hypatia, was cruelly put to death by St. Cyril, in 414, in the open market of Alexandria, Draper says: “She was assaulted by Cyril and a mob of many monks, stripped naked in the street, she was dragged into a church and killed by the club of Peter the Reader. The corpse was cut in pieces, the flesh was scraped from the bones with shells, and the remnants cast into the fire. For this frightful crime Cyril was never called to account–(Draper, vol. 1, p. 324).  

The hatred of learning was such that, in the words of Draper, “every manuscript which could be seized was burnt.” Throughout the east, men in terror, destroyed the libraries for the fear that some unfortunate sentence contained in any of the books should involve them and their families in destruction.”

But to ascertain the truth of our statement, we need not go so far back. We can always expect the Church to live up to its historic past. It is in our own living memory that Francisco Ferrar was murdered in 1909, in Spain, for the sole offence that he wanted to educate the people. And the Church hated education, as it has always   hated it. It is said he was stood against the prison wall, and before the shots were fired he said in a clear and fearless voice: “Aim straight, my brothers. Long live the modern school!” No regretting, no cringing, no recanting ever escaped his lips. And the fact that only very recently one of the Italian cities has decided to remove the street name of Francisco Ferrar from one of its thoroughfares, intensifies the truth of this statement that the Church is the same to-day, yesterday and for ever. The only condition is opportunity.

There is one thing that is remarkable in the history of material science in relation to Christianity and Islam. In the case of the former, as long as religion kept its hold on its adherents, Europe made no progress in any way, but when the Western mind became emancipated from canonical rule and Church thralldom, civilization came in leaps and bounds in every form. On the other hand, Islam, at its very advent, gave a tremendous impetus to science and culture. In its various departments, modern civilization owes its salient factors to Islam, but unfortunately, in modern days–notably in the last two centuries– our mundane prosperity and success began to prove too intoxicating to keep our steps sober and steady; we ceased from treading in the footprints of our ancestors, and turned our backs on Muslim principles of life.”

“The Western nations made their present progress when they liberated themselves from the hold of Church religion and began to think independently for themselves on Islamic lines.”6

As late as 2008, the Pope is accused of being “hostile to science”–(Toronto Star, Sat; Jan; 19, 2008, p. A21). Glory, praise, and thanks to Allāh for sending us Mohammad, who brought the world to our feet and eternity to our arms! Allaho Akbar!

   Rather than bemoan Muslim presence in Europe, Pope Benedict XVI should be singing praises to Muslims. But for Muslims “Christian” Europe would yet be waltzing around with flint tools and torches.

Blind faith may be blissful,
but it is no passport to Paradise.

How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

   (v) (Except for their Purity of Godhead which reflects that of Muslims) Jews falsified their BIBLE, plumes themselves as God’s “chosen people” to the exclusion of other –attributing injustice to God, choosing people based on their race, a factor in which we had to say, a factor He gave us– follow a Book that has nothing to foster material progress; a Book that enslaves “heathen,” that stones/kills adulterers, homosexuals, blasphemers, apostates, damsels that do not bleed on their wedding night –and a woman’s hymen can be ruptured by other than sexual contact, in which event an innocent bride would be wrongly killed– relegated woman to a life of servitude to her husband –and which servitude would entail brutality of the rebellious wife– and selling daughters into slavery.

How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

And Christianity, which not only sanctions the above as Judaism, and has nothing to foster material growth, Christians adulterate their Bible, and follow falsehood and blasphemy. Son of God belief is Paganism instituted by Paul.
Allāh revealed to the world and at a time when no one suspected that son of God belief is paganism–(Qur’an 9:30); to which Muhammad Ali notes that “when St. Paul saw that the Jews would on no account accept Jesus Christ as a messenger of God, he introduced the pagan doctrine of sonship of God into the Christian religion, so that it might become more acceptable to the pagans.”
And Maurice Bucaille states: “Paul is the most controversial figure in Christianity. He was considered to be a traitor to Jesus’s thought by the latter’s family and by the apostles who had stayed in Jerusalem in the circle around James. Paul created Christianity at the expense of those whom Jesus had gathered around him to spread his teachings.”7 

And Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din has provided minute details of this Christian incorporation of paganism into the religion of Jesus in his revealing work The Sources Of Christianity. Some of his material is noted in  Christianity is Paganism.
 The doctrine of inherited sin attributes injustice to God (not even decent human leaders transfer the blame of one person onto another), the doctrine of vicarious atonement makes God complicit in murder (not even decent human leaders execute the innocent for the guilty).

How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?

   (vi) Allāh the All-Knowing admonishes us in His Qur’an 2:120: “And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor the Christians, unless thou follow their religion. Say: Surely Allāh’s guidance, that is the (perfect) guidance. And if thou follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to thee thou shalt have from Allāh no friend, nor helper.”

From day one of the Prophet Mohammad’s advent Jews were treacherous against Muslims. Violating their treaty of mutual defense with the Prophet and siding with the enemies against the Muslims. Jews feigned conversion to Islam then apostatizing so as to influence the Arabs to leave their new faith. Jews were so inimical towards the Prophet that they even denied the existence of God in order to oppose the Prophet. And as M. H. Haykal points out their opposition was never in the open (perhaps this is true today also).

   As for Christians, the Romans stirred them up against the fledgling Islamic state. Christian’s history of intrigue against Muslims is well-known: More than a hundred years ago Thomas W. Arnold notes in his The Preaching of Islam what may very well be a timeless observation: “Many of the persecutions of the Christians in Muslim countries can be traced either to distrust of their loyalty, excited by the intrigues and interference of Christian foreigners and the enemies of Islam, or to the bad feeling stirred up by the treacherous or brutal behaviour of the latter towards the Musalmans.”(p.77).

 There is nothing in Christianity and Judaism of which Islam has to be “terrified.”

Islam is not “terrified of Christianity and Judaism” only wary/ cautious of the treachery and deception of their unscrupulous and deceptive followers.

That which Allāh has revealed in His Qur’an about Moses and Jesus and about Jews and Christians is the truth.

Truth is not anti-Semitism! Truth is not “anti” anything! Truth is truth! Refute them if you can.

The Christian Bible-thumper can strain his lungs to its limit preaching that JESUS LOVES US and that Christianity is “universal brotherhood,” and “egalitarian” and other lofty ideals but his Scripture flatly belies him.

As shown above Christianity is evil, intolerant, backward, naked hate, and misogynistic. Moreover, Christ’s mission was wholly and solely to the Jews. (JESUS-ONLY FOR JEWS).

