Mohammad-did not exist


In the name of Allāh,

the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.


Allāh–the Glorious and the High,

Lord of the worlds


Mohammad–who brought the world

to our feet and eternity to our arms



Ibn Warraq wrote, “Muhammad’s claim that he was the Apostle of God was “a necessary fiction””–WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM, (p. 10).

   And one German Muslim scholar claims Mohammad did not exist Toronto Star, Tuesday, Dec; 23, 2008.

   Though no proofs are advanced to support these views; and no source of reference is given.

If Mohammad’s claim to Divine Apostleship was a “necessary fiction” it must be the miracle of Creation that Mohammad on his own account made unerring statements on science and prophecies that manifested, and produced a Book that has “baffled” the human mind, and for fourteen centuries now, to replicate.

If Mohammad did not exist who “invented” Mohammad? And to whom did Allāh reveal the materials on science that no man could have known; and the many prophecies that manifested in Mohammad’s reign and afterwards? (Perhaps Mohammad was “invented” and taught by the “Babylonian Jew from Southern Mesopotamia. Ask Ibn Warraq or see his book WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM).

If Mohammad did not exist, which Mohammad is the Messenger of Allāh and the “Seal of the prophets”–(Qur’an 3:144; 33:40; 48:29) and to which Mohammad did Allāh said He revealed the Qur’an–(47:2)?

If Mohammad did not exist from where did all the material on his birth, life and death come?

Clearly, the Arabs, steeped in Idolatry, ignorance and superstition and opposed to Divine Unity, would not have “invented” Mohammad and have him propagate against Idolatry and superstition and proclaim Divine Unity, and moreover they could not have given Mohammad material knowledge (which they themselves lacked) as well as a sight into the future (to make prophecies). To believe so would be a betrayal of ignorance.

   It is amusing that people would believe in the existence and Divine “apostleship” of prophets who preceded Mohammad by centuries and whose history were bequeathed through oral transmission for hundreds of years and recorded by men who were not “eye-witnesses” to the data they recorded, and of which prophets there are no proofs of the works to which they are credited; but they do not believe in the Divine “apostleship” and existence of Mohammad who lived a mere fifteen hundred years ago, whose life and history were both recorded and orally transmitted and whose works –the QUR'AN, with its PROPHECIES (that have manifested) and pronouncements on SCIENCE (some of which have been substantiated)–are present with us today to verify.

   Even if Mohammad did not exist yet this would not make any religion superior to or equal with Islam.

(For a refutation of Ibn Warraq’s book see WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM).