In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.

Is a father to be blamed if children violate his precepts?

Christians try to use the atrocities by Daesh/Isis and other Muslims to denigrate Islam and promote Jesus Christ as the true God and Christianity as the true religion.
The questions to these Christians are:

  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christian priests (vicars of Christ) sodomizing young boys? (The Internet lists names of priests guilty of sodomy).
  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians burning hundreds of Jews in Vienna for their refusing to convert to Christianity?(And Jesus says those who are not with him is against him -Matthew 12:30; though a person can be neutral).
  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians massacring the natives of the Americas? (And Jesus ordered to baptise all nations in the Trinity -Matthew 28:19; though this verse is a forgery in the Bible).
  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians forcibly uprooting Canadian native children from their homes to school them in the worship of Jesus Christ as God/Son of God and vicarious atoner?
  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians plundering and enslaving Africans? (And even the Church held slaves).
  • -Do you blame Jesus Christ for the Crusades murderous rampage against Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem? (And Jesus ordered the slaying of his enemies who did not want him to rule -Luke 19:27; even though these enemies would not necessarily militate against him). 
  • Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians “genocide” of Bosnian Muslims and rape of thousands of Muslim women and young girls? (And as Christians claim Jesus is God, Jesus allows little virgin girls to be taken as sex slaves).
  • Do you blame Jesus Christ for Christians “holocausting” ‘six million” Jews and giving us two World Wars? (And Jesus declared that he came to send sword and fire and division on earth –Matthew 10:34; Luke 12:49-53).
  • Do you blame Jesus Christ:

-for Christian’s “destruction of the invaluable library of Serapis, at Alexandria in 389”?
-for incinerating “all the mathematical studies of Rome” and “the precious Palatine Library, which was founded by the Emperor Augustus”?
-for sending Galileo to prison and “into exile for the rest of his life, persecuted his friends, suppressed his writings, and went so far as to torture those, like Campanella, who had the temerity to write in defence of Galileo”?
-for sentencing Bruno “to death in 1600 by a fire made slow, to increase the torture?”
-for sentencing Vanini “to have his tongue torn out from his mouth and to be burnt alive” for believing in the theory of evolution?
-for compelling “Cecco d’Ascoli, a noted astronomer,” “to vacate his professional chair at Bologna, and for burning him “alive at Florence, 1327?”
-for murdering Hypatia, the “renowned commentator on Plato”?: “Hypatia, was cruelly put to death by St. Cyril, in 414, in the open market of Alexandria, Draper says: “She was assaulted by Cyril and a mob of many monks, stripped naked in the street, she was dragged into a church and killed by the club of Peter the Reader. The corpse was cut in pieces, the flesh was scraped from the bones with shells, and the remnants cast into the fire. For this frightful crime Cyril was never called to account” (For details see Christianity-enemy to knowledge).

If you Christians can show in the Qur’an Allāh God instructing the Prophet Mohammad to uproot non-Muslims and to rape and kill innocents in order to establish the Islamic Caliphate we will follow the liesfalsehood and blasphemy –Trinity, inherited sin and vicarious atonement2– that you Christians claim are Divine truths.
And as you Christians cannot show Allāh giving such instructions to Prophet Mohammad you Christians are to follow the true God, Allah, the last and universal Prophet, Mohammad, and the Divine/ true religion, Islam

Regarding the Christian Crusades noted above. Christian apologists try to whitewash this barbarity as the “ages of darkness.” (And Daesh’s/Isis’s atrocities could, arguably, also be called “ages of darkness” –their ignorance of Islam).
Not surprisingly, Whereas Christians try to gloss over the murderous Crusades rampage with the lacquer of “ages of darkness” they lambaste Mohammad for fighting a defensive war.
If the Christian Middle-Ages were the “ages of darkness,” then the preceding ages were even “darker.” Why then crab at Mohammad (570-632) who preceded these Crusading “ages of darkness” by more than four centuries, and which era was even “darker”?

And while Christians rant and rave against Mohammad they bypass their warmongering God/son of God, Jesus, who advocated the murder of innocents (merely because they do not want him to rule-Luke 19:27) and bequeathed to the world a torrid legacy of “sword” “fire” and division (and division even in the family), and plume him Prince of peace and harbinger of peace and joy. (Please note: this is the Christian’s Jesus. For the Muslim Jesus read the Qur’an).

Islam needs no force to propel it forward. Islam is blessed with the Divine allure of reason; and its cardinal doctrines -Unity/Purity of Allah God, Prayer, Zakaat/Charity, Fasting and Hajj- are clearly expressed in the Qur’an (and are conducive to reason) and observed by the Prophet Mohammad.

As noted in Atrocities by Muslims: “Muslims’ conquests were never motivated by the will to colonize. The Prophet left the kings of Arabia and her princes on their thrones with their territories, economies, and political structures virtually untouched. In conquering, the Muslims sought the freedom to preach the faith.”-(Muhammad Husayn Haykal, The Life of Muhammad, p. 588.