   As Jesus came to uphold the law of the Old Testament so much so that heaven and earth shall pass, as he declared, but not one jot or title shall not pass till they all be fulfilled–(Matt. 5:17-18). Thus, if Jesus/Christianity was lording America or Europe or any place else. And as Christians say that Jesus is God:

   -men would be able to commit incest with their daughters, as Lot–(Gen. 20:11-12; Gen. 19:30-37);

   -slavery will be revived–(Lev. 25:44);

   -children will be punished for their parents “whoredoms”–(Num. 14:33-34. Also Rev. 2:20-23);

   -decapitation will be allowed: “And the Lord said unto Moses, take ALL THE HEADS of the people and HANG THEM UP before the Lord against the sun”–(Num. 25:4);

   –disbelievers will be killed–(Deut. 13:12-16);

   -the wife who tried to defend her husband by grabbing the testicles of her husband’s opponent will lose her hand–(Deut. 25:11-12);

   -cannibalism will be legal–(Deut. 28:53, 57; 2 Kings 6:28-29);  

   -It would be legal to terrorized, slay, poison and feed worship-pers of false gods to beasts: “They (Jeshurun and his children) have moved me (God) to jealousy with that which is not God…I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them…I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust. The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs”–(Deut. 32: 15-25); it will be legal to mutilate enemies: (The Israelites asked God “Who shall go up for us against the Canaanites first, to fight against them” to occupy their land) “And the Lord said, Judah shall go up: behold, I have delivered the land into his hand…and they slew of them in Bezek ten thousand men…and they pursued after him (Adonibezek), and caught him and CUT OFF HIS THUMBS and his GREAT TOES. And Adonibezek said, THREE SCORE AND TEN kings, having their THUMBS and their GREAT TOES CUT OFF”–(Judges 1:1-7. Islam only allows a defensive fighting and certainly not to “go up” and kill people to occupy their lands);

   -it would be legal to slay even the “infant and suckling” in war–(1 Samuel 15:2-3);

   -it would be legal to take men’s wives and give them in adult-ery because of their husband’s infidelity–(2 Samuel 12:7-11);

   -it would be legal to cut prisoners with “saws, and with harrows of iron, and with axes”–(2 Samuel 12:31; 1 Chron. 20:3);

   -it would be legal to expose one’s self to others–(2 Samuel 6:14-22);

   -it would be allowed to have “dogs” eat the dead–(1 Kings 14:10-11);

   -as Solomon had “seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines” there will be unbridled polygamy and con-cubinage–(1 Kings 11:3);

   -Christians would be allowed to feed mischievous children to bears: “there came forth little children…and mocked him (Elisha). And he…cursed them in the name of the Lord, and there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them”–(2 Kings 2:22-24);

   –Christians would be allowed to wash their feet in the blood of the wicked–(Psalms 58:10);

   -it would be happiness to mutilate “little ones” and ravish the wives of others–(Psalm 137:9; Isaiah 13:16);

   -it would be legal to kill fetus during war–(Isaiah 13:15, 18; Hosea 13:16);

   -Woman would be seen and not heard and her daughter bondaged–(Gen. 3:16; Ex. 21:7; Ephesians 5:22-23, 33);

   -wives will have to learn in silence and subjection, and to not “usurp authority over the man”–(1 Tim. 2:11-12);

   -women and children will be beaten with “all gravity” to bring them into obedience and into silence and subjection–(Prov. 13:24; 19:18; 23:13-14. 1 Tim. 3:4; Heb. 12:6-8. And without doubt every “Christian” husband wants to deliver his stubborn and rebellious wife’s “soul from hell”);

   –daughters who commit “whoredom” will be burned–(Gen 38:24; Lev. 21:9);

   -blasphemers, apostates, married damsel without the “token of virginity,” and the virginal damsel who lies with a man other than her “betrothed,” stubborn and rebellious sons, and the adulteress would all be stoned to death–(Lev. 24:11-16, 23; Deut; 13:5-16; 17:2-5; Deut. 22:20-21; 22:23-24; 21:18-21; John 8:3-5);

   -the witch, one who curses his father or mother, the adulterer, homosexuals, and the man who commits bestiality would be put to death–(Ex. 22:18; Lev. 20:9; 10-12; Deut. 22:22; Lev. 20:13; 15-16);

   -a man who takes a “wife and her mother” both would be torched–(Lev. 20:14);

   -(as only Christians honor Christ as God/son of God) Christians are to bondage their fellow Christians–Ephesians 6:5; Colos-sians 3:22);

   -their prophets can walk “naked and barefoot” and can lead prisoners and captives, “young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered–(Isaiah 20:2-4);

   -Christians would agree with their adversaries which would include agreeing with all kinds of injustices–(Matt. 5:25; perhaps this is what the Church and Christian Europe were doing when the Nazis were holocausting Jews);

   –those who do not share the Christians’ views would be labeled as being “against” them, and enemies opposed to rule would be slaughtered–(Matt. 12:30; Luke 19:27; the Crusades will now be rolling out of America to secure Jerusalem for Christ’s landing; we might even get an American “Hitler” to avenge the killing of the Christian’s God/son of God);

   -men and women would have to remain in their marriage regardless of how loveless and miserable or risk being guilty of “adultery;” and the divorced woman would have to wilt her (youthful and beautiful) self in single-hood or her new husband will be charged with “adultery”–(Matt. 5:32; Luke 16:18);

   -woman would be reduced as an object for sex, good only “to avoid fornication–(1 Cor 7:1-2); viewed as inferior to man–(1 Cor. 11:7-9); as the transgressor and betrayer of man–(1 Tim. 2:14; Gen. 3:4-12; Ezek. 16:44); as “defiler” of man–(Rev. 7:4-8; 14:3-4);

   -as no one would be allowed to shovel treasures into earthly storehouses and would have to depend on God as he sends to the birds and flowers and thus no need for knowledge America will plummet like a lead-ball from the pinnacle of progress into the black-hole of backwardness–(Matt. 6:19, 25-26);

   -the Geneva convention on war would have to be re-written, for it would be legal to slay all the soldiers of war as well as slay all the male and matron women and take the virgin girls as sex slaves (and as Christians say Jesus is God this is what Jesus commanded): “And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses…And Moses said unto them…Now therefore kill every MALE among the LITTLE ONES (of the captives), and kill EVERY WOMAN who hath known man by lying with him, but ALL THE WOMEN CHILDREN, that have not known a man by lying with him (virgin girls) KEEP ALIVE FOR YOURSELVES….and of WOMEN that had not known man by lying with him (virgin girls), were 32,000”–(Numbers 31:1-53). (See CHRISTIANITY-SEX SLAVES & PREPUBESCENT GIRLS and NONIE DARWISH).

