In the name of Allāh,
the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Peace and Blessings of Allāh on Mohammad.
Allāh–the Glorious and the High,
Lord of the worlds
Mohammad–who brought the world
to our feet and eternity to our arms.

Muslims suffer the disadvantage of not having ready access to mainstream media as others seem to have. Thus our views and refutations of statements against Islam and Muslims are not represented. And while Muslims are guilty of un-Islamic acts many charges against Muslims are defensible or can easily be obliterated.

Muslims can make up for this deficiency in access to mainstream media by using e-mail to share with those we know, and worldwide –obtaining e-mail addresses from organizations etc; on the Internet; and using our websites and blogs to post materials.

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6. Farouk Hosny defeated by democracy.

Whoever wants his virtue extolled and his vice suppressed needs to cultivate dignity and maturity.

  1. Rabbi Dow Marmur in his column Democracy thwarts book burner Toronto Star, Monday, October 5, 2009– writing about “Farouk Hosny, Egypt’s minister of culture” who failed in his effort to be elected as “director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),” the Rabbi points out that Farouk Hosni had earlier stated: ““I’d burn Israeli books myself if I found any in libraries in Egypt.”” And that “many were appalled at the prospect of having a potential book burner with all the darkness in human history this evokes –as the primary exponent of international culture.”

At least Farouk Hosny only wanted to burn “Israeli books” –paper and glue– but what about Jews who are not only occupying/usurping Palestinians homes, lands and country but also “burn” them alive with white phosphorous when they exercise their God-given right to retaliate against their occupiers/ usurpers. (And Hitler is skewered for burning “dead” bodies).

Are these “many [who] were appalled at the prospect of having a potential book burner with all the darkness in human history this evokes” also appalled at this burning of the live native Palestinians?

Is the (good?) Rabbi “appalled?” Where is his column denouncing this gruesome monstrosity “with all the darkness in human history this evokes;” and where is his vociferous call for sanctions and “war crimes” charges against so-called “Israel”?

Where is Rabbi Marmur’s vociferance and condem-nation of, “as General Gur put it in May 1978, official Israeli military policy has been to attack Arab civilians en masse?”1 “Our strategy was always to provoke the Arabs and get an appropriate response so we could attack and smash them.”–Israeli General, Moshe Dayan”2 (And yet the Arabs are villainized).

Palestinians in Gaza are being denied access to food, medicine, and construction materials (seems Jews are doing whatever they can to make life as unbearable as possible in the hopes that Palestinians will leave so that they can realize their fathers’ –Theodor Herzl and Joseph Weitz– scheme to empty Palestine of Palestinians. They are doing or want to do what was done to the North American natives and that which they accuse the Nazis of doing to them –eliminate the Palestinian presence.

So-called “Israeli” prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is noted as having said, “Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories”.3  Such are the people who project themselves to the world as “doves of peace and examples of injured innocence.”4

Are these “many [who] were appalled at the prospect of having a potential book burner with all the darkness in human history this evokes” also appalled at this Jewish obscenity against Palestinians? Is the (good?) Rabbi “appalled?” at this monstrosity against the Palestinians?
Clearly, by any measure, Farouk Hosny wanting only to burn Jewish books is like a dewdrop in Hell contrasted to the hell that Jews are subjecting the Palestinians. (If there was no theft of Palestine there would be no “suicide bombers”).

(Occasionally, to prop up so-called “Israel’s” “democracy,” reference is made that there are some one million Arabs living in so-called “Israel.”
First, to refer to the native Palestinians as “Arabs” and not as Palestinians seems to be a cunning and subtle way of negating the Palestinian’s identity.
Second, there are no Arabs/Palestinians in so-called “Israel” there are Jews in Palestine/Occupied Palestine.

Frank Dimant, “Executive Vice-President, B’nai Brith, Canada, Toronto,” wrote (Toronto Star, Tuesday, January 30, 2007), “Israel is a vibrant, democratic society founded on the principles of tolerance and respect for all of its citizens.”
But by their own actions and pronouncements, this claim is a crock! Professor Noam Chomsky in his book Pirates & Emperors, Old and New notes that part of the “doctrine” of Zionism is that the Jewish state “must remain a state based on the principle of discrimination against non-Jewish citizens.” (Full quote later).
The country that “must remain a state based on the principle of discrimination against non-Jewish citizens.” could NOT have “tolerance and respect for all of its citizens.” And definitely is NOT a “democracy.”

Whereas charge of “discrimination” of Palestinians in so-called “Israel” has been made, Frank Dimant wrote: “it is curious that these same Palestinians have time and again expressed their preferred desire to live in Israel rather than be placed under the control of the Palestinian Authority.”
Palestinian’s aversion to be “under the control of the Palestinian Authority” –which might be so only because the PA is said to be corrupt; it is certain Palestinians would not be averse under Hamas, whom neither Jews nor the West accept, even though Hamas has been victorious in the democratic process so highly prized by the West; yet these hypocritical “democracies” have the shamelessness to speak of freedom and justice and are killing others in their own countries to establish this “democracy”– could hardly be taken as an expression of appreciation for their Jewish occupier/usurper.

Israelites, in spite of their years of sufferings and decimation under Pharaoh –and even being in the protection of a prophet of God and after seeing all the miracles from God and even after receiving heavenly manna and quail and after having crossed the Red sea– also wanted to return to Pharaoh after their liberation; they preferred slavery at the feet of Pharaoh than liberty in the hands of God–(Exod. ch’s 7-11; 14:12; 16:3, 12-13; 14:21; 17:3; Num. 13:31-34; 14:2-3).
And unlike the Palestinians who are subjected to the degradations of road-bocks, ID and body checks and line-ups, impounded revenues, social discriminations, and the tormentor armed to the fore-head; the Israelites only discomfort was the craving for the “flesh pots” and “bread” and, unlike Palestinians, too coward to die in the way of God.
Palestinians who choose to be in so-called “Israel” are there to preserve their heritage. The “stolen heritage” which their children will definitely regain!

A while back some so-called “Israeli” soldiers were honest and courageous enough to expose the treatment meted out to Palestinians –that they can do anything; anything they want to the Palestinians (Imagine yourself and children living in such a hopeless, vulnerable, and defenseless situation).

The Toronto Star, Friday, March 20, 2009, Israeli soldiers ran wild in Gaza, by Oakland Ross, p. A19, notes: “One mother and her two children mistakenly turned to the left (after they were instructed to turn tight) and were promptly shot dead by the rooftop sniper. “He shot them right away,” the squad leader said during the college discussion. “I don’t think he felt too bad about it, because, after all, as far as he was concern-ed, he did his job according to the orders he was given.”” (Hitler’s officers also were doing their job “according to the orders” they were “given”)

The article also notes: “In another incident, a company commander is said to have ordered his troops to shoot and kill an elderly woman walking past them at a distance of about 100 metres.” (Where is the Nuremberg Court?)
“Other soldiers described widespread abuse of property. “We throw everything out the windows to make room and order,” said one soldier.  “Everything in the house was tossed out the windows –refrigerators, plates, furniture. The order was to throw all of the house’s contents outside.”” (And people wonder why, and condemn, the Palestinians natives strap bombs to their bodies).

And in his book Pirates and Emperors, Old And New, International Terrorism in the Real World (p. 9) Prof. Noam Chomsky notes the loathsome, disgusting, sickening, stomach-churning treatment meted out to Arab prisoners:
“These included regular exercises of humiliation, such as forcing Araboushim to urinate and excrete on one another and crawl on the ground while they call out “Long Live the State of Israel” or lick the earth; or on Holocaust day, to write numbers on their own hands “in memory of Jews in the extermination camps.”” (This, from the “only democracy” in the Middle-east. Not even the Nazi’s did this! And Arabs/Muslims are said to be backward and barbaric! Emphasis added).

Is Rabbi Dow Marmur and these “many [who] were appalled at the prospect of having a potential book burner with all the darkness in human history this evokes” also appalled at this indescribable anti-Arab/anti Palestinian sickness?
Surely, the constant vociferation against such abominations and advocating for justice and “civilized” treatment to the aggrieved and abused Palestinians is more worthy of ink and voice –especially the ink and voice of the man of God (supposedly)– than to rave and rant about a wannabe “book burner.”

  1. (In His Qur’an Allāh, God, refers to Jews as “the people of the Book”). The Rabbi wrote: “If a threat on books authored by people of the book is a specifically Muslim reference, lies about Jews conspiring to subvert world events is a universal device. Its origins are to be found in the notorious forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

(Is it forgery? Let the people decide). The Islamic Post, International Edition, January 2007; in its article Zionism, The Media, and World Control (pp. A3, 7) notes writings from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:
(1) “Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.–(Excerpted from the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion”).
(2) “Literature and journalism are two of the most educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the journals.”–(Excerpted from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).”
(3) “Already now, we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the Goy (non-Jewish) communities, to such an extent that they all come near looking upon events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses.–(Excerpted from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).”

And former so-called “Israeli” Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said to Shimon Peres: “Every time we do some-thing you tell me America will do this and will do that….I want to tell you something very clear; don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” (Would be interesting to know the proud American public’s thoughts about the little Jewish tail prickling the great American eagle).

Those who claim that there is a Jewish plot to control the world must provide their proof(s) or be exposed as liars. Such control may be effected in either or all of four forms:

(1) physical control –as with a military presence;
(2) mental control –as in regulating what is read, seen or taught: controlling thoughts through media outlets. (This is why, for the preservation of truth and justice, it is imperative that the media is not allowed to be monopolized or controlled by any one individual, group or company. Care should also be taken to ensure that information is not dependent upon reporters who might be biased).
(In his book, Pirates And Emperors, Old and New, Inter-national Terrorism in the Real World, Professor Noam Chomsky has given an insight into this method of control, and its effective use in the U.S., see chapter one: Thought Control: The Case of the Middle East).

(3) governmental control –as in dictating the policy of the government. As the government is made up of a number of members, this control can be effected by lobbying individuals, through benefit or friendship, to vote in a certain manner. This could have the effect of a policy acting against the interest of the host country –it would not be unusual for members of a government to act in favor of one’s own monetary or partisanship interest instead of his nation’s interest. Perhaps there are instances of leaders having looted the national treasury.

(4) economic control –as in owning businesses and corporations in a country. Having control of the economy can be used as a leverage to influence/ threaten the government –mass unemployment caused by closing down of companies can be disastrous for a government/country. Also making large gifts/donations to a country can facilitate the donor having influence in the country. As well, loaning money to countries could allow the loaner to dictate policies of the country; enabling him to have control of the country.

That there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the world is a matter that should not be too difficult to resolve.
An international team of impartial investigators can, going back to, say, the last hundred and fifty years to the present, scrutinize all the major conflicts throughout the world to see who instigated these conflicts and/or who stood to benefit from them and in what form; as well as investigate the various governments of the world to learn what influence Jews have in these governments, if any, and the nature of these influences. As well as investigate the news media, if they are biased or practice censor-ship of any party. This should be able to confirm or debunk the claim that there is a “Jewish conspiracy” to control the world.
This would also vindicate or verify whether the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is forgery or fact.

Edward Said and Ismail Zayid have noted in their respective book The Question of Palestine and Palestine –A Stolen Heritage) statements by Jews expressing their intention on how to wrestle Palestine from the Palestinians, as well as their accomplishment in doing so. It is not incredible then that there should be a writing detailing Jewish intention to “subvert world events” and/or control the minds of the people.

The Protocols is noted to state as noted above: “Literature and journalism are two of the most educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the journals.”
While at that time (1895-1905) there was no Jewish state and thus no “our [Jewish] government” to “become proprietor of the journals” does not mean that there may not then have been a Jewish influence in “Literature and journalism.”
Edward Said has noted in his book above statements from writers (even one from a Bishop of Salisbury) denigrating Palestinians/Arabs and their ill-usage of the land of Palestine and that Palestine would be better served under Jews.
Which writings may have been instrumented by Jews and which writings may have impressed upon minds in Europe and America, thus setting the stage for the dismembering of Palestine.

It is rather incredible that the vitriolic vituperative spewed at Palestinians and in their own land predicated by Jewish demands for a homeland in Palestine would be a convenient coincidence.
(Perhaps an impartial investigation can corroborate or debunk this hypothesis. If Hitler would keep records of those he sought to annihilate (?) then surely the archives of “civilized” Europe and America must have records of the minds/memoirs of their intellectuals).

The Protocols is said to have been formulated between the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. If the Protocols is a forgery it would seem to be a rather clumsy one, for it states as noted above:
“Already now, we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the Goy (non-Jewish) communities, to such an extent that they all come near looking upon events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses.”
How could it say that Jews have already possessed to some extent the minds of non-Jews and controlling their thoughts if it wasn’t so, and could have easily been disproved?
(Jews had such high influence since back then that the British government had to dangle the carrot of statehood in front of “Lord Rothschild, a British Jew and banker” in 1917 to keep Russia on Britain’s side in the war. See Ismail Zayid Palestine–A Stolen Heritage).

If the Protocols is a “forgery” the forger(s) and whoever tried to palm it off as fact would have been the butt of the joke. (Either I missed something or the forger(s) should have been shepherded off to Siberia. With those who rubber stamped it “authentic” close behind).

As noted above, former so-called “Israeli” Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said to Shimon Peres: “…we, the Jewish people control America….”
In his revealing book The Question of Palestine Edward Said notes, regarding the “insoluble-appearing problems” between Palestinians and Jews, that:

“A perfect opportunity for change was at hand when the Soviet Union and the United States issued their joint declaration on October 1, 1977. The notable thing about the declaration was that it spoke of Palestinian rights (and not merely interests) as something to be discussed in any final, peaceful settlement of the Middle Eastern problem. The chorus of abuse and hysteria greeting that declaration from organized Jewish opinion was dis-heartening. Not only was the domestic Jewish-American reaction abusive, it was proudly so, as Jewish leaders boasted of having inundated the White House with thousands of letters and phone calls. The intended lesson was that any perceived threat to Israel (and any perceived deviation from an expected U.S. government line of unconditional acceptance of everything done by Israel) would totally mobilize every Jew and every Israeli supporter against the administration. The meaning of such intimidation is to keep the Middle East as a domestic, and not merely a foreign policy, issue. The other meaning, however, is that it is easy to mobilize people on the basis of fear.” (p. 50. Emphasis added). (The Middle East cannot be a “domestic” policy when it was the international community that created this Middle East madness).
Some might cerebrate that this manipulating of the White House is a form of Jewish “control.”

Given that the US is the most powerful nation on earth and can hold sway over other nations (at least over some and to some degree) –as was demonstrated in 1948, bringing “pressure” and “coercion and duress” on certain non-Muslim nations to effect the partition of Palestine; and considering that the US is more powerful now than in 1948– and given as Ariel Sharon head of the Jewish state and of all people would know the machinations of the state– said that “the Jewish people control America” then one might be correct in saying that Jews indirectly (i.e. through the US) are controlling, or can control, the world (to these degrees).

And it seems that Jews do “subvert world events.” Suckering America into bombing Libya (See further on about “Israel’s’ Trojan Operation” in item #4).
Significantly, it is pointed out: “The Israeli strategy is to kill the moderate Palestinians as well as militants and send this thing careening towards an endgame where Israel has the extremist enemy it wants”–See the Internet, Zio-fascism SAVING THE J-WS FROM ADAM AUSTIN’S WOOD-CHIP-PER; Shaped by Terrorism, Nourished by Blood By Barbara L of http://snippits-and-slappits. blogspot.com/).
However, if Rabbi Dow Marmur, a man of God (supposedly), knew that Jews were “conspiring to subvert world events” (or do “subvert world events”) would he expose it?

  1. The reason for Farouk Hosny’s defeat in his quest for this UNESCO post is said to be due to “his own short-comings” rather than to ““international Judaism and Western powers.”” “It’s this that thwarted his election, despite massive support from states that automatically vote for an Arab candidate,” Rabbi Marmur wrote.

(And there are no states that “automatically vote” for a Jewish “candidate” or in Jewish favor). It is the non-Arab/non-Muslim “massive support” that voted for the rape of Palestine. And it is the non-Arab/non-Muslim “massive support” that continues to support (and even intensify) this rape of Palestine (through evictions and usurping of more Palestinians’ lands).

In 1917 Britain said it “favour(ed)” a Jewish home in Palestine. But reneged. Resulting in Jewish “terrorism” against the British.
Shortly “after 1945” the American Government, under President Harry Truman, took the lead in the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine. To obtain the two-thirds amount of votes required to partition Palestine. Ismail Zayid notes in his booklet (published by the Middle East Action Committee) that:
“Sumner Welles affirmed: “By direct order of the White House, every form of pressure, direct or indirect, was brought to bear by American officials upon those countries outside the Moslem world, that were known to be either uncertain or opposed to Partition.””
And “James Forrestal, then U.S. Secretary of Defense, wrote: “The methods that had been used to bring coercion and duress on other nations in the General Assembly bordered closely on scandal.””–(pp. 10-11).
No Court of Justice would view as one’s legal property an item acquired through “pressure” and/or “coercion and duress.” Where are the Muslim (and other seekers of truth and justice) legal brains to challenge this illegally created Zionist entity in the World Court?

(We often hear/read that Arabs are the “enemies” of Jews. Arabs are not the “enemies” of Jews. Arabs did not transgress against Jews. Arabs did not scheme and occupy Jewish lands. It is not the Arabs that are the “enemies” of Jews. It is the other way around: it is Jews who are the “enemies” of the Arabs.
Palestinians are not calling for the destruction of a Jewish country: only for the return of what was “stolen” from them. Reclaiming your wallet from a robber is not depriving him of his property, the wallet being not his to begin with. (If Pike erects a tent on Crown lands, no court would charge the government with destruction of Pike’s property –the tent having no right to be there to begin with).

Regardless of whatever reason(s) a person leaves his country the Human Rights Declaration gives him the right to return.5 Why then are Jews barring Palestinians from returning to their country?
Where are the vociferous proponents of human rights, and where are the sanctions and military sorties to effect this right of the Palestinians?
Where is Rabbi Dow Marmur’s column championing this God-given right of the Palestinians?

Interestingly, regarding Palestinians’ struggle to bring their plight to world attention. In his book Why Terrorism Works-Alan Dershowitz (pp. 24-25) Alan Dershowitz chronicles “Palestinian terrorism” –which was more effective than “twenty years of pleading at the United Nations,” in the words of one PLO official he quotes–and he notes that instead of being condemned, the PLO is rewarded by (some) countries, and granted “observer status” at the United Nations.

“We must take precisely the opposite approach to terrorism. We must commit ourselves never to try to understand or eliminate its alleged root causes, (the PLO’s “root causes” is no allegation), but rather to place it beyond the pale of dialogue and negotiation.… Instead, we will hunt you down and destroy your capacity to engage in terror.” (This diatribe must be a classical example of ‘brute force and sheer ignorance’: like trying to put out a fire by throwing retardant at the flames instead of at the fuel. Wonder if Dershowitz is just as zealous against Jewish terrorism in their drive to gobble up Palestine).

Yet, as history shows, it is by this very “terrorism” Jews gained attention and statehood in Palestine. This is the same UN that “stole” more than half of Palestine and gave it to the Jews for statehood. This is the “terrorism” that hoisted Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir from the pit of infamy onto the podium of prominence–from “terrorist” to statesmen.

Palestinians homes, lands, and country have been “stolen” from them, and for twenty years they have been crying to a world blind and deaf to their tears; what next? As Ismail Zayid rightly points out in his Palestine A Stolen Heritage:

“The Palestinians finding all their country under Israeli occupation and its entire people either expelled or under alien rule, lost faith in the world community and came to realise that, even in this era of so-called civilisation, International Law and U.N. Charter, might is right and what is lost by force can be regained only force. They intensified, therefore, their resistance by guerilla attacks against Israeli military personnel and objectives. The Israelis retaliated by ruthless bombardment using Phan-tom jets and napalm against the defenceless men, women and children in their refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The Palestinian resistance was vilified by Zionist propaganda and their captured members were savagely tortured in Israeli hands. The International Red Cross has at no time been given full access to these prisoners. In desperation, some Palestinian groups resorted –in retaliation for this savage torture and the massacres committed in the refugee camps– to acts of violence against civilians including hijacking of aircraft which culminated in the Munich tragedy in which the role of the Israeli and German Governments was less than innocent. Unpardonable as these acts in themselves are, it behoves all to remember the state of desperation the Palestinians reached and what caused it.” (p. 18).

What would you do if you were in the Palestinians’ situation? At the time of Partition of Palestine Jews were 34% of the population and owned less than 6% of the land. Yet the Plan allotted Jews 56% of the land including the valuable coastland, 42% for a Palestinian state and 1% as an international sector.

What would you do should your Government forcibly squeezes you and family into forty-four percent of your house and put a homeless family of fewer members into the remaining fifty-six percent; and give this homeless people title of ownership to this fifty-six percent of your property?
And whereas members of your family do not have the right to come and live in your house, members of the homeless people born anywhere in the world has the right to live in your house –whereas a Jew born anywhere in the world has automatic citizenship to Palestine, a Palestinian born in Jaffa, his own country, is a refugee.
This is the reality and injustice Palestinians face. As stated, no one in the world would accept that which the Palestinians are expected to, and are being forced to, accept.
Jews needing a home is no legitimacy to deprive the Palestinians of theirs.
It is not terrorism for Palestinians to fight the Jewish occupier/usurper. It is heroism!

In the modern era no other people have been the victim of such long-suffering human savagery as the Palestinians.
The “root causes” of the Palestinians struggle have never been addressed. In fact, the very people who are supposed to address these “root causes” are the ones who created these “root causes” –Britain, America, and the UN.
In the context of “Palestinian terrorism,” simply return Palestine to Muslims, stop meddling in Muslim affairs, and stop trying to own or control Muslim resource(s) and it is doubtful there will be Muslim terrorism.

PLO given “observer” status by the UN: After sub-jecting the Palestinians to the excruciating agony of dis-memberment of their country, mass exodus, refugee-hood, thirty years of neglect, and forcing it to resort to drastic measures to gain attention to the gross outrage, injustice and indignity inflicted upon them (and which continues to this day), the UN granting “observer status” to the PLO is hardly any recompense (if it can be deemed as such).

Equally significant. Whereas Dershowitz laments the PLO (Yasser Arafat) being given “observer status” at the United Nations, Edward Said notes in his very important work The Question of Palestine:

“For years and years, (Menachem) Begin has been known as a terrorist, and has made no effort to hide the fact. His book The Revolt is to be found in any university or medium-sized public library as part of the standard Middle East collection. In this book, Begin describes his terrorism––including the wholesale massacre of innocent women and children––in righteous (and chilling) profusion. He admits to being responsible for the April 1948 massacre of 250 women and children in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Yet a few weeks after his election in May 1977 he emerged in the press with his terrorism forgotten, as a “statesman” with implied comparison to Charles De Gaulle. Here one cannot say that evidence of Begin’s terrorism has been suppressed. It was there, has always been there in front of anyone discussing modern Israel, and has regularly been cited (in distinctions made, for example, between Begin and say, David Ben Gurion or Golda Meir, who were supposed to be statesmanlike). Yet so strong is the consensus decreeing that Israel’s leaders are democratic, Western, incapable of evils normally associated with Arabs and Nazis (which, after all, Israel is supposed by its existence to have negated), that even a morsel as normally indigestible as Begin has been transmuted into just another Israeli statesman (and given an honorary LLD by Northwestern University in 1978 and part of a Nobel Peace Prize to cap it all!). Precisely those liberals who discover causes and outrages everywhere simply have nothing to say about Begin, about torture in Israel, or about the literally unstoppable annexationist policies of the Israeli state.” (p. 44).

Did Dershowitz expressed similar outrage at Menachem Begin’s “terrorism” and his being rewarded with statesmanship and an “honorary LLD;” and was he equally gung-ho to “never to try to understand” and “hunt” down Begin and “destroy” his “capacity to engage in terror”?
Clearly, to crucify one “terrorist” and coronate the other has to be the most classical example and demonstration of intellectual, “civilized,” and “democratic” dishonesty and hypocrisy.

  1. Rabbi Marmur wrote (that one paper) “also quotes an independent Egyptian blogger and journalist who articulated what all of us could see for ourselves: “The moment he (Farouk Hosny) lost (his bid for the UNESCO post) he came back and started saying some of the most foul anti-Semitic statements against the Jews, confirming what the West had said about him.””

After what the West had done and continues to do to the Palestinians the West is on no moral throne to condemn Farouk Hosny for his words.

From 1948 to date thousands of Palestinians have been killed; hundreds of thousands have been exodused from their homes, lands and country; their lands and properties expropriated; forced into tragic refugee camps, and bombed; barred from returning to their lands; mercilessly slaughtered –the most notable being Deir Yassin, Kafr Qassim, Qibya–; whereas a Palestinian born in Jaffa –in his own country– is a refugee, a Jew born anywhere in the world is automatically a citizen of so-called “Israel” (Occupied Palestine); and their daily suffering and humiliation for more than six torturous decades now.

Does this “Egyptian blogger and journalist” and Rabbi Marmur and “all of us” also “see [these atrocities] for ourselves”?
Wonder what this “Egyptian blogger and journalist” had to write, if anything, about this and Jews forcing of Arab prisoners to “urinate and excrete on one another” and “lick the earth” (noted above).

Farouk Hosny may be mouthing his (justified) hatred of Jews but Jews are daily demonstrating their (unjustified) hatred for Arabs/Palestinians. They have been demonstrating this hatred of Palestinian/Arabs since the 1900’s (Read Edward Said The Question Of Palestine and Ismail Zayid Palestine–A Stolen Heritage.

As noted in The Question of Palestine. The Jewish venom of hate spitted out at Arabs/Palestinians will color your blood black. More. It will make it sprout thorns. Which hatred may be based on their belief (though clearly not all Jews believe this) that Jews are “the most superior of all races” –a mentality that can, and do, lead to unspeakable horrors against others to satisfy this end; as is evident of the gross humiliation and degradation and periodic “en masse” slaughter of the Palestinians.
Ismail Zayid notes in his Palestine–A Stolen Heritage (p. 33) a letter from a Jewish student and ”Published in “Haolam Haze”, an Israeli newspaper, (issue 1594)  and quoted in “Israel Imperial News“, October 1968.”  The letter reads:

“I am a pupil in a college in Be’er Sheva. I don’t want trouble. The director of the office of education will not like my letter; therefore I am not signing my full name.
The problem: KHUZARI BOOK, which is approved by the office of education. In the introduction to the book Dr. Tzifroni writes: “The nation of Israel is a chosen nation because of its race, its education and the climate of the land in which it was brought up. The race of the Israeli people is the most superior of all races”. I think that these sentences require no explanation.
Mira, Be’er Sheva.” (Emphasis added. Didn’t Hitler had a similar view that Germans is the master race; and was pilloried for it? Still is.
If supremacy is based on race, residency, and knowledge; then Palestinians/Arabs are the “most superior of all races”; having resided in Palestine for six thousand years, is the best nation, as Allāh says in His Qur’an, and has given Muslims knowledge that brought light to the world –at a time when Jews and everyone else were running around with flint tools and torches).

And. Lest we forget! It was the Muslim Salahhuddin Ayyube –the Majestic Saladin– who brought Jews back to Jerusalem from where they were barred by Christians. And this is how Jews repay Muslims/Arabs’ benevolence and love –with hatred, intrigue, massacre, expulsion, occupation/usurpation and more than sixty years of torture, humiliation, and barbarism– they devour the hand that fed them!
(But this could hardly have been unexpected considering that Jews were treacherous against God –(Jer. 3:20; 5:11); broke their covenant with Him;6 were arrogant/ungrateful to their prophet –telling Moses to go and fight while they sit and wait–(Num. 13:31-33; 14:1-4; Qur’an 5:22-24); killed the prophets of God–(Matt. 23:31-35, and even tried to kill God’s “only begotten son,” Jesus); were treacherous against the Prophet Mohammad; and tried to deceive Muslims–(Qur’an  3:71); and as M. H. Haykal points out “their opposition and hostility were never open”7 [perhaps this is so even today].

And in post-1948 Palestine
-Jews colluded with France and Britain and attacked Egypt so Britain could “occupy” Egypt’s Suez Canal;8
-were the first air-plane hijackers in the Mid-East;9
-provoked the war in Lebanon;10
-and one-time so-called “Israeli” leader “Ariel Sharon” “advised that the way to deal with demonstrators is to “cut off their testicles””11 [wonder what Sharon had in mind to “cut off” from female demonstrators];
-“hijacked” a Syrian civilian jet to get “hostages”12 (Were the hijackers hunted down and brought to trial?);
-and (as noted above about Jews subverting world events)
through its “Operation Trojan” deception caused the bombing of Libya –in this “Trojan Operation,” according to a former “Mossad” agent, Israelis smuggled and planted a “communication device” into Libya through which they broadcast “misleading” messages to make it appear that Libyan authorities were giving terrorist instructions to their embassies abroad.
Whereas French and Spanish intelligence did not fall for the ploy, America was suckered into it. And on April 14, 1986 America dropped more than “sixty tons of bombs” on several sites in Libya including Benghazi; killing some “forty” civilians including Ghadafi’s “adopted daughter.”
Isn’t this a war crime? (Perhaps Saddam Hussein was victim of such a plot. And perhaps such a plot may now be directed against Iran). And yet Jews bemoan the “holocaust.” Don’t these transgressing Jews know or care that they have to stand before God and account for their crimes? These Jews are like Muslims who defy Allah and commit crimes and yet expect for Allah to give them Jannah.
For chilling details to “Trojan Operation” and the 
“thousands” of young Palestinians who crossed “illegally” into “Israel” and are captured and used as guinea-pigs suffering “indescribable terror of chemical, nuclear or biological warfare,” see http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/deception.html (If this site is no longer on the Internet read Victor Ostrovsky’s book, “By way of deception” which is “available only online at places like Amazon because “the Israeli Lobby has demanded (and gotten) a total ban on this book in all major bookstore chains, while pro-Israeli experts have trashed it at every opportunity.“)

(For a list of Jewish atrocities read Noam Chomsky, Pirates and Emperors, Old And New, International Terrorism in the Real World, and Edward Said, The Question of Palestine; if you can digest intellectual, “civilized,” and “democratic” savagery. See also SHAPED BY TERRORISM, NOURISHED BY BLOOD By Barbara L of http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot. com/).

Any wonder then that Farouk Hosny (and conscious Muslims) is  p – – – – –  at Jews? Who the fish wouldn’t be if it was his brothers and sisters or relatives that are subjected to this “civilized” savagery? And Farouk Hosny is the one who gets pilloried???????

Is there a Jew who does not hate the Nazis/Hitler? True, Jews may not be burning German books but they are ferreting out geriatric Nazi suspects and dragging them to court. Wonder if uncle Simon Wiesenthal would do the same in the case of Jews wanted for “war crimes”?

Timingly, the UN Goldstone report cited so-called “Israel” for ‘war crimes” in their blitzkrieg on de-fenseless and helpless Gaza (Dec. 27, 2008-Jan. 19, 2009) resulting in the Palestinian genocide (killing some fourteen hundred). So-called “Israel” is reported to have dismissed the report as being “one-sided, biased and therefore wrong.”13 (So what else is new? Anything that is not in their favor they object to, and invariably gives no justification for their objection except vaporous charges).

Hamas was also cited for “war crimes” for their rocketing so-called “Israeli” civilians. This is hog-wash! Not only was Jewish terrorism rewarded with fifty-six percent of Palestine; and by the UN. Unlike the free, the Occupied has the God-given right to fight the occupier/usurper with any means and by whatever methods available; man has no right to edict judgment against him

If the Allies can have the authority to take the right to stampede Germany out of France; if America can have the authority to take the right to devastate Iraq not once but twice, over the fictional Iraq killing Kuwaiti babies and over Iraq’s phantom weapons of mass destruction; if Britain can have the authority to take the right to sail halfway round the globe to boot Argentina off the disputed Falklands Island; if America can have the authority to take the right to bomb Libya over yet-to-be-identified bogeymen sent to assassinate Ronald Reagan.

Then definitely Allāh, the Sovereign Supreme, has all authority to give Palestinians/Muslims the right to reclaim Palestine. And Allāh did give Palestinians/ Muslims this right in His Qur’an: “and drive them out from where they drove you out”-(Qur’an 2:191).
Although it has survived attempts to discredit it, already the con game is on that enforcing the report threatens to derail the Palestinian-Jewish peace process.
What peace? Someone takes over your house, puts a gun to your head and tells you if you do not make trouble for him he will let you have the basement: this is peace? More like p-i-e-c-e! Let’s see which American and British and Canadian and French and German and all else that would accept this maraud for himself and herself.

There can never be peace without justice; there can never be justice so long as there are those dedicated to living off the blood of others; there can never be peace until the “war criminals” are keeping company with the walls and roaches of Spandau jail.

Interestingly, regarding criminals. So-called “Israeli” prime minister, Ariel Sharon, is noted as having said: “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.”14

(Hitler and Germany should be so blessed. Lest we forget. Imagine the furor had such a declaration been made by a Muslim/Arab leader, say, Iran’s ‘Mr. Cool,’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for example, the sky would have already caved in from henny-penny’s and her dutiful cluckers boisterous squawking –one can yet hear the howls. But nary a squeal was heard about this Jewish arrogance. Perhaps Sharon had Deuteronomy 32:43 in mind when he made this declaration. That Jews can do anything they like and God will be merciful to them is fantasy or delusion. See Judaism).

Sharon’s “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.”
With Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, stating in public that “anti-Israeli sentiment, (is) really just a thinly disguised veil for good old-fashioned anti-Semitism” and his Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, voicing: “Israeli Apartheid days on campuses like York sometimes begin to resemble pogroms,”15 it would seem that Sharon’s crass obscenity that “no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial” is well on its way to reality. At least in Canada.
Apartheid resembles pogrom???
What does ‘provoking’ Palestinians in order to slaughter them “en masse” and forcing Palestinians out of Jerusalem and building “settlements” on their lands “resemble”?
Truth is not criticism! Truth is not “pogroms”!

To try and defend the indefensible so-called “Israeli” policy and practice and not a word on so-called “Israel’s” abominations against the aggrieved Palestinians could hardly be anything else but stark anti-Arabism. It is not “courage and integrity” to try and stifle truth.
Truth is not “anti-Zionism.” Truth is truth!

It is doubtful that a just nation, moreover one that trumpets itself to be a “democracy,” would declare itself and citizen(s) who guilty of a crime to be sacrosanct –to be immune from judiciary. Such a demand, doubtlessly, has to be the ultimate in arrogance.
And to defend/support such a view is to defend/support arrogance.

While there is nothing wrong with sorrowful events being recounted. On the one side we are swamped with Jewish sad stories –drawing oceans of sympathy for Jews– whereas on the other side the victimized Palestinians are hammered left right and centre and vilified for exercising their God-given right to retaliate.

We are expected, rightly, to denounce hatred against Jews, yet when one speaks out against Jewish atrocities (anti-Arabism?) he or she is likely to be seared with the torch of “anti-semitism” –even fair-minded Jews have suffered the apologist’s fire and brimstone. (Whoever wants his virtue extolled and his vice suppressed needs to cultivate dignity and maturity).

This “Egyptian blogger and journalist” needs to remove the “colored glasses” that has been set “astride” his “nose.” If that does not help him to see clearly then he needs to trade places with a Palestinian from Gaza. For certain he will trash his pen and take up the sword!

There is no people in modern era that has suffered such injustice and humiliation and savagery and for so long as the Palestinians have suffered.
If there is any cause worthy of our stand if there is any cause on which to immortalize our name it is the cause of the Palestinians.
After what the West had done and continues to do to the Palestinians the West is on no moral throne to condemn Farouk Hosny for his words.

Farouk Hosny, as all Muslims, has every right and is obligated to stand up for our aggrieved Palestinians brothers and sisters. Though burning books is a useless and puerile venture and does not benefit the Palestinians or Muslims in total.
A more effective effort [and invaluable service to Jews] in print as well as in broadcast and internet/blogs would be to point out to Jews the errors in their theological beliefs (See Judaism; and Palestine).

  1. Rabbi Marmur wrote: “The world has learned to ignore or tolerate the eccentric tirades of Moammar Gadhafi, the Holocaust denials of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rants of Hugo Chavez, usually all directed against Jews.”

This is the same world or at least a part of it that looks on, seemingly, in self-inflicted impotence as the Frankenstein it created runs amok over its proud and fearless but helpless Palestinians’ victims.

What else is new? Anyone who does not dance to the Western fiddle is either a “mad dog” or crowned with some other unique derogatory term. (These spin doctors should invent a new record now! Which brings to mind; Jewish terrorist thugs massacring Palestinians on their way to statehood later being tinseled by no less than public figures –who are expected to respect the dignity of high office and be fair and just– as “paramilitary group” and “pre-state Jewish underground groups.” Which should make al-Qaeda a post-Palestine Airwaves group. These Jewish gemists must get a hernia polishing coals into diamonds).

On Gadhafi. In 2001, Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi was convicted in the bombing of Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988, in which 270 passengers were killed. (Though it now seems that Megrahi was railroaded into jail. Check the Internet).

On reports that Megrahi was suffering from prostate cancer, the Scottish government, in August 2009, freed Megrahi on compassionate grounds. Megrahi was given a hero’s welcome back to Libya. As Megrahi was a convicted “terrorist” this “celebration” was condemned by many.

(While this is not in support of terrorism; and is no disrespect to the victims and/or their families). The official outrage expressed against Libya/Gadhafi is nothing but official hypocritical political doodah!
Western nations have feted Menachem Begin, one-time prime minister of so-called “Israel” –who did not have to go through a court to be adjudged a terrorist and whose conviction was doubtful but who clearly confessed to the savage slaying of some 250 old men, women, children and newly-born with “grenades and knives” and moreover glorified this obscenity a “victory” (massacring old men, women, children and babies a “victory”? and to usurp their homes, lands, and country? Could such a declaration be issued from any other than a morally impoverished mentality?)

In fact, Begin was not only feted but, as already noted, was crowned with an “honorary LLD by Northwestern University” (any wonder people can buy such pieces of paper?), and also received a “part of a Nobel Peace Prize to cap it all!”
Based on this Western standard, if Arab State should honor Megrahi as Begin was they would be beyond official reproach; and if Arab State(s) should honor the Palestinians who killed Jewish athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics as Begin was they would be beyond official reproach; and if Germans should honor Hitler and his officers as Begin was they would be beyond official reproach.

Ahmadinejad’s “Holocaust denials.” (Considering the injustices that Jews have committed and continue to commit against the Palestinians it would be no wonder if people do not give a rat’s behind about the “holocaust”).

Sam Harris wrote in his book The End of Faith (p. 93).
“The gravity of Jewish suffering over the ages, culminating in the Holocaust, makes it almost impossible (but not fully impossible) to entertain any suggestion that Jews might have brought their troubles upon themselves. This is, however, in a rather narrow sense, the truth.”

Was the “Holocaust” a Jewish orchestration?
By their own pronouncements Jewish objective was/is to depopulate Palestine of the native Palestinians and populate it with alien Jews. (Read Edward Said The Question of Palestine and Ismail Zayid Palestine–A Stolen Heritage).

For a party to have a legitimate claim to establish a state of their own in a country it is necessary that they constitute a sizeable percentage of the population. In 1918 the Jewish population in Palestine was a paltry 56,000 or 8 percent.
Europe had a sizeable Jewish population scattered in various countries, the question is, how to get them to come to Palestine to effect the Jewish state “all at once” as Joseph Weitz stressed:
“The Zionist enterprise so far, in terms of preparing the ground and paving the way for the creation of the Hebrew State in the land of Israel (? the land of Israel? Sheer arrogance and audacity!), has been fine and good in its own time, and could do with “land-buying”–but this will not bring about the State of Israel; that must come all at once.”16(See endnote for full quote. The  evil scheme of God’s “chosen” people will freeze your blood).

In 1895 Theodor Herzl wrote of emptying Palestine of native Palestinians into neighboring Arab states.17  From 1918 to 1931 Jewish population increased from 56,00018 to almost 174,600 or 17% of the population; whereas Arabs (Muslims and Christians) in 1931 constituted 851,000 or 83% of the population.

The Second World War was from 1939-1945. Palestine was Partitioned in 1948.
In 1940 Joseph Weitz echoed Herzl’s scheme to transfer the native Palestinians out of Palestine because “only with such a transfer will the country be able to absorb millions of our brothers, and the Jewish question shall be solved, once and for all.”19 (Where will these “millions of our brothers” come from and how will they come so as to “solve” the Jewish question “once and for all”?)

From 1931 to 1946 Jewish numbers in Palestine increased a whopping nearly 500,000–to 31% of the population, leaving the Palestinians at 69%. This dramatic increase of Jews to Palestine was due to the effort of the Zionists who made every effort to settle illegal refugee Jews fleeing Nazi persecution in Palestine: “The Zionists took every action to prevent the settlement of the Jewish survivors of the Nazi horrors in America or elsewhere, and, capitalising on the world’s sympathy for the survivors, flooded Palestine with illegal immigrants.”20

During this period, refugee Jews were refused entry into many western countries, including the U.S. Canada, and Britain. The question is: did these countries refuse sanctuary to Jews because of national policy or because of Zionists’ machination in these countries –that may have been eager to solve the West’s “Jewish problem” by making it the East’s “Arab “problem,” considering that it was the U.S. that was spearheading the rape of Palestine and demanding that Palestine take in 100,000 Jewish refugees (why didn’t the 100x bigger-than-Palestine US take them in?)– who were desperate to have the refugee Jews settle in Palestine in order to swell Jewish numbers; thus intensifying demand for a Jewish home in Palestine?

Was this flow of European Jews from “Nazi horrors” and the Zionists “capitalizing” on their plight a timely, convenient coincidence or carefully planned strategy?
As stated, Europe had a sizeable Jewish population scattered in various countries, the question is, how to get these “millions of our brothers” to come to Palestine “all at once” to solve the Jewish question “once and for all”? The answer seemed to have been given by Sharun who is noted as stating that if he could he would
“select a score of efficient young men –intelligent, decent, devoted to our ideal and burning with desire to help redeem Jews– and I would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction. The task of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and, acting upon the brutal Zionism, plague these Jews with anti-semitic slogans, such as ‘Bloody Jew,’ ‘Jews go to Palestine,’ and similar ‘intimacies.’ I can vouch that the results, in terms of a considerable immigration to Israel from these countries, would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries who have been, for decades, preaching to deaf ears.”” (Emphasis added).21

Did someone (or ones) before Sharun had this very scheme in mind and acted upon it to produce the “holocaust” to bring the mass of Jews –the “millions of our brothers”– to Palestine “all at once” to solve the Jewish question “once and for all”?

As stated, was this flow of European Jews and the Zionists “capitalizing” on their plight to strengthen dem-and for a home in Palestine a timely, convenient coincidence or planned strategy?

(Curiously enough, whenever anyone speaks against or questions the “holocaust” he is made to shut up; law has even been legislated to this effect. In fact not only law has been enacted to promote acceptance of the “holocaust” but as Professor Noam Chomsky note in his revealing book Pirates and Emperors, Old And New, International Terrorism in the Real World, about the treatment meted out to Arab prisoners:
“These included regular exercises of humiliation, such as forcing Araboushim to urinate and excrete on one an-other and crawl on the ground while they call out “Long Live the State of Israel” or lick the earth; or on Holocaust day, to write numbers on their own hands “in memory of Jews in the extermination camps.”” (Disgustingly sickening!) (p. 9. Emphasis added).

Is “The gravity of Jewish suffering over the ages, culminating in the Holocaust, makes it almost impossible to entertain any suggestion that Jews might have brought their troubles upon themselves”?Seemingly not.
It does not seem to be an uncommon practice to perish some members for the greater and long term benefit for the larger community –weren’t Allied soldiers, the majority of them Canadians, of World War II used as sacrificial lambs at Dieppe to snare the German wolf at Normandy for the long term gain for the whole world? And in “1950~ Zionist agents threw bombs at a synagogue in Baghdad, Iraq, and other Jewish targets in order to pressure Jews into emigrating to Israel”–(See the Internet, Ziofascism  SAVING THE J-WS FROM ADAM AUSTIN’S WOODCHIPPER; Shaped by Terrorism, Nourished by Blood By Barbara L of http://snippits-and-slappits. blogspot.com/; and ANTI-SEMITISM BY POLITICAL ZIONISM, noted above)

If the “holocaust” was Divine chastisement, then Jews brought this upon themselves by not keeping their covenant with God (which requires them to follow the Prophet Mohammad. And until and unless they do, more chastisement seems to be ahead–(Deut. 18:18-19. Qur’an 7:167).  

If the “holocaust” is historical truth and fully documented deniers of it should not be hauled before the judge and thrown in jail; and the sky should not have been brought down on Iran for convening a conference on it:

(When one is forced to believe and is subjected to Judiciary for denying a thing the truth of such a thing becomes highly suspect.
If an event or doctrine is truth there is no necessity to legislate belief in it or to criminalize question or denial of it; proponents and opponents alike must provide proofs of their claim and let the public judge who is truthful and who is liar.
To institute a law against denial of a thing is an abomination and an insult to the intellectuals and to all members of society –it may be equated with tyranny; and may be an avenue to other such legislation(s).
Laws do not prevent people from being violated: laws can only bring violators to justice; laws do not sanctify or justify a claim: truth does.
Forcing people to not speak out only serves to silence voices: it does not change mentality. Such a law may bring more harm than benefit –it may attract more opposition to the “truth” it professes to protect.
It is a monumental disgrace that “civilized” society would allow such a law to be instituted. Such a law is repugnant to reason. And is to be repealed. Forthwith!
Be it history or theology Truth stands by itself; Falsehood needs to be propped up!)
The despots must be having a “laugh-a-rama” at this “democratic” law: ‘and they call us tyrants. Hah!’

 Did Hitler kill “six million” Jews; was the “holocaust” a German machination or a Jewish orchestration; was it German extermination or Jewish immigration (to bring Jews “en masse” to Palestine to effect statehood); was it a Jewish creation to gain world sympathy for the creation of their own homeland; or to shield the atrocities Jews were committing against Palestinians?
In whatever strain it is questioned perhaps the certain way to put to rest whether the “holocaust” is history or hoax fact or fiction is to have an impartial team made up of multinationals investigate this matter. And providing them unfettered access to all related materials.
It may be that those who accuse others of being “revisionist” would themselves turn out to be “forgist.”

Significantly, though Jewish officials deny it, “Amnesty International” has “produced what it called “indisputable evidence”” that Jews used white phosphorous against the native Palestinians in its lopsided “war” of 2008/2009.
White phosphorous is a “chemical agent” that ““keeps burning till it is consumed –complete destruction of the tissues down to the bone.””22
In this matter of burning, Germans can be said to be more humane with Jews than Jews are/were with Palestinians in that at least Germans are said to have burned Jewish corpses –after they were dead– compared to Jews burning Palestinians/Arabs while they are alive).

David Irving and the “holocaust”: In its publication on Thursday, February 23, 2006, The Toronto Star in its “Worth Repeating” column captioned “Neo-Nazis everywhere lose an icon,” commented on the imprisonment of David Irving, for his denial of the “holocaust.”
Significantly, the Revised Edition (1983) of Menachem Begin’s book The Revolt denies the Deir Yassin massacre as “Arab….propaganda,” –even though this massacre was evidenced by the International Red Cross; noted by Britannica, probably the world’s most respected documenter of events– and admitted to by Begin himself, then leader of the Irgun terrorists who committed the massacre.
Yet the denier(s) of this massacre was not (as far as is known) imprisoned for the denial of this barbaric incident; and branded a “denier, a racist” and anti-Arab. (It may be submitted that this matter was not pursued. The matter should now be pursued, even in absentia of the individual(s) involved; if only to test the equity of the law).

That one is imprisoned for denying the “holocaust” is an act unworthy of the enlightened twentieth centuries. Man cannot disprove the existence of God, yet he is not incarcerated for his denying God. Why then should man suffer incarceration for denying earthly things–things lower than God? Jesus, who benefited many with his miracles, is not only disbelieved in but is labeled a practitioner of “magic” and a “bastard.” Yet his deniers and accusers are not subject to Judiciary.

The above-mentioned column states that “the Holocaust laws were intended to prevent the legitimation of mass murder.” (What a maroon! Does this mean that it is permissible to commit murders of a lesser degree than “mass murder”?)  If such a law is intended to prevent “mass murder” it has failed miserably in Rwanda and Bosnia and elsewhere.
If one wants to commit “mass murder” of Jews or of any other, no law can prevent it. Laws can only bring perpetrators to justice.

The article under discussion also stated that David Irving was “branded” an “anti-Semite.” Semites (more correctly Shemites) are the descendants of Shem, one of Noah’s three sons. Can those who claim to be Semites prove that they are descendants of Shem?
Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe theorized, convincingly so, that the Khazar –an eighth century Turkish tribe that converted to Judaism– may be the ascendants of modern World Jewry. Though his attempt to follow the history of the Khazar Empire is based on insufficient available materials, Koestler has endeavoured to show that anthropological evidence agrees with history in negating the accepted belief in a current Jewish race of Biblical lineage; he also points out that the large majority of existing Jews is of “Eastern European” ancestry. If there is no Biblical Jew, i.e. no Semitic Jewish race, the term “anti-Semitism” would be meaningless.
To make a charge of anti-Semitism, it must be proven that they are Semites.

Pope Benedict and Bishop Williamson on the “holocaust”: Ridiculously (and reminiscent of Galileo and the Church), Pope Benedict XVI, to appease Jewish objection, “ordered” Bishop Richard Williamson to recant his “holocaust” belief: ““I believe that the historical evidence is strongly against –is hugely against– 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolph Hitler…I believe there were no gas chambers.””23 (Notably, the Bishop cites “historical evidence”). The Bishop is also reported as saying that “only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews were killed during the war and that none had been gassed.”24

Reason dictates that rather than try to shut the Bishop up, the civilized and intelligent and democratic approach would be to have the Bishop substantiate his views by producing his “historical evidence,” as well as those who claim that “6 million Jews” were gassed to substantiate their claim by producing their “historical evidence” and let the public decide who is truthful and who is liar.
The future will show if the Bishop will keep on jihading for “truth” or buckle under bullying.
Truth stands by itself; Falsehood needs to be propped up!

Regarding the Jewish objection to Bishop Richard Williamson’s statement. Jews not only object to statements that are displeasing to them but also object to the erecting of business establishment on the site where Jews were said to be killed –though it is acceptable for them to demolish hundreds of Palestinians villages ““with their houses, garden-walls, and even cemeteries and tombstones, so that literally a stone does not remain standing, and visitors are passing and being told that ‘it was all desert;’”” and that “There is not one place built in this country (Palestine) that did not have a former Arab population. .
And, as noted above, Jews objected to the US-Soviet Union’s declaration speaking about “Palestinian rights,” engaging in “abuse and hysteria” and “proudly” “boasted of having inundated the White House with thousands of letters and phone calls” to have their way. (Isn’t this bullying? And grown men, and supposedly intelligent, behaving in such a manner? Disgraceful!). 

Would these “objectionable” Jews refrain from their actions that others find objectionable –such as to stop stone-walling justice for the Palestinians and stop sending money to so-called “Israel” which perhaps help to occupy/usurp more Palestinian’s land and crucify them?

How often are students urged to expose and/or stand up to the school-yard bully? Honest and just people are to use the spine we’ve been given and stand up against bullying (and blackmail?) in all its forms.
Truth and justice are not to be butchered on the stones of politics and friendship.

Iran and the “holocaust”: In 2006 Iran sponsored a conference on the “holocaust.” Iran was, as expected, condemned.
This flood of anti-Iran condemnation for sponsoring the conference is but a down-pouring of social and political claptrap. This conference is not about whether Jews were killed or not. That Jews and Gypsies were killed is without question.
The question is, was “six million Jews” killed? Is the “holocaust” a reality or was it a concoction to hide the atrocities Jews were committing against Palestinians in their drive to depopulate Palestine of native Arabs and populate it with alien Jews; or was it a concoction to elicit sympathy for Jews to give them a homeland in Palestine; or was it a hoax by Europe/Christians to solve their Jewish homeless problem by making it the Palestinian/Arab problem?

That in calling this conference, Iran is trying to rewrite history is crass intellectual, political, and religious rubbish. In fact, in this matter of revising history, those who make such a claim may themselves be culprits in this matter of rewriting history. As noted above the Revised Edition of Begin’s book The Revolt denies that Jews massacred some 250-300 Arabs of Deir Yassin in 1948, to establish their state.
Where is the sanctimonious outcry against these Revisers trying to rewrite the Deir Yassin history? Where are the vociferous proponents of truth and justice –hibernating in their hypocrisy?

That Iran is here inciting hatred against Jews is “intellectual” and political twaddle. (How this is hatred against Jews is mind-boggling: seems that anything that goes against Jewish likeness is hatred). Panning through the mountain of uncertainty to find the gold nugget of truth could hardly be stamped as incitement to hate. In fact, opposition to this conference would seem to give the impression of a desperate drive to keep something hidden.

Instead of being condemned, Iran is to be commended for bringing, against the weight of world opposition, this taboo of topics to the international investigating table –to determine if the “holocaust” is what it is claimed to be or if there is anything sinister underlying it (if Hitler is a scape-goat).

The Toronto Star, Saturday, January 27, 2007 in its article UN condemns Holocaust denial as Iran objects, by Staff Reporter, Olivia Ward, notes that the “American-drafted resolution” was endorsed by the United Nations which ““condemns without reservation any denial of the Holocaust”” and encouraged the 192 members of the UN to ““reject any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part, or any activities to this end.””
If the “holocaust” is a “historical event” why the paranoia at Iran’s convening this conference?
It would be a crystal-clear open and shut case, proving Iran to be in error.
If the “holocaust” is a “historical event” why the need for the “rodeo round-up” of the United Nations to “hog-tie” Iran?

Iran, rightly, objected to the UN masquerade, stating, as noted in the article: “we truly disassociate ourselves from this entirely hypocritical political exercise.”
The article also notes an Iranian representative as saying, “although his country opposed genocide, “the Israeli regime has routinely attempted to exploit the sufferings of the Jewish people….as a cover for the crime it has perpetrated over the past six decades against the Palestinians.””
Can anyone refute this? It is undeniable that the “holocaust” was/is used to elicit sympathy for Jews. Every time there is a Palestinian-Jewish flare up (and even without) we are deluged with “holocaust” stories (as if to convey that Jewish cruelties against Palestinians is justified or negated because of Jewish sufferings at the hands of the Nazis).
In the past more than sixty years there must have been more “holocaust” stories than victims.

The article also notes that the resolution was co-sponsored by Canada and more than a hundred other countries and “adopted by consensus.”
The representatives of the governments of these countries may have (whether through conviction or coercion or partisanship or belief or benefit or hatred of Iran or other) “endorsed” this resolution. But whether their populations agree with their views is another matter.
Considering that individuals (intellectuals?) from some thirty countries attended the Iranian conference –though at least one, a Canadian, was known to be grilled for his attendance; and even had his academic tenureship challenged. (Seems that where certain sector[s] of society or certain topic[s)] is concerned “freedom” of conscience is rabidly restricted.  Hallelujah! to partisan democracy!)

In endeavouring to investigate the veracity of the “holocaust” Iran may stand “alone,” but Iran, for certain, does not stand “isolated,” nor stand in “shame.”
Iran stands in dignity. Uncowed. And in truth. Iran’s convening the conference on the “holocaust” is not an insult to “thinking people.” The “real truth” is, enforcing belief in, or enforcing against denial of, the “holocaust” is what has “insulted” “thinking people.”
No one is to be forced to have belief in the “holocaust” or no one is to be forced to not deny it.

One who is charged as being a “holocaust denier” can rightly make the counter-charge that his accuser(s) is a “holocaust imposer” (“holo-poser” for short) or “holocaust flagger.” (“holo-flagger” for short).
Truth stands by itself; Falsehood needs to be propped up!
Why not a Law against denial of the Deir Yassin Massacre?
Why not a Law against denial of the “Virgin-birth” of Jesus?
Students, peasants, scholars and writers, worldwide, are to march together for the abolition of this despicable law. Freedom of conscience, forever!