Mohammad not only preached love, mercy and forgiveness but in the greatest demonstration of love, mercy and forgiveness the world has ever known he, unlike Jesus who ordered that his enemies be slain, forgave his most horrid persecutors of twenty-three grueling years upon his triumph at Makkah; as Muhammad Ali notes in his commentary to Qur’an 12:92:
“It is related that the Prophet took hold of the two sides of the gate of the Ka’ba on the day of the conquest of Makkah and said to the Quraish: How do you think I should treat you? They said: We hope for good, a noble brother and the son of a noble brother. Then he said: I say as my brother Joseph said: “No reproof be against you this day”(Rz)
No inquisition. No incrimination. No confession. No rancor. Only lofty words of benevolence and nobility “No reproof be against you this day”!

Moreover, Mohammad not only prayed for the deceased Muslim, but prayed for the idolater; saying: “if I knew that if I asked forgiveness for him more than seventy times, he would be forgiven, I would ask it for more times than that”–(Qur’an 9:84, 113. Bokhari Vol. 6, #193, 194).
Mohammad even forgave the horrid Hind. The woman who is said to have cut open the body of his uncle, Hamza, as he lay dying on the battlefield and ripped out his liver and chewed it. Such is the expanse of the “love” of enemies, mercy, forgiveness and magnanimity of this wonderful man Mohammad.

In contrast to Islam, as M. H. Haykal notes:
“From the dawn of Christianity until today every country of the world has been soaked with blood in the name of Jesus Christ. The Romans and the Byzantines of old as well as the European peoples of modern times are guilty of shedding blood in religious causes. The Crusades were launched and their fires fanned by Christians, not by Muslims. For hundreds of years, one army after another rolled out of Europe in the direction of the Muslim Orient to fight, to destroy, and to shed blood. In every case, the popes who claimed to be the vicars of Jesus Christ, blessed and encouraged these armies and hurried them to Jerusalem and other destinations….The (Christian) missionaries rejoin, “Those were the Middle Ages, ages of darkness, unfit as evidence against Christianity.” If this is an argument on which they pin some hope, let us then turn to the twentieth century in which we now live and which they call “the century of the highest human civilization.” This century has indeed seen the same darkness as did the Middle Ages. Lord Allenby, representing the allied forces of England, France, Italy, Rumania, and America, stopped in Jerusalem in 1918 after his conquest of that city toward the end of the first World War and said: “Today the Crusades have come to an end.”” (The Life Of Muhammad, p. 213.

1. Vienna, “hundreds of Jews were burned alive in 1421 for refusing to convert to Christianity,” Toronto Star, Sat; Sept; 8, 2007; p. AA2; Pontiff shows…by Tracy Wilkinson. (See also the Internet).

2. I have had the odd Christian tell me that Mohammad was an “impostor.” I would say that if he can prove that Mohammad was an “impostor” I would follow what he follows, no ifs ands or buts; and as he cannot prove that Mohammad was an “impostor” then he is to follow what I follow –Islam. So far I have had no takers.

Christians also charge that Mohammad wrote the Qur’an. Fine. So Mohammad wrote the Qur’an. Who wrote the Bible –Old and New Testaments; prove that God revealed or gave inspiration to the writers of the Bible. And Paul, who Christians really follow, was a self-admitted liar and forger (see Allāh and Jesus or Paul. Christians are to be more correctly called Churchians or Paulians and their religion Churchianity or Paulianity).

Fact is, Christians do not know who Jesus is and what they follow. Whereas Muslims know who Jesus is –a messenger of Allāh God sent to the Children of Israel– and know who God is. On the contrary. After two thousand years since Jesus’ arrival and departure, Christians are still groping in the field of darkness and misunderstanding and confusion as to who God is and as to who Jesus is:

–whereas some Christians hold that Jesus is God, some say he is only Son of God. (Whose belief is correct? And Jesus is only “called” son of God, and God has a legion of sons and daughters; and as there is no literal “son of God” to die for literal “inherited” sin then the entire edifice of Christianity crumbles into a heap of rubbish. If Jesus is God and if Father (God) Son (Jesus) and Holy Ghost are one, and as Mary “conceived” Jesus through the agency of the Holy Ghost”-Matthew 1:18-20- then JESUS EFFECTED HIS OWN CONCEPTION; and WITH HIS MOTHER);

–whereas some Christians believe in Trinity, some hold Trinity as a “senseless God-dishonoring doctrine.” (Whose belief is correct? Notably, the pagan Romans had Trinity –Juno, Jupiter and Minerva. And Hindus have Trinity –Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. And the Romans and Hindu Trinity pre-date the Christian Trinity. In which event it may be advanced that Christians copied the Pagan Romans and/or Hindu Trinity. The assertion gains full traction considering that the tree of Christian theology is firmly rooted in the soil of ancient mythology (see Jesus-1000-year rule).

–whereas some Christians say Christ died for inherited sin, some say he died for committed sin. (Whose belief is correct? Whether inherited sin or committed sin, the God that puts one person’s sin onto others and even have the innocent killed for the guilty is not worthy of adoration. Not even honest humans suffer the innocent for the guilty).