(Non-Christians should go down on their hands and knees and forehead and thank Allāh, God, that America, and nowhere else, is governed by Jesus/Christianity. They would have to high-tail it out of America or kiss the useless and unGodly crucifix or have their heads lopped off, or in the case of Jews in 1400’s Vienna face the furnace: In Vienna “hundreds of Jews were burned alive in 1421 for refusing to convert to Christianity,” Toronto Star, Sat; Sept; 8, 2007; p. AA2; Pontiff shows…by Tracy Wilkinson).

   (Please note: this is the Christians’ Jesus. For the Muslims’ Jesus read the Qur’an).

   If Judaism/Moses was lording America or anyplace else he would do everything that Jesus would have done, as noted above, except that of the Gospels.

   If Islam/Mohammad (not to be confused with Muslims though Muslims are to reflect the teachings of Islam) was lordingAmerica or anyplace else:

   –WOMEN and men would be observing a dress code (which probably all disciplined organizations have) –women, the HIJAB and jalaba and men, (the minimum) the area between, and including, the navel and the knees and half of the chest;

   –WOMEN will be given all the rights due to her and leave her nothing for which to strive;

   -there would be limited POLYGAMY to alleviate female prepon-derancy;

-non-Muslims would be governed by the laws of their scripture (to an extent);

   -there would be no ALCOHOL (one does not need intoxicants to have a good time; in fact intoxicants do not give a “good time”: the best of times are had in sobriety);

   -there will be no gambling; no pornography; no prostitution and thus no pimping;

   -thieves (depending on the reason for theft and cost of item) will lose their hands (law-abiding citizens will be much safer and secure, and wouldn’t need to imprison themselves in gated communities) (see AMPUTATION).

   -drug-lords and pushers and rapists and other “dead-weight” of society who strive to make mischief in the land and prey on the vulnerable of society run the risk of getting the maximum sentence of crucifixion;

   -men will NOT be saddled with alimony payments for his ex-wife’s unmarried life;

   -there will be one law for the commoner as well as for the elite (there will be no diplomatic immunity);

   -adulterers and fornicators will be publicly flogged (there is no death for adultery, apostasy and blasphemy, and no honor killing in Islam. See SHARI’AH-SUPREME SYSTEM). (For a woman’s tes-timony being half of a man’s, wife-beating, women’s movement restricted, woman’s inheritance half of a man’s seeWOMEN). (For a refutation of charges against the Qur’an see QUR’AN; QUR’AN-COMMENTS & ERRORS; CHRISTIAN-CRITICS; SATANIC VERSES; QUR’AN–EVIL VERSES).

Unlike the Christians’ Jesus who would have man in regress and dependency –as no one would be allowed to shovel treasures into earthly storehouses and would have to depend on God as he sends to the birds and flowers and thus no need for knowledge–(Matt. 6:19, 25-26)

   -Mohammad, through the Blessed QUR’ANbrought the world to our feet and eternity to our arms, and gave us to drink of the fountain of knowledge and truth and wisdom and reason, of peace and love and hope and mercy and forgiveness, and he sent man soaring from the belly of ignorance and backwardness into the mouth of quest and progress.

  -Mohammad liberated man from the irrationality of polytheism, the futility and degradation of idolatry, the humiliation of superstition, the phantasm of paganism –of Gods of the womb and dying Gods and sons of God–and took God from the bosom of nationalism and sat Him aloft on the Mount of Universalism; extols that everything in the heavens and the earth were created for our use and that the only presence greater than us is God and thus the only One worthy of worship; that one is better only by faith and deeds; to fulfill covenants and to keep oaths and not to be deceptive; to give justice even if it be against one’s self or parents or kins or whether he be poor or rich; not to act corruptly in the earth or to make mischief; not to be transgressors; not to help one another in sin and aggression; to restrain anger and forgive others; to fight on behalf of the oppressed; to be merciful and forgiving; to fight only as long as there is persecution and oppression and to make peace when the enemy desires peace; to return evil with that which is better; gives freedom of conscience; rescues the orphan, ennobles the slave, extricated WOMENfrom the grave of infanticide and unchained her from the shackles of marital chatteldom and enthrones her alongside man from the cradle to paradise; instills in man morality, sobriety, and chastity, and impels him to personal, social, intellectual, and spiritual excellence.

   -Mohammad embraced all the prophets of all the nations and removed the cloak of “sinfulness” hurled upon them.

  -Mohammad not only preached forgiveness but he forgave his most horrid enemies.

   -Mohammad not only preached love of enemies and loved his enemies, but also made them beneficiaries in his kingdom.

   -Mohammad not only preached the giving of charity and gave charity, but also bought slaves their freedom, and assigned a portion of the States’ funds for the poor.

   -Mohammad “disabused our minds”: he made us too cultured to deliver our souls into the hands of gods born of the womb –helpless, defenseless gods; gods who themselves sought nourishment and protection– and he hung the millstone of responsibility for our actions snugly around our own necks –that there is no “scape-goat” on which to cruise on into heaven: every person must pave his own pathway into Paradise.

   Mohammad freed us from stone-worship, star-wor-ship, sun-worship, spirit-worship, nature-worship, hum-an-worship, and sat us high on the pinnacle of pure worship (that the only presence greater than ourselves is God; the worship) of the One True God –Who has no partner or parent, nor son or daughter; Who was not in the womb of a woman, Who was not born, nor ate, slept, drank, nor answered the calls of nature, nor died or was killed– the God Who is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omni-present, the God Who is the Ultimate in Purity and Perfection and Who never dies– Allāh!

   Only the occupier/usurper, the oppressor, the exploiter, the transgressor, those ignorant of Islam, those dedicated to falsehood and those dedicated to living off the blood of others are terrified of Islam.

   If Europe (and elsewhere) is Islamized it will be doing Europe an invaluable service, foremost by freeing “Christians” of theirPAGANISM.


   If Nonie Darwish is looking for a cause on which to immor-talize her name, demonizing Allāh/Mohammad/Islam has not accomplished it for her; she has failed miserably.