UN teaching “holocaust” to Palestinian children: It was reported that one UN agency wants to teach Palestinian children about the Jewish “holocaust.” [Wonder who or what led this UN agency to dream up this preposterous scheme, or why?)
Did this UN agency consider teaching Jewish children about Nakbah [darkness]referring to Palestinians driven off their lands in 1948 to facilitate the Jewish state the Palestinian holocaust; about how they came to have possession of the Palestinians’ homes, lands, and country –all the way back from Theodor Herzl to the present?

Hamas, rightly, balked at this UN agency’s obscene gesture. Whether the Jewish “holocaust” is fiction or fact, history or hoax, Palestinian children are not to be made to have sympathy for their Jewish occupier/usurper.
Will this UN agency teach Jewish children to have sympathy for the Nazis –to accept/understand their motivation for the “holocaust”? (Which motivation seems to be unclear, that it was because
-Jews killed Jesus;
-Jews were controlling the German economy;
-Hitler hated Jews;
-Hitler believed Germans are the master race and all others are inferior;
-a Jewish girl spurned Hitler;
-Hitler blamed Jews for Germany’s World War I defeat;
-Jews were Communists and subversives;
-Hitler believed Jews were scheming with the British to topple him.
Take your pick. Maybe all. Maybe none).

The Bible says that the Israelites/Jews exterminated their numerous “ites” enemies–(Josh. 6:21; 10:28-41; 12:1-24). So it is acceptable for Israelites/Jews to create the ancient “ites” holocausts and the modern Palestinian holocaust but not acceptable for Hitler to create the Jewish “holocaust”?

Perhaps there is no known reason why Hitler killed Jews because there is no human reason. There are Jews who believe the “holocaust” was Divine orchestration. And Allāh God, says in His Qur’an that He would raise up those who would chastise Jews to the Resurrection [for their not keeping their covenant which requires them to follow the Prophet Mohammad].
Maybe the “holocaust” was one such Divine chastisement. Or, as reasonably submitted above, Hitler may very well have been a scape-goat.

Until a thorough and independent investigation is carried out the “holocaust” should not be taught to anyone. Least of all Palestinians.

This UN agency needs to concern itself with matters of importance and use donations for worthy causes:
–to have China remove alien Hans Chinese from the Uighur’s lands –Uighuristan– and end their occupation of it;
-to get Russia out of Chechnya and Dagestan;
-to ensure Kashmiri’s get to exercise the scandalously long overdue right to decide their future;
-to have Britain or France or Canada or America or anyone of the other nations who were gung-ho to give Jews fifty-six percent of Palestine give half of their country to the Gypsies for their national home-land;
-to look after the welfare of the displaced in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sabra and Shatila;
-to feed the starving and those suffering the ravages of nature and war as those in Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Somalia, and elsewhere;
-to liberate child-laborers and educate them;
-to free child-warriors and educate them;
-to remedy the dispute between China and Tibet;
-to secure safety of eastern Chadian women;
-to protect human rights activists in Chechnya;
-to secure justice for the Lubicon Cree in Alberta, Canada (and natives elsewhere);
-to champion Palestinians inalienable right to return to their country as guaranteed by the Human Rights Convention and to return Palestine to its rightful Palestinian owners.
(For comments on Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, Norwegian diplomat, Simon Wiesenthal Center; South Africa’s deputy foreign minister, Fatima Hajaig; see ‘APPENDIX’).

  1. Rabbi Marmur concluding his article about Farouk Hosny’s failure to gain this UNESCO seat wrote: “Mercifully, there are many other voices in the world. While continuing to seek to foil evil intentions, it behooves us to celebrate the majority that didn’t allow this bigot with a malicious agenda to have his way. Hosny was defeated by democracy. May the same fate soon befall the others.”

It was “bigotry” that schemed and machinated and kicked Palestinians out of their country. Read Edward Said The Question Of Palestine and Ismail Zayid Palestine–A Stolen Heritage.
It was world “majority” that allowed “bigoted” Jews with “a malicious agenda to have his way” to usurp Palestine.
Wonder if “us” will “seek to foil [the] evil intentions” of Jews to eventually “exterminate” Palestinians from Palestine.
Farouk Hosny was not defeated by “democracy,” Farouk Hosny was railroaded by hypocrisy!
“May the same fate [of failure] soon befall the others” who practice evil and injustice.

It is this same “democracy” and the “many other [hypocritical] voices in the world” of 1948 that stole FIFTY-SIX percent of Palestine and gave it to home-less Jews who were only THIRTY-FOUR percent of the population (an increase from seventeen percent in 1931 mainly through illegal refugee Jews fleeing Nazism) and owned LESS THAN SIX percent of land.

It is this same “democracy” and “many other [hypocritical] voices in the world” that have been dumb as the fearless and forbearing Palestinians brave through their more than six torturous decades of suffering and brutalities at the hands of their Jewish occupier/ usurper.
No one in the world –No King or Queen or Prince or pauper or President or Prime Minister or doctor or lawyer or Rabbi or teacher or writer or student or peasant– would accept such an ignominious scheme and not challenge it in every way open to him and her. Yet Palestinians are forced to accept the fate that no one in the world would accept.

Those who criticize and condemn the Palestinians must put their dignity where their mouths are: they must swallow this unpalatable bit of morsel the fearless and forbearing Palestinians are being force-fed for sixty torturous years now –they must give half of their property to the homeless and half of their country to the natives or ethnic sector for their State; they must suffer what the Palestinians have suffered and endure what the Palestinians are enduring and accept what the Palestinians are forced to accept.

(Anything that is said or done against God –to make a false claim in His name or to commit an unGodly act such as dispossessing the Palestinians of their lands– is an obscenity). So long as Jannah sits in the lap of justice Muslims will spare no dew-drop to extinguish this hell of injustice! To erase this obscene blot in the heart of the Islamic sun! Muslims have the Highest Authority to do so: and drive them out from where they drove you out”–(Qur’an 2:191).
Jews have a right to be there. Not the state!
Palestine is the moral, social, historical and Spiritual heritage of Palestinians and all Muslims: (See Palestine).

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and others.
As noted in item #5 Rabbi Marmur wrote: “The world has learned to ignore or tolerate the eccentric tirades of Moammar Gadhafi, the Holocaust denials of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rants of Hugo Chavez, usually all directed against Jews.”
(We have already commented on Moammar Ghdafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

On Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. (Taken from the Internet).
In the aftermath of an attack on a synagogue. President Chavez is said to have televised that his government condemned the attack and hinted that his opponents were behind it. Chavez is reported as having said: “You have to ask yourself who does this benefit? And why is the government immediately blamed?”

(While this is not in defense of Mr. Chavez). It is not uncommon for one party to commit a crime so that the other is blamed (or to achieve its own end).
Even Jews are culprits in this matter. Zionist agents in 1950 Iraq blew up a synagogue in Baghdad to force Jews to immigrate to so-called “Israel”–(Taken from the Internet. See SHAPED BY TERRORISM, NOURISHED BY BLOOD, By Barbara L of http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/

The following is copied from the Internet page Jews against Zionism:
Although Zionists and others dispute it, the undeniable fact is that revolutionary secular and apostate elements in the Jewish community in Europe contributed greatly to hostility towards Jews after World War I. This aroused hatred of Jews in general among many non-Jews. While a prisoner in 1924 in the fortress of Lansberg on the River Lech, Hitler wrote his Mein Kampf.  When he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he was assisted by Goebbels, Roseberg and Streicher. From them came the declarations, “The Jews of Germany caused the defeat of Germany in the 1914-1918 war; the Jews of Germany were responsible for the terrible conditions in Germany that followed the war; the Jews of Germany are foreigners and they wish to remain foreigners; they have no loyalty to the country of their birth; they are not human; they are filthy dogs; they have no right to intrude into Germany’s affairs; there are too many Jews in Germany.” (The material on this topic is lengthy and informative. Readers are urged to check out this site on the Internet. The article also notes):

“Read about the brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust.
Read The Jews of Iraqby Naim Giladi, a first hand account of violence and intimidation of Iraqi Jews to leave their homeland.
The writings of Mr. Naim Giladi document in detail what the Zionists did in Baghdad in 1950 to provoke the departure of the Jews to the Zionist state. The Zionists do not care what effect their policies have on the Jewish communities of any country. When they accuse European nations of every sin under the sun, do the Zionists care that this will produce hostility towards Jews? No! Not a bit. On the contrary, as we have discussed, they thrive on such circumstances, clinging to the vain hope that these Jewish communities will rush for the “salvation” of the “safe haven” of the Zionist Paradise where Jews are in constant danger as the Zionist regime undertakes every form of cruel provocation against non-Jews.

Horrifying Accusations of Violence and Intimidation
Read More
In more recent times the Zionists have sought every opportunity to encourage Jews to leave their home countries. Anytime there is even the smallest event of hostility toward Jews on the heels of Zionist policy, or if there are signs of economic distress and dislocation, the Zionists magnify it a thousand times, seek to ruthlessly humiliate the nations involved, and agitate for Jews to go to the Zionist state, the so-called “natural home” of the Jewish People. This has been the case in countries such as France, Argentina, Uruguay, the former Soviet Union and Egypt.
The promises of the Torah are always to be realized. This verse from the Torah demonstrates that those who are his enemies will pay a price when The kingdom of G-D will prevail.
Deuteronomy 32:43: Praise his People, O Nations: For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance against his adversaries and make expiation for his land and his People.”25

As we have shown in Judaism the above quoted verse of Deuteronomy 32:43 does NOT refer to future nations; it refers to those nations at the time of the many “ites” kingdoms that Joshua would exterminate, so God can keep His word to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Judaic Law was Divinely decreed to end upon the advent of the Prophet Mohammad. Jews are required to follow the Prophet Mohammad. Jews salvation lies in them following the Prophet Mohammad/Islam.

“The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) said the week-end incident (i.e. bombing of the synagogue) was “no mere hate crime from the margins of society, but a reflection of President Chavez’s campaign to demonize Israel and her supporters.”
Rubbish! From its inception and in its continuing atrocities against the Palestinians and other Arabs (such as the Lebanese) and from its racist policies (noted elsewhere) so-called “Israel” has “demonize(d)” itself.

The article notes that (Chavez’s policy) “It drew attention to a “plan of action” published in pro-government media, calling Israel a Nazi state and recommending steps including the public denunciation of Jewish individuals and companies; boycotts; the confiscation of property and nationalization of businesses belonging to Israel-backing Jews; and support for the dissolution of Israel.”
Jews sought the “dissolution” of Palestine. Getting a toe-hold in Palestine was just the first step in Jews grand scheme to erect “Eretz Israel.” (Read Edward Said The Question of Palestine, and Ismail Zayid Palestine–A Stolen Heritage.

Considering Jewish’s drive to depopulate Palestine of Palestinians and so-called “Israel’s” belief that Jews is the “superior” race, and its policy is to “discriminate” against non-Jews and to attack Arab civilians “en-masse” so-called “Israel” IS a “Nazi state.”