–whereas some Christians believe Jesus was killed, buried, and raised, “some of the early Christian sects did not believe that Christ was killed on the cross. The Basilidans believed that some one else was substituted for him. The Docetae held that Christ never had a real physical or natural body, but only an apparent or phantom body, and that his Crucifixion was only apparent, not real. The Marcionite Gospel (about A.D. 138) denied that Jesus was born, and merely said that he appeared in human form.”–(Yusuf Ali, Qur’anic comm; #663). And these are the cardinal doctrines of their religion. (Whose belief is correct?)
These cardinal doctrines of Christianity are NOT Divine Revelations -they are not clearly expressed in the Bible- these doctrines are assumptions.
Trinity was invented by the Church 300 years after Christ; and inherited sin and vicarious atonement were devised by St. (?) Paul. And God has legions of sons and daughters. Many of these sons came to earth and took human daughters for wives: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives all of which they chose”-(Genesis 6:1-2. Apparently, the heavenly daughters were not “fair”). 

In summary. Christianity is:
  Trinity –God growing in the womb, coming out the vagina and getting circumcised; and needing to eat butter and honey “that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good”-(Isaiah 7:14-15)
  Son of God –attributing the animal function of sex to God; as “fatherhood” requires the union of sperm and ovum; (and Jesus is only “CALLED” son of God-Luke 1:35); and needing to eat butter and honey “that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good”-(Isaiah 7:14-15).
  Inherited sin –God loading a man’s (Adam’s) sin onto innocent, helpless and morally and mentally non-competent babies
  Vicarious atonement –God having a blameless man (Jesus) killed for the sin of others.
Which are gruesome, unGodly monstrosities!

What kind of God and son of God are Christians following that need to eat butter and honey in order to differentiate between good and evil?
What kind of God are Christians following that lived in the belly of a woman and came out her vagina and circumcised?
What kind of God are Christians following that puts one man’s sin onto innocent, helpless, and morally and mentally non-competent babies?
What kind of God are Christians following that had a blameless man killed for the sins of others?
This is the insanity that Christians have hundreds of thousands of missionaries plying the world and blowing billions of dollars (which could be utilized to eradicate/alleviate world poverty) for Muslims and others to nail our intelligence to the “cross” of lunacy and blind faith and follow.

Incidentally, Jesus is noted as saying: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” (which would include the baboon)–(Mark 16:15; though this verse is a “forgery” in the Bible), and, regarding “the end of the world” Jesus says: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and THEN SHALL THE END COME”–(Matthew 24:3, 14. Thus, if any nation(s) should ban the Gospel from its land the “end” shall NEVER COME).
Bluntly put, Christianity -Trinity, inherited sin and vicarious atonement- is not only lies,, falsehood and blasphemy, Christianity is nonsense.      

Even Hinduism is superior to Christianity. Whereas both religions reduce God to “son” of a woman and make woman “mother” of God by placing God in the body of a woman and bring Him out her genital. Unlike Christianity which attributes injustice to God and makes God complicit in murder by shifting Adam’s sin around onto every person and then onto Jesus and having him murdered, Hinduism, does not attribute injustice to God and make Him complicit in murder; Hinduism gives to man an equal and opposite reaction to his action; though this renders God as being mercy-less, see Karma & Reincarnation.
Also, whereas Jesus/Christianity regards non-Jews as “dogs” and “swine” and preached in “parables” so these metaphorical “dogs” and “swine” would not understand and be saved, Hinduism does not regard non-Jews or non-Hindus as “dogs” and “swine” or preached in parables so they would not understand. The God or son of God or prophet that regards one sector of humanity as “:dogs” and “swine” and even preach so they would not understand and be saved is the God/son of God/prophet not worthy of honor much less of adoration and worship. Even humans fight against racism and bigotry.   

Christians are also divided as to whether Jesus’ birth was “virginal” or “mechanical.” Paul, who knows more than Christians and whom Christians follow, taught that Jesus had a human father; that Jesus was born from “seed” “according to the flesh” (“seed” and “according to the flesh” is sexual intercourse)–(Acts 2:30; Romans 1:3; 2 Timothy 2:8).

Given the humanness of the Bible and the clouds of conjectures surrounding the existence of Jesus, but for the Qur’an/Islam/Mohammad Jesus may have long since been relegated to the bin of myths and legends.
It is the Qur’an/Islam/Mohammad that is keeping Jesus alive; and not only keeping him alive but has cleansed him and his mother, Mary, of the calumnies of “bastard” and “adulteress,” respectively, hurled on them by Jewish Fathers, and appareled them in rubious robes of righteousness, and have secured for them today the unflagging allegiance of some one-and-one-half billion Muslims. And counting as Islam spirits on. Inexorably! Invincibly! Impregnably! As Divinely decreed! To prevail over all religions!

  “He it is Who sent His Messenger
  (Mohammad) with guidance and
    the Religion of Truth, 
  that He may cause it to
  prevail over all religions,
  though the polytheists are averse”
  (Qur’an 9:32-33; 48:28; 61:8-9).
 Allāh God truly is Great! 
   Subhāna Rabbayyal A’lā! 
 Allāho Akbar!