   Allāh –the God Who creates out of love; has inscribed mercy on Himself; Whose mercy precedes His anger; Who forgives all sins altogether; invites us in loving, compassionate terms to forgive us our sins; Who exalts man not by his nationality but by his faith in Him and good deeds and rewards each good deed up to seven-hundred fold and requites evil with just its like; Who admonishes against corruption, mischief, aggression, treachery and transgression; allows defensive fighting only to stem aggression and persecution; gives man freedom of conscience; counsels forgiveness rather than retaliation; to make peace even in the face of possible deception by the enemy; admonishes us to let not hatred incite us to transgress; and requires the administering of justice even if it be against one’s own self–is demon-proof.

   In fact, (unless Nonie Darwish is a bigger “devil”) Allāh is of such Purity “the devils also believe (in God), and tremble”7B at His Majesty and Magnificence: “Like the devil when he says to man: Disbelieve. But when he disbelieves, he (the devil) says: I am free of thee: surely I fear Allāh, the Lord of the worlds”–(Qur’an 59:16).

   In the annals of modern history there is no people who have suffered more and for so long as the fearless and forbearing PALESTINIANS. have suffered and for more than six torturous decades now –which no King or Queen or Prime Minister or President or Immigration minister or MP or MPP or peasant or critic or columnist or author would accept for himself and her-self.

   If there is any cause on which to immortalize our names it is the cause of the PALESTINIANS.

   Those who endeavor to demonize Allāh/Mohammad/Islam are only impaling their souls on the flames of HELL.


   Jesus instructed his followers to seek the truth which will save them from falsehood. Two thousand years after Christ Christians are yet wandering in “darkness and misunderstanding” and confusion as to Jesus was and his mission.Whereas some Christians say that Jesus is GODsome say he is only SON OF GOD; whereas some Christians say that there is TRINITYsome sayTrinity as a “senseless God-dishonoring doctrine” that can come only from the mind of “Satan the Devil;” whereas some Christians say that Christ died for INHERITED SIN some say he died for committed sin; whereas some Christians believe Jesus was killed, buried, and raised, “some of the early Christian sects did not believe that Christ was killed on the cross. The Basilidans believed that some one else was substituted for him. The Docetae held that Christ never had a real physical or natural body, but only an apparent or phantom body, and that his Crucifixion was only apparent, not real. The Marcionite Gospel (about A.D. 138) denied that Jesus was born, and merely said that he appeared in human form.”8 (And these Christians being closer in time to Jesus would know better than modern-day Christians); whereas some Christians sayJESUS’ BIRTHwas virginal some say it was not9(“virgin” birth is a forgery in the Bible).

   How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

      (vii) As noted above Allāh informs us that son of God belief is paganism–(Qur’an 9:30). There was a legion of “Virgin-born” sons before Jesus; such as Apollo, Bacchus, Hercules, Mithra, Adonis, Attis, Osiris, Horus Baal, and Quetzalcoatle, as noted by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din in his The Sources of Christianity; explaining that “No country in the ancient world was without its virgin-born deities, including India and China.” Here I copy the names of some from amongst “the parcels of sons,” as Justin Martyr says of Jupiter, from Virgin mothers: Bacchus by Semele; Amphion by Antiope; Perseus by Danae; Mercury –the Good Shepherd who carried the lamb on his shoulders as Jesus was subsequently represented– by Maia; AEolus by Acosta; Apollo by Latona; AEthlius by Protogenia. Buddha also is believed to be born of the “Virgin Maya.”

   Had Christians not massacred the pagans after imbibing everything pagan, as Khwaja revealed, Christianity would have died in its infancy. That Christian ‘son of God’ belief is patent paganism is acknowledged by no less a figure than the Christian Father, Justin Martyr.

   (Christian apologists can concoct all the fancy explanations they like to explain what ‘son of God’ means, the fact remains that Jesus was modeled after the pagan sons of God who came from the “heavenly” loins; and the Bible also supports this as stated in Luke 1:35: “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee (Mary), and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that the holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” Go get your slide-rule and figure out what this coming of the Holy Ghost upon Mary means and however the power of the Highest shall overshadow her   into conceiving Jesus).

            (Regarding “son of God.” There are several others besides Jesus who are sons and daughters of God: Adam is son of God–(Luke 3:38); Solomon is son of God–(1 Chr. 28:6); David is begotten son of God–(Psalm 2:7). Israel is son of God, even His “firstborn”–(Exod. 4:22); All the sons of God shouted for joy–(Job 38:7); Ephraim is “firstborn” of God–(Jer. 31:9); Children of Israel/Jacob are sons of God–(Hosea 1:10); Righteous are sons of God–(Romans 8:14; 1 John 3:1-2; thus, Jesus’ disciples, presumably righteous, are sons of God); Those who receive Jesus, who believe in his name are sons of God–(John 1:12); Even peacemakers, which would seem to include atheists and women, are children of God(Matt. 5:9); Jesus gave others “power to become the sons of God”–(John 1:12); Satan also is son of God–(Job 1:6); The Biblical God also has a legion of other (lusty?) sons who were smitten by the “fair” daughters of men:–(Genesis 6:1-2).   That “Son of God” is only an epithet of honor is made clear by God: “the Lord came unto Nathan, saying, Go and tell my servant David….I will be his father, and he shall be my son”–2 Samuel 7:4, 5, 14).

How then is Islam “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”?  

   Clearly, in the spiritual as well as in the material, whereas the sword of Islam is the glorious Sword of Liberation and Progress, in contrast the sword of Christianity is the ignominious Sword of Subjugation and Retardation! If Muslims want to institute Islam around the world (though the Prophet Mohammad’s mission was only to deliver the Message of the Qur’an, not enforce it, as will be shown later) then Muslims would be doing Christians and the world the invaluable service of bringing them into Divine truth!

(It is both intriguing and amusing to read a newspaper report about a British Muslim and Member of Parliament encouraging Europeans to return to their “Christian” roots.

   Either this Muslim MP knows Islam and Christianity or does not know.

   If this Muslim MP is encouraging Europeans to return to the teachings of Christ, then Europeans would have no alternative but to follow Islam and Paradise.

   If this Muslim MP is urging Europeans to follow the teachings of the Church, then Europeans will be following paganism and Hell).

   Again. Only the peripheral Muslim and the unthinking would embrace the useless and unGodly crucifix.

   (viii) From the advent of Islam, Jews were inimical and treacherous towards the Prophet Mohammad. They feigned conversion to Islam and apostatized to influence others to do the same; they even denied God in their opposition to Islam; and they dishonored their agreement of mutual protection with the Prophet and sided with the enemy in fighting the Prophet.

   Christians have proved themselves disloyal to their Muslim government and allowed themselves to be influenced by foreign Christians to create unrest.