Jews confiscate Palestinians homes lands, and country. Since its illegal creation so-called “Israel” has been gobbling up Palestinians lands left, right, and centre like a bottomless belly. As Ismail Zayid notes in his Palestine–A Stolen Heritage:
“Not only did the Israelis refuse to allow the return of the (Palestinian) refugees to their homes, but they consummated the tragedy by seizing all their property in one of the greatest acts of plunder in modern history. The confiscation of Arab land was not confined to the holdings of the refugees but extended to the 200,000 Palestinians, who remained in their homes in 1948, by a series of extraordinary laws and regulations of legalized robbery. These included “The Land Acquisition Law,” “The abandoned Areas Ordinance, 1949,” (“Abandoned” or kicked out?) “The Absentee Property Regulations, 1948” and others.” (p. 15). (Isn’t this a doozy –you are refused entry into your country then you are called an “Absentee”)

And Edward Said gives a chilling account of this Jew-ish barbarity in his The Question of Palestine (pp. 105-106):
“Until 1966, the Arab citizens of Israel were ruled by a military government exclusively in existence to control, bend, manipulate, terrorize, tamper with every facet of Arab life from birth virtually to death. After 1966, the situation is scarcely better, as an unstoppable series of popular riots and demonstrations testify; the Emergency Defense Regulations were used to expropriate thousands of acres of Arab lands, either by declaring Arab property to be in security zone or by ruling lands to be absentee property (even if, in many cases, the absentees were present–a legal fiction of Kafkaesque subtlety). Any Palestinian can tell you the meaning of the Absentee’s Property Law of 1950, the Land Acquisition Law of 1953, the Law for the Requisitioning of Property in Time of Emergency (1949), the Prescription Law of 1958. Moreover, Arabs were and are forbidden to travel freely, or to lease land from Jews, or even to speak, agitate, be educated freely. There were instances when curfews were suddenly imposed on villages and then, when it was manifestly impossible for the working people to know of the curfew, the “guilty” peasants were summarily shot; the most wantonly brutal episode took place at Kafr Kassim in October 1956, in which 49 unarmed peasants were shot by the frontier guard, a particularly efficient of the Israeli army. After a certain amount of scandal the officer in charge of the operation was brought to trial, found guilty, and then punished with a fine of one piaster (less than one cent).”
(This from God’s “chosen people”). (Emphasis added). Please make it a point to read Said’s book! You will not only understand but also appreciate why Palestinians strap bombs to themselves –YOU ALSO  WOULD once you see yourself in this situation. Jews are trying to keep Palestinians docile, divided, dependent, and demoralized

Jews (and their political sympathizers) who belly-ache over Chavez’s support for the Palestinians need to put their dignity where their mouths are, they need to tongue-whip their brothers and sisters for their monumental injustices against the hapless Palestinian victims in Palestine/Occupied Palestine. These Jews would want Chavez’s support if they were the victims suffering these obscenities to which Palestinians are subjected.
Palestinians did not kick Jews out of their lands or take them into captivity for Jews to kick Palestinians off their lands and force them into refugee-hood!

“The center (i.e. the Simon Wiesenthal Center) urged the OAS to send a field mission to investigate and recom-mend action against those responsible” (for the bombing of the synagogue).
Did the Simon Wiesenthal Centre also “urged OAS to send a field mission to investigate and recommend action against those responsible” for so-called “Israel’s” atrocities against Palestinians and Lebanese in the Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 ‘turkey-shoot’ that was called war?

“Last week, the president of the Jewish community in Venezuela, Abraham Levy Ben Shimol, told a conference in Jerusalem that in Venezuela anti-Semitism was sanctioned: “it comes from the president, through the government, and into the media.”
Isn’t anti-Arabism sanctioned by so-called “Israel?” Where is Abraham Levy Ben Shimol’s outrage against this? So-called “Israeli” government is demonstrating this anti-Arabism. (Read The Question of Palestine).

Chavez was said to be against the Gaza offensive (Dec. 2008-Jan; 2009).
What honest and just person would not be? All those who criticize and/or condemn Chavez, let’s see you accept being kicked out of your homes, lands, and country; and whereas you are not allowed to return the off-springs of them who stole your possession and heritage –and even the off-springs of the alien ones– who are born any place in the world have a right to inhabit your country. Let’s see you take this with your head down like an ostrich. Let’s see you accept that you are blamable for taking up arms to regain that which was stolen from you.

The world is in dire need of courageous leaders as President Hugo Chavez; Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fatima Hajaig –South Africa’s “deputy foreign minister,” and the “Norwegian diplomat based in Saudi Arabia” to vociferate against the abominations against Palestinians and justice for them.

The world is in dire need of justice-minded individuals –such as the heroic American student, 23-year-old Rachel Corrie, who was ran over and killed by a so-called “Israeli” bulldozer on March 16, 2003 as she protested against the demolition of the house of a Palestinian in Gaza.
(Wonder if Northwestern University, or any other, will give Miss Rachel, posthumously, a much-deserved “honorary LLD” for her splendid and ultimate humanitarianism in standing up for the worthiest of causes evident in modern history.
Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or Arab State or all of these should each give this intrepid young woman –a truly endangered species– an “honorary LLD” for standing up against twenty-first century Nazism and for justice for the besieged and aggrieved indigenous Palestinians).

This is not a Palestinian struggle, this is not an Arab struggle, this is not a Muslim struggle, this is a human struggle for truth and justice. No one would expect any less for himself and herself.

“Jewish concerns about Chavez predated the Gaza operation, not least because of his warm embrace of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and concerns about links with Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group. The U.S. Treasury Department last June charged that Chavez’ government was “employing and providing safe harbor to Hezbollah facilitators and fund-raisers.”
Isn’t so-called “Israel” (and America) backing Christians in Lebanon –the same Christians that massacred Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps?
What about Palestinians/Arabs “concern” about America giving money and armaments to so-called “Israel?” What about Palestinians/Arabs “concern” about Jews sending money to so-called “Israel” which probably end up building more “settlements” on Palestinians’ lands?

If America can send arms to so-called “Israel” to hold on to occupied lands certainly Iran (and other Muslims) can send arms to Hamas and Hezbollah to liberate Palestinians’ lands.
If Jews can send money to finance the so-called “Israeli” occupier, certainly Muslims (and other justice-minded people) can send money to finance the Palestinian liberators.

America and so-called “Israel” can embrace whoever they like but Chavez cannot? This is why the world is “wobbly like drunken rats” –one party wants to do as he likes and to dictate to others what they are to do.

As Muslims, Hezbollah has every right and the Divine Authority to help Hamas/Palestinians to reclaim that which was stolen from them.

Jews need to grow up; demonstrate dignity and maturity and return Palestine to the Palestinians.
America needs to grow up; cultivate dignity and maturity –to give to others the same rights she exacts for herself. To acknowledge that the America-Muslim divide was dug by her arrogance –wrestling Palestine from Muslims/Palestinians and giving it to Jews; and trying to control Muslims and their oil. And to not demonize those who do not bow to Washington –people can have differences and yet be friends; so long as one does not transgress the other.

And unless and until every grain of sand of Palestine is returned to Muslims, Muslims have every right and all rights and the Highest Authority –the Divine Authority– to jihad against America and Jews all the way to Jannah and the Resurrection. And Muslims will prevail. Muslims are destined to be successful, victorious, and triumphant. So it is Divinely written. And so it shall be Divinely done. The future shall witness it!

(On incidents of anti-Semitism). “Among recent incidents, a Norwegian diplomat based in Saudi Arabia reportedly sent out an email message accusing Israelis of “doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany.” Recipients were invited to forward the message to others.””
This is irrefutable! Except for gas chambers, (maybe), Jews are “doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany.” (Read The Question of Palestine, and Palestine–A Stolen Heritage).

Interestingly, a new angle has been introduced. It is said that to be against so-called “Israel” is to be “anti-Zionism.” By their own pronouncements and declarations Zionism came to Palestine with the sole motive of depopulating Palestine of its native Palestinians and populate it with alien Jews.

As noted elsewhere, Jews claim that The race of the Israeli people is the most superior of all races,” and that Zionism is “based on the principle of discrimination against non-Jewish citizens.*
Zionism expelled the Palestinians, massacred them to achieve statehood, forced them into squalid refugee camps, and slaughters them to keep them in subjection. (And has now given us the Hamas/ Palestinian holocaust in Gaza –the Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009 genocide).
Clearly, Zionism is not only “racism,” Zionism is criminal. Every honest person is to be “anti-Zionism.”
So-called “Israelis” are like Nazis.

*(This quote above taken from Prof. Noam Chomsky Pirates and Emperors, Old And New, International Terrorism in the Real World, pp. 29-30, notes: “Zionism is thereby conceived as the doctrine that Israel must be accorded rights beyond those of any other state; it must maintain control of occupied territories, thus barring any meaningful form of self-determination for Palestinians; and it must remain a state based on the principle of discrimination against non-Jewish citizens. It is perhaps of some interest that those who declare themselves “supporters of Israel” insist on the validity of the notorious UN resolution declaring Zionism to be racist.” (Emphasis added. As shown this UN resolution is not “notorious.” A fact even admitted to by “supporters of Israel.” Please read this book, obtainable from a local library).

Canada and “Israel” share same values: Often the claim is made by apologists of so-called “Israel” that so-called “Israel” and Canada share the same values.
As noted in this presentation so-called “Israel” considers Jews to be the “superior” race; that it “must be accorded rights beyond those of any other state;” it “must remain a state based on the principle of discrimination against non-Jewish citizens;” demands that “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial;” provokes the indigenous Palestinians so it can “smash them;” attacks Palestinians civilians “en masse;” and practices collective punishment.

-Does Canada considers Canadians to be the “superior” race; that it “must be accorded rights beyond those of any other state;” “must remain a state based on the principle of discrimination against” non-white citizens?
-Does Canada demand that Canada “may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the” Canadian “people and the State” of Canada “on trial”?
-Does Canada provoke its indigenous population so it can “smash” them; attacks its indigenous civilians “en masse;” and practices collective punishment?
It would be the most obscene of insults to tell Canadians that these are the values that Canada espouses.

“The American Jewish Committee wrote to the Norwegian foreign minister to protest the incident. “We understand that some in Europe, including Norway, may not share our views,” it said. “But we should all agree that differences of opinion should not be voiced in a manner that egregiously distorts history and incites hatred.”
Then Jews were trying to “distort history and incites hatred” by claiming in the Revised edition of Menachem Begin’s book The Revolt that the Deir Yassin massacre was a “lie.”
It was this difference of opinion (and religion and race) that led Jews to kick Palestinians out of their homes, lands, and country.

“The Anti-Defamation League wrote to leaders of eight European countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ger-many, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland – where it said “anti-Semitic displays have been present [during anti-Israel rallies] and condemnations from the highest level of government have been absent.”
Anti-Arabism is practiced daily in Palestine/Occupied Palestine –and for six torturous decades now– “and condemnations from the highest level of government have been absent.”

“American Jewish organizations also wrote recently to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, saying Jews in Turkey were feeling “besieged and threatened” and linking a spate of anti-Jewish incidents there to “the inflammatory denunciation of Israel by Turkish officials.”
Truth is not “inflammatory” this is fact! Palestinians in their own country are not “feeling “besieged and threatened”” they are “besieged and threatened.” And slaughtered.
Did these “American Jewish organizations” wrote to so-called “Israel” about Palestinians being “besieged and threatened” (and in their own country) by Jews?