   No, Ms. Darwish, Islam is not terrified of Judaism and Christianity –there is nothing in Judaism and Christianity or any religion of which Islam is to be terrified. Islam is the religion of wisdom, reason, argument, and examples.

   Islam is not “terrified of Christianity and Judaism”: Islam is only wary of Jewish treachery and mischief and Christians “disloyalty” and intrigue.

It is Judaism and Christianity as their histories attest that are afraid of Islam. In fact, whereas Muslims have not tampered with anyone’s Scripture, it is said (in a circular I received) that whereas the Qur’an has 114 surahs or chapters, the disbelievers in Allāh are so desperate and dedicated to their fighting Islam/Truth they have publishedA FAKE AMERICAN QURAANhaving both Arabic and English, and are being distributed to children in private English schools in Kuwait. This “FAKE AMERICAN QURAAN”contains 77 Surats, which include Al-Fatiha, Al-Jana and Al-Injil. Instead of Bismillah, each Surat begins with a longer version of this incorporating the Christian belief of the three spirits.* And this so-called Quran opposes many Islamic beliefs. In one of its ayats it describes having more than one wife as fornication, divorce being non-permissible and it uses a new system for the sharing out of the will, opposing the current one. It states that Jihad is HARAAM.”  

   *(Christians do not know what or who the Holy Ghost is: “The Holy Spirit, in all the Christian literature of diverse languages, has not a fixed gender. He, she, it, are all commonly used as the personal pronouns for the Holy Ghost.”10

In fact, Christians do not even know their own religion. Professor Abdul Ahad Dawud –the former Reverend David Benjamin Keldani– wrote in his scholarly pre-sentation Muhammad in the Bible:

   “The religion professed by any of the companions of the Apostle of Allāh in the first years of the Hijrat is today professed in its entirety by every Muslim. This cannot be said of the baptismal religion. More than sixteen Ecumenical Councils have been summoned to define the religion of Christianity, only to be discovered by the Synod of the Vatican in the nineteenth century that the mysteries of the “Infallibility” and the “Immaculate Conception” were two of the principal dogmas, both unknown to the Apostle Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary! Any faith or religion dependent upon the deliberations and decisions of General Synods –holy or heretical– is artificial and human. The religion of Islam is the belief in one Allāh and absolute resignation to His will, and this faith is professed by the angels in heaven and by the Muslims on earth. It is the religion of sanctification and of enlightenment, and an impregnable bulwark against idolatry…In short, every Muslim, whether at his birth or at his conversion, is baptized spiritually, and becomes a citizen of the King-dom of God, a free man, and possesses equal rights and obligations, according to his ability, virtue, knowledge, wealth, rank.” (See pp. 187-197). (See also BAPTISM).

   Not only is Islam blessed with the Divine allure of wisdom, reason, argument, and examples, Islam has declared war against the occupier/usurper, the oppressor, the aggressor, and the exploiter –those dedicated to living like parasites: like blood-sucking ticks leeching off the backsides of the defenseless– and those devoted to falsehood.

   Only the occupier/usurper, the oppressor, the transgressor, the exploiter, the ignorant and the bigoted and those dedicated to falsehood are “terrified” of Islam!

Contrary to Nonie Darwish’s charge, it is Judaism/Jews and Christianity/Christians, as their histories attest, who were, are, and will always be “terrified” of Islam: And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor the Christians, unless thou follow their religion. Say: Surely Allāh’s guidance — that is the (perfect) guidance. And if thou follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to thee thou shalt have from Allāh no friend, nor helper”–(Qur’an 2:120).

   From day one of the Prophet Mohammad’s mission Jews and Christians were zealously devoted to crush Islam. (More on this later). “Surely those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (people) from the way of Allah. So they will go on spending it, then it will be to them a regret, then they will be overcome. And those who disbelieve will be gathered together to hell”–(Qur’an 8:36).


It was said to me that there is an Arab TV channel that features Christians posing as Muslim-converts to Christianity to entice Muslims to convert to Christianity.

I have also heard of Christians giving money to a poor Muslim [improving his condition] to convert, so as to influence other Muslims in his area to convert to Christianity.  And aforetime there was what was known as “rice” Christians –using food as weapon to convert the hungry to Christianity. And many years ago, during an in-house presentation, it was stated that in India Christians are giving apples to poor children and telling them that Jesus sent it. What a maroon! Jesus could not find figs for himself on earth to eat and he is sending apples from heaven to others –this Christian’s God/son of God was not only ignorant of the season for figs; he was so disappointed and despondent at his lack of fore-knowledge that fig was not in season and so frustrated at his powerlessness to produce fruit he cursed the helpless and blameless fig tree to death–(Mark 11:11-14, 20-21. Please note: this is the Christians’ Jesus; for the Muslims’ Jesus read the Qur’an). And Ahmed Deedat has shown in his booklet Is the Bible God’s Word? that whereas the word “VIRGIN” in Isaiah 7:14 has been replaced with the phrase “a young woman” in the RSV Bible; the word “BEGOTTEN” of “begotten son” of John  3:16, has been “excised;” the verse of 1-John 5:7 which speaks of the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost [the Trinity] “has also been scrapped from the RSV” Bible; and the verses of Mark 16:19 and Luke 24:51 which refer to the Ascension of Jesus were “expunged” but later “restored to the text,” Deedat notes that while these terms have been “unceremoniously excised” from English Bibles, they are retained in the Bible’s nearly 1500 other non-English languages. Such is Christian’s desperation and deception to snare the innocent natives into eating the “body” and drinking the mythical “blood” of Jesus Christ -SPIRITUAL CANNIBALISM.  This must be the lowest depths of spiritual depravity. But this is hardly surprising. People who would adulterate the Book of God –the very God from Whom they seek their daily bread, and on Whose “right hand” they want to sit– would probably do anything else. And considering that PAUL who not only forged his won “gospel” but as he confessed caught people through “lie,” “crafty”ness, and “guile,” Christians seems to be imitating Paul in their mission of propagating falsehood and blasphemy.

As noted above, Ahmed Deedat points out that the Ascension of Jesus was expunged but restored to the next. Not only did Jesus not give “all truth” (leaving it to the Comforter, Mohammad, to give “all truth”John 14:16; 16:13), God did not send Jesus to the Black and the White and the Brown and the Yellow and the Red. God sent Jesus to the JEWS only; as Jesus himself declared: “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”–(Matt. 15:24); “Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”–(Matt. 10:5-6); “I pray for them (JEWS): I pray NOT for the world”–(John 17:9); “For the Son of man is come to seek and save that (JEWS) which was lost” (of which some ten of these Jewish tribes were said to be in Kashmir; Jesus is noted to have traveled to India)11–(Luke 19:10; Matt.18:11). And he (Jesus) considered non-Jews (which includes Nonie Darwish) “dogs” and “swine”: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine”–(Matt. 7:6; 15:26); and he told the Samaritan woman: “Ye worship ye know not what: we (Jews) know what we worship: for salvation is of the JEWS”–(John 4:21). 

In fact, Jesus’ mission was so wholly and solely to the Israelites that he spoke in parables so the non-Jews would not understand and be saved: after relating the parable of the sower to the people Jesus said to them: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear;” and, afterwards, when he (Jesus) was alone with the Israelites they asked him about the meaning of the parable: “And he said unto them, Unto you (who have God) it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them (non-Jews) that are without (God), all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and NOT perceive; and hearing they may hear, and NOT understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them”–(Mark 4:9-12) –the Good News Bible put it even more clearly: “You have been given the secret of the Kingdom of God,” Jesus answered. “But the others, who are on the outside, hear all things by means of parables, so that, ‘They may look and look, yet NOT see; they may listen and listen, yet NOT understand. For if they did, they would turn to God, and he would forgive them.’” In other words though the non-Jews (who may be sincere seekers of God) have the faculties of sight and hearing and can see and hear, he (Jesus) spoke in parables so that they would not understand his words because he did not want them to accept God and have their sins forgiven.What a ghastly horribly sickening thing to do. (As prophet, Jesus could not turn away anyone; this is why he indulged non-Jews; but he could avoid them, which he did, as is evident from his admonition to his disciples not to preach to non-Jews, and from his speaking in parables so that they would not understand). This statement by Jesus also proves that Jesus did NOT come to save sinners. The claim that after his make-believe resurrection Jesus ordered that the Gospel be preached to the world, Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, in response to Christian “mis-statements” on Islam, notes in his Open Letters to the Bishops of Salisbury & London (1926):

   “The concluding eleven verses of St. Mark-(16:9-20) and the well-known verse of St. Matthew-(28:19), speaking of the Son and the Father and the Holy Ghost, are forgeries, an admitted addition to the ancient MSS (manuscripts). The fact was discovered by the first translator of the Bible into English and they made a marginal note in their version of the Bible which continued for some time. But we do not find the said note in any of the copies now published by the said society(Foreign Mission Society). Is it fair and honest to keep others in darkness as to the true value of the contents of the Bible?The reader must know thatconcluding portion of St. Mark and the verse in St. Matthew are spurious and a subsequent addition. But I am afraid the Foreign Mission would not allow the correction. It would tell against their very Mission, if they eliminate the verse from St. Matthew; they lose the only pillar that supports the structure of the Trinity. No other verse in the whole Scripture speaks of it. The said eleven verses of St. Mark are the only justification for the existence of the Foreign Mission. You, as well as I, know, my Lord, that the call to Jesus came solely and wholly from Judaism. He came only to gather the scattered sheep and would not give the children’s bread to the dogs, the world beyond the Israelites. The Foreign Mission is a mere trespass on lands forbidden by the Master. It transcends the limit marked by Jesus. Throughout his life the Gentiles and others did not concern him: they were the swine. Then came the make-believe Resurrection, and they say the Master changed his mind as to his mission and ordered it to be carried to the four corners of the world (indicating that he was unsure of his mission), but this all depends upon the questionable verses of St. Mark, and hence their retention in the Bible. St. Matthew is no authority on this point. The word “nations” there is a mistranslation and a wrong substitute for “the tribes”–the rest of the Jewish tribes scattered all over the world. This being the case, the Mission cannot afford to eliminate the verses from their version, nor will they put marginal notes, as did the old versions, to show the true nature of the verses.12 It would weaken the cause and show the futility of their status, since in carrying on evangelical work in the non-Christian world (in the non-Jewish world, the Bible/Christ is only for Jews)13 they are acting against the express admonition of the Master. It may that reasons other than religion are at the back of it all, and goading their activities, but decency, if not religion, assuredly demands the publishing of things as they are.”(pp.31-32). (Such is Christian’s deception and desperation to snare the unschooled and the unthinking into eating the body of and drinking the mythical blood of Jesus ChristSPRITUAL CANNIBALISM. Utterly disgraceful and unGodly! It is doubtful that a man of God would make forgeries in a Book of God, and even yet proclaim it to be Book of God.

   Christians adulterate their Word of God and then have the arrogance and the audacity to turn around and ask this very God to give them their daily bread. In fact, they not only turn around and ask God to give them their daily bread, they even pray to him to have Muslims (and others) follow them in their wickedness and blasphemy.

   Sadly, some Muslims do apostatize and follow them.

Only the peripheral Muslim and the unthinking would embrace the useless and unGodly crucifix.

               It is amusing that whereas Jesus taught the worship of God, prayed to God, and in his blackest despair called on God from the cross: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Christians are praying to, worshipping, and calling on Jesus.

 When Muslims that are not much learned are confronted by the “experts” on Islam trying to influence us with their “truths” Muslims can do either or both of these: [1] say to them “La elaha ill-Allāh Mohammadur Rasul-Allāh” [There is no God but Allāh, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allāh] this is the Divine truth, and ignore them. [2] Ask the Christians to show you where in the Bible God or Jesus –not Paul, Paul was not God or Jesus, Paul was a self-admitted liar who snared people into the pagan “son of God” doctrine through “guile” and “crafty[ness]”– says that mankind inherited sin from Adam/Eve; that God sent Jesus to be killed for sins of others [and John 3:16 is not about crucifixion but miracles, read from verse one]; and that    God incarnated Himself as Jesus.

   Tell the Christians when they can show you these they can come back and talk to you. They will never be able to come back because there are no such doctrines from God or Jesus.

To say that God put Adam/Eve’s sin onto all people is to attribute injustice to God, but God is Just–[Deut. 32:4; Job 34:10].

   To say that God sent Jesus to be killed for the sins of others is make God complicit in murder, but God is most gracious, merciful and desires mercy and not sacrifice,–[Ex. 34:6; Jonah 4:2; Hosea 6:6; Matt. 9:13]; and He decrees that every man shall die for his own sin: “The father shall NOT die for the children, NEITHER shall the children die for the fathers, but EVERY MAN SHALL DIE FOR HIS OWN SIN”–(Deut; 24:16; Ezek; 18:20; 2 Chron. 25:4).