“Although Turkey is purportedly an ally of Israel, Erdogan positioned himself at the forefront of those condemning it during the recent fighting, and last week stormed off the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos after clashing with Israeli President Shimon Peres.”
So allies are not to ‘condemn’ allies when they are in the wrong? The world needs more leaders (and people) with back-bone like Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. He is deserving of a State banquet and “honorary LLD doctorate.”
It is unGodly for Turkey (or any other Muslim state) to be an “ally of Israel” when Muslims are required to reclaim every grain of sand of Palestine from the Jews: “and drive them out from where they drove you out”–(Qur’an 2:191). These Muslims defy Allāh and they expect Allāh to give them Jannah.

“And in South Africa, the country’s deputy foreign minister caused a stir by accusing Jews and “Jewish money” of controlling America and other Western countries.”
Since, as Ariel Sharon said that ”the Jewish people control America” and since American-Jewish pressure killed the US-Soviet 1977 declaration on Palestinian rights –and notably whereas President Barack Obama had initially vowed to put a halt on Jews building illegal “settlements” on Arab lands he later back-pedaled on his stand; perhaps the so-called “Israeli” leader made a phone-call to Obama reminding who really is the boss of America and/or “organized Jewish opinion” in America “inundated the White House with thousands of letters and phone calls.”
Why then pepper the South African “deputy foreign minister” for echoing Ariel Sharon?

And as it came right from the horse’s mouth that “Jewish people control America” and as America has influence (at least over some) countries –as was demonstrated in 1948, during the UN partitioning of Palestine, bringing “pressure” and “coercion and duress” on certain non-Muslim nations in order to acquire the required number of votes to wrestle Palestine from the Palestinians; and considering that the US is more powerful now than in 1948– then it may be said that Jews are, indirectly, controlling other countries.
“Fatima Hajaig” is to be given an “honorary LLD” by her government (as well as by justice-minded European governments) for having the courage to verbalize truth against the weight (cowardice?) of the seemingly unthinking “Opposition politicians.”

“Fatima Hajaig made the remark while addressing a pro-Palestinian rally near Johannesburg.”
The South African Jewish Board of Deputies said it was “extremely disturbed that a member of the South African government has brazenly propagated classic anti-Jewish conspiracy theories at a large public gathering, as well as by the fact that this encouraged and further whipped up the anti-Jewish prejudices of those present.””
Was the South African Jewish Board of Deputies “extremely disturbed” over Ariel Sharon’s advocating cutting off the testicles of demonstrators; and about so-called “Israel’s” policy of discrimination against non-Jews, and to attack Arab civilians “en masse;” and to destroy the household contents of the Palestinians to make room for so-called “Israeli” soldiers; and for them to do anything, anything they want to Palestinians?

“Opposition politicians called on Hajaig to apologize or resign.”
Apologize for what –speaking truth? You do not apologize for speaking truth; you do not buckle under bullying. These are basic precepts taught to children. Adults are expected to practice no less.
These “Opposition politicians” seem to need a stint in the Palestinian’s plight and history. Maybe they should be mandated to live in Gaza for a few months.
These “Opposition politicians,” seemingly, need to be replaced with people of knowledge (in Mid-Eastern matters) and justice.

Whereas the Internet is carpeted with layers of anti-Chavez diatribes and trying to brow-beat voices against Jewish atrocities into silence; and as noted, for Fatima Hajaig to apologize or to resign.
So bullying tactics are employed.
The outdated and over-worked “anti-Semitism” and “hatred against Jews” are thrown at us to cower us into silence. And to camouflage truth.
Which brings to mind the words of William Zuckerman as noted by Ismail Zayid in his Palestine–A Stolen Heritage (pp. 6-7); William Zuckerman is noted as writing in the “Jewish Newsletter, December 1958”:

““To this observer, nothing demonstrates more sharply the terribly uncanny power of modern propaganda to control minds, sway emotions and brutalize people than the Zionist propaganda on the Arab refugees during the last decade. It literally succeeded in turning black into white, a big blatant lie into truth, a grave social injustice into an act of justice glorified by thousands. It has turned clever people with more than average intelligence into starry-eyed fools, believing everything they are told; and has converted kindly and gentle men and women with a strong sense of mercy into callous fanatics, insensible to the suffering of any people except their own. In no other way can this writer explain the many paradoxes which the Arab refugee problem has created in Jewish life.””
Keep blaming the victims long enough and hard enough and soon you will have the uninformed and the unthinking parroting your every twisted syllable.

Whereas incitement of hatred and injustice against any people is deplorable.
Truth is not “hatred!”
Truth is not “criticism!”
Truth is not “anti-Semitism!”
Truth is not “anti-Zionism!”
Truth is “truth!”

Where are the leaders who would use the spine we have been given and tell these Rabbis and Jewish officials and politicians to can the verbal gymnastics and prove their claims of “anti-Semitism” and “hatred against Jews” and to refute the statements against Jews and so-called “Israel” or SHUT THE FISH UP!!!
Those who want their virtue extolled and their vice suppressed need to grow up; cultivate dignity and maturity. Only those who have no intelligent response in a matter would shoot the messenger.

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5. Edward Said notes in his book The Question of Palestine, pp. 47-48, lists the rights of a citizen to leave and to return to his/her country. He wrote:
“the Palestinians have repeatedly insisted on their right of return, their desire for the exercise of self-determination, and their stubborn opposition to Zionism as it has affected them. This Palestinian insistence is no unique, decontextualized aberration; it is fully supported by every international legal and moral covenant known to the modern world. Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) stipulates that:
 1. Everyone has a right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
 2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) further affirms these fundamental rights of people and, since 1976, has been accepted as a document carrying the unique force of a unanimous United Nations Assembly vote (with only five abstentions). Its Article 12 states:
2. Everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own…….
3. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country.

6.  God making covenant with Jews is noted in various places in the Bible and the Qur’an as noted by Muhammad Ali: in the Bible, Exodus 19:17; Numbers 25:8-9;  Deuteronomy 28:64-65;  Ezekiel 22:8-15; and in the Qur’an 2:63-66, 83-84, 93, 100; 4:154-155; 5:13-14; 7:169; 20:86. See Muhammad Ali’s commentary on Qur’an chapter 2 verses 61, 63, 65 and 66 his translation can be viewed online: www.muslim.org

7. Muhammad Husayn Haykal, The Life Of Muhammad, p. 207. M. H. recounting the Jewish relation with the Prophet notes:
“We have already seen how upon Muhammad’s arrival at Madinah, the Jews hoped to bring him into alliance with them and how, after befriending him and pledging to honor his freedom to practice and preach the new religion, they had begun to oppose and plot against him. In fact, no sooner had Muhammad settled down and the prospects of Islam had begun to improve, than the Jews, for their part, began their undeclared war against him. Their opposition and hostility were never open. (Perhaps this is true even today). Above all, they feared lest any harm might befall their trade; and, although they had fanned and fueled the fires of civil war in the past, they adeptly avoided every possible involvement. (Jews also “fanned” the civil war in 1980 Lebanon, as Noam Chomsky notes in his Pirates And Emperors). Henceforth, their covenant with Muhammad prevented them from any such open involvement; and they recoursed to every hidden way to instigate enmity and hostility between the Muhajirun (the Prophet’s followers from Makkah) and the Ansar (the Madinites) so as to revive the old hatred between al Aws and al Khazraj by reminding them of the day of Bu’ath in reciting the war poetry which had been composed on that occasion.” (pp. 206-207. Italics/emphasis added).

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“…after the [Second World] war the question of the land of Israel and the question of the Jews would be raised beyond the framework of “development”; amongst our-selves. It must be clear that there is no room for both peoples in this country. No “development” will bring us closer to our aim, to be an independent people in this small country. If the Arabs leave the country, it will be broad and wide-open for us. And if the Arabs stay, the country will remain narrow and miserable. When the War is over and the English have won, and when the judges sit on the throne of Law, our people must bring their petitions and their claim before them; and the only solution is Eretz Israel, or at least Western Eretz Israel, without Arabs. There is no room for compromise on this point! The Zionist enterprise so far, in terms of preparing the ground and paving the way for the creation of the Hebrew State in the land of Israel, has been fine and good in its own time, and could do with “land-buying”–but this will not bring about the State of Israel; that must come all at once, in the manner of a Salvation (this is the secret of the Messianic idea); and there is no way besides transferring the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, to transfer them all; except may-be for Bethlehem, Nazareth and Old Jerusalem, we must not leave a single village, not a single tribe. And the transfer must be directed to Iraq, to Syria, and even to Transjordan. For that purpose we’ll find money, and a lot of money. And only with such a transfer will the country be able to absorb millions of our brothers, and the Jewish question shall be solved, once and for all. There is no other way out.”–[Emphasis added]”
(If this did not freeze your blood you might want to check with your doctor you might have something else in your veins. Imagine yourself and wife/husband and children living simply and peacefully only to have such a black scheme to kick you out of your homes, lands, and country being hatched and realized).
Edward Said notes (on p. 14) from Moshe Dayan a so-called “Israeli” army general as stating:

“We came to this country which was already populated by Arabs, and we are establishing a Hebrew, that is a Jewish state here. In considerable areas of the country [the total area was about 6 percent] we bought the lands from the Arabs. Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you, because these geography books no longer exist; not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahalal [Dayan’s own village] arose in the place of Mahalul, Gevat–in the place of Jibta, [Kibbutz] Sarid –in the place of Haneifs, and Kefar Yehoshua–in the place of Tell Shaman. There is not one place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population. [Ha-Aretz, April 4, 1969.” (No comment needed).

Edward Said also notes: “One outraged Israeli, Professor Israel Shahak, who reckons almost four hundred villages were thus eliminated, has said that these villages were “destroyed completely, with their houses, garden-walls, and even cemeteries and tombstones, so that literally a stone does not remain standing, and visitors are passing and being told that ‘it was all desert.’” (p. 14).

17. Theodor Herzl, Cited in Edward Said, The Question Of Palestine, p.13. The quote reads (referring to the Palestinians):
“We shall have to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country. (Our own country? How did Palestine become your country? Arrogance at its peak). 
Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.” (Like a thief?)

18. Statistics noted herein are from Ismail Zayid, Palestine A Stolen Heritage, p. 29, and which are taken from official records.

19. See note #23 for full quote.
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21. Alfred Lilienthal, What Price Israel, 1953, p. 207. Cited in Ismail Zayid, Palestine A Stolen Heritage, p. 21. Emphasis added. The full text of Zayid reads:

“Abhorrent as antisemitism is, the most ruthless exploit-ation of it has been made by Zionists to achieve their aims. An example that is revealed in an editorial article in Davar, the official newspaper of the governing Israeli Labour Party (Mapai). Editor Sharun wrote: “I shall not be ashamed to confess that if I had the power, as I have the will, I would select a score of efficient young men–intelligent, decent, devoted to our ideal and burning with desire to help redeem Jews–and I would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satis-faction. The task of these young men would be to dis-guise themselves as non-Jews, and, acting upon the brutal Zionism, plague these Jews with anti-semitic slogans, such as ‘Bloody Jew,’ ‘Jews go to Palestine,’ and similar ‘intimacies.’ I can vouch that the results, in terms of a considerable immigration to Israel from these countries, would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries who have been, for decades, preaching to deaf ears.”

Another effective method of exploitation of the world’s repugnance to antisemitism, is its utilisation by Israelis and Zionists, to silence any criticism to Israeli policies by well-informed writers and politicians who will inevitably find the offensive charge of antisemitism thrown at them. Many distinguished and honorable men like Arnold Toynbee and even Jews like Rabbi Elmer Berger have been called ‘antisemites’ by Zionists, but were able, with moral courage, to withstand this offensive charge by which many lesser mortals were cowed.”

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