   To say that God incarnated Himself as Jesus (or any other) is to say that God culled Himself as a sperm (and whose?); entered the womb of a woman He created; emerged from her vagina; sucked her “paps;” and got Himself “circumcised” which is blasphemy. And for what purpose?

   As noted, God, being merciful and just, does not need to have Himself (or another killed) in order to forgive sins.

   If God came as man to be an example for man then not only was He a tribal “God” but this Christian’s “God” was an abject failure. For the Jews not only rejected Him but wanted to kill him (though as shown further on Jesus was not killed/crucified). Moreover, only a man can serve as an example for man: a baboon a no matter what cosmetic surgery and silk suit and turban you wrap on him, his brain and mentality is still baboon! Will always be baboon! As Allāh instructs the Prophet Mohammad: “Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about secure, We would have sent down to them from heaven an angel as messenger”–(Qur’an 17:95). As we on earth are not angels but men then logically only man can be a messenger/exemplar for man.

   That Allāh, God, does not incarnate Himself is made clear in His Qur’an 42:51: “And it is not for a man that Allāh should speak to him except by revelation or from behind a veil (vision), or by sending a messenger and revealing by His permission what He pleases. Surely He is High, Wise.” And this statement finds resonance in the Bible: “How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?–(Job 25:4). The meaning being that as man is born of a woman then he is not “clean.” And as Adam and Eve (and Melchisedec–Heb. 7:1-3) were not born of a woman then the implication is, according to Christians, that God, born of the woman, Mary, was not “clean.” In fact, according to Christians, Adam and Eve (and Melchisedec) were, in this respect at least, greater than God, as the former three were not born of a woman and was therefore “cleaner” than God).

   Allāh, God, being Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent does not need to incarnate Himself; whether as man or animal.

   To emphasize, only the peripheral Muslim and the unthinking would embrace the useless and unGodly crucifix.

               Also, whereas Jesus ridiculed his mother as “Woman what have I do with thee?”14 and disowned her (as not doing the work of God),15 Christians are worshiping Mary and making her their passport into paradise. But this is not surprising considering that the Christian’s worship of the Madonna and her Child is rooted in Paganism, as Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din revealed in his book The Sources Of Christianity:

          “I saw the figure of Isis with the Sacred Infant in the Municipal Museum of Alexandria, and there I also found the figure of the Madonna and the Child, the only difference between the two being that Horus was on the knees of Isis, while the Child was in the arms of the Virgin. The temples of the two Mother Goddesses stood side by side in Alexandria in the fourth century of the Christian Era. The two ladies, though rivals to each other, received almost equal homage from the Christians and the Pagans of the day, their temples being equally frequented by the votaries of the two faiths.

         The Emperor Hadrian, in a letter to Servianus concerning the inhabitants of Alexandria, remarks that “those who worship Serapis are likewise Christians; even those who style themselves the bishops of the Christ are devoted to Serapis (Vosipiacus vit. Saturninus). Serapis was anther conception of the Sun-God, as Macrobius tells us in the following words: “The city of Alexandria pays almost frantic worship to Serapis and Isis; nevertheless, they show that all this veneration is merely offered to the Sun.” We read nothing of the Madonna and the Child, either in the evangelical record or in the writings of Paul and other Apostles. The   conception, most assuredly, came from Alexandria to the Western world, where the Mother Goddess with the Child Redeemer Horus had been honoured centuries before the Christian Era, and worshipped under the names of “Our Lady,” “Queen of Heaven,” “Mother Goddess” and so forth –words that were afterwards used in reference to Mary, the Mother Goddess.    

       Isis was not the only Virgin Mother worshipped in the olden days. Osiris had also been believed to be born of Neith, the Virgin of the World, as the Egyptians called her, before Isis came to take her place. The sacred groves of Germany exhibited the image of the Goddess Hertha, a Virgin with a Child in her arms, in the old Teutonic days. She also gave birth to a child that was of Immaculate Conception. She was impregnated by the Heavenly Spirit.  

       Frigga conceived of the All-Father, Odin, bore a son, Balder of Scandinavia, called the Healer and Saviour of mankind.”(pp.35-36). (Worship that should go to God,  the First and the Creator of all, Christians give to a woman created by God and call her “Mother of God.” And to know there are Muslims who abandon the magnificence of Islam and submit to Christian’s abomination –their falsehood and blasphemy).

     “Jesus was the last of the series, brought on the pagan  altar to popularize Christianity amongst the pagan world. The period of God-Incarnate is over. Christianity has proved the last chapter in the history of the Mystery cult.  But a very poor one. The former cults had the beauty of originality in conception, the nicety of the flight of imagination. But the Church aped the old cult most slavishly and boorishly. She went so far as to steal word by word the whole pagan terminology. Almost all the names given to Jesus in the Church theology have been taken from the same source. (See his Sources of Christianity: The Alpha and Omega of Bacchus was put into the mouth of Jesus to suit the theory of Logos –another piece of literary larceny from Philo and others of the Alexandria philosophy. The Qur’an exposed it at a time when no other suspected it. It said:  “The Christian says the Messiah is the Son of God; these are the words of their mouth; they imitate the sayings of those who were pagan before; Allāh destroyed them, now they are turned away”(9:31). Yes, God destroyed paganism  through His Messengers, of whom Jesus was one, but it lived again through his followers; and lo! those who gave the name “heathen” to others became the same themselves.16      



The Internet page Jews against Zionism notes that though some “dispute” it “the undeniable fact is that revolutionary secular and apostate elements in the Jewish community in Europe contributed greatly to hostility towards Jews after World War I.”(The material on this topic is lengthy and informative. Readers are urged to check out this site on the Internet. The article also notes):“Read about the brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust. Read “The Jews of Iraq” by Naim Giladi, a first hand account of violence and intimidation of Iraqi Jews to leave their homeland. The writings of Mr. Naim Giladi document in detail what the Zionists did in Baghdad in 1950 to provoke the departure of the Jews to the Zionist state……………

   Horrifying Accusations of Violence and Intimidation Read More (This article notes that “In more recent times the Zionists have sought every opportunity to encourage Jews to leave their home countries.” They “magnify” “even the smallest event of hostility toward Jews on the heels of Zionist policy” to “ruthlessly humiliate the nations involved, and agitate for Jews to go to the Zionist state, the so-called “natural home” of the Jewish People.  This has been the case in countries such as France, Argentina, Uruguay, the former Soviet Union and Egypt.” And that “The promises of the Torah are always to be realized. This verse from the Torah demonstrates that those who are his enemies will pay a price when The kingdom of G-D will prevail. Deuteronomy 32:43: Praise his People, O Nations: For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance against his adversaries and make expiation for his land and his People.”

Deuteronomy 32:43 which says: “Praise his People, O Nations: For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance against his adversaries and make expiation for his land and his People” does NOT refer to future nations; it refers to those nations at the time of the many “ites” kingdoms that Joshua would exterminate, so God can keep His word to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob–Deut. 7:6, 8, 12; 10:15. This is clearly stated a few verses later, in verse 49, where God showed Moses the land of Canaan: “and behold the land of Canaan, which I give unto the Children for Israel for a possession.” And this blessing was tied in to Jews following the Prophet Mohammad as stated early in the next chapter: “And this is the blessing, wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the Children of Israel before his death. And he said, The Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them”–(Deut; 33:1-2).

If Sinai and Seir refer to Moses and Jesus, respectively, “Mount Paran is not found in any other country except Arabia, Makkah being located in its valley;”17 and refers to Mohammad; the ten thousand saints is the number of followers the Prophet Mohammad had upon his conquest of Makkah; and the fiery law in his right hand is the Holy Qur’an–this shows that the Prophet Mohammad is this blessing to Jews. This prophecy of Moses is also tied in to that of Deut. 18:18-19 that speak of the prophet like Moses that God will raise up and in whose mouth God will put His words.

   And these two prophecies (Deut. 33:1-2; 18:18-19) are tied in to that of Jacob as noted in Genesis 49:10 which decrees: “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a law-giver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” Prof. ‘Abdul Ahad Dawud–the former Reverend David Benjamin Keldani–in his book Muhammad in the Bible, has explained this prophecy in detail to show that it cannot apply to either Moses, David, or Jesus, but, that this prophecy could relate only to the Prophet Mohammad because “Muhammad came with military power and the Qur‘an to replace the old Jewish worn-out sceptre and the impracticable and old-fashioned law of sacrifices and of a corrupt priesthood.” Prof. Dawud notes, that the Jewish “institutions” of “Royal Sceptre and the Prophetical Succession” “have been extinct for over thirteen centuries;” and that “the tribe of Judah also has disappeared together with its royal authority and its sister –the prophetical successionboth have been out of existence for the same period of time as the advent of Mohammad. (Moreover, present-day Jews may not even be Biblical Jews, but off-springs of converts to Judaism). Thus, “The Jews are forced to accept one or the other of the two alternatives, namely, either to admit that Shiloh has come already, but that their forefathers did not recognize him (Allāh, God, says they knew Qur’an 2:146; 26:197), or to accept the fact that there exists no longer a tribe of Judah from which Shiloh will have to descend.” Moreover, the prophecy clearly states that Shiloh “is to be a total stranger to the tribe of Judah, and even to all the other tribes,” –the sceptre and the law-giver were to remain with Judah until the arrival of Shiloh. “If Shiloh be a descendant of Judah, how could those two elements [sceptre and lawgiver] cease to exist in that tribe?” Shiloh “could not be a descendant of any of the other tribes either, for the sceptre and the lawgiver were for all Israel, and not for one tribe only. This observation explodes the Christian claim as well. For Jesus is a descendant of Judah–at least from his mother’s side.” It is clear from the above that “the Jews are vainly expecting the coming of another Shiloh, and that the Christians are obstinately persisting in their error in believing that it was Jesus who was intended by Shiloh.” (Muhammad in the Bible, pp. 54, 55, 58, 57).

               In brief: the Judaic Law was Divinely decreed to end upon the advent of the Prophet Mohammad, as prophesied by the prophets Jacob, Moses, and Jesus, respectively–(Gen. 49:10; Deut. 18:15, 18-19; Matt. 21:43; John 14:15-16; 16:12-13). Jews are required to follow the Prophet Mohammad, who has been shown to  be the fulfillment of these prophecies. Jews salvation lies in them following Islam; which consists of people of all races and nationalities. As Jews are commanded by God to follow Mohammad, then, as Muhammad Ali states, rightly, “spiritually the Jewish religion has no future”–(comm. Qur’an 17:8)

               Contrary to Jewish belief, there is no eschatological Messiah for the Jewish people or a “return” to the   Holy Land: “The Old Testament never speaks of an   eschatological messiah –one inaugurating the last times (i.e. the coming of a king in the last days to redeem the Israelites)– and even the “messianic” passages containing prophecies of a future golden age under an ideal king never use this term. Nevertheless, many modern scholars hold that Israelite messianism grew out of beliefs connected with kingship.”18

   (Interestingly, Jews were awaiting the return of Elias, but as Jesus told them: “Elias is come already, and they knew him not” because Elias came in the person of John the Baptist–(Matthew 17:10-13). God sending a Messiah to redeem Jews and their land would contradict His decree that power and prophethood would be taken from the Israelites, who are to follow Shiloh–(Gen. 49:10); contradict His sending a prophet like Moses, whom the Israelites are to follow–(Deut. 18:15-19); contradict His sending the Comforter who will give “all truth”–(John 14:15-16; 16:12-13); contradict His taking His kingdom from Jews and giving it to another people–(Matt. 21:43); contradict His decree that Jerusalem would cease to be the focus of Divine worship–(John 4:21; Isaiah 60:7; 65:15; Haggai 2:9; Mal. 1:11); and contradict His sending “another” angel with the “everlasting gospel”–(Rev. 14:6).

   And which Shiloh and prophet like Moses and Comforter and “another angel” is, indisputably, the Prophet Mohammad; and which new centre of worship is the Ka’ba in Makkah which is for all people; and which “another people” who received the kingdom taken from the Jews are the Muslims; and which “ever-lasting gospel” is the Qur’an, having “all truth.”

   Even if we put aside all the prophecies and Divine sayings against Jews. With the mischief and mayhem on their hands probably more than the hairs on their heads, to claim that the Just and impartial God is telling future “nations” to “praise” Jews (or “acclaim” them or “rejoice” with them as other translations have) has to be a fantastic fantasy or morbid delusion: “Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked”–(Ex. 23:7). “My covenant does not include the wrong-doers, said He (Allāh, God)”–(Qur’an 2:124).

Jews (and Christians) salvation lies in them following Mohammad/Islam.
‘There is no God but Allāh!
Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah!’

THE  QUR’AN:  MIRACLE   OF  ALL  MIRACLES: by Dr. Zakir Naik: Though the two videos are similar there is additional info  in  one; and also in the question and answer section). 